Free Hypnosis Consultation and Publicity

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson covers my most basic form of a hypnosis consultation.

***Beginner Steps***

In 2019, I’m looking to help as many aspiring entertainers turn their passion into a legitimate career. While I specialize in Magic, Mentalism, Illusions & Hypnosis, I’m capable of personally consulting a variety of aspiring entertainers/artists.

For those even a bit confused, a “consultant” is a fancy term for “helper”. Since my professional Vegas training at 19 (under Anthony of Head Hackers), I’ve been consulting aspiring hypnotists and others to improve their knowledge, skills and overall businesses.

Without further rambling, here are 4 steps for beginner hypnotists to up their game…

Step #1: Film yourself filming as people as possible. Whether you’re strolling alone or with a camera buddy (both of which I’ve done), make sure you capture EVERYTHING. If you’re on Freemont St. in the middle of Vegas, get someone to film you. If you’re strolling through a populated park or beach where groups of people are clearly looking to have fun, get someone to film you hypnotizing in the park/on the beach. The more footage the better. It’s digital proof that you know the basic process, how to care for your volunteers, that you can successfully hypnotize people to experience phenomena and that you know your stuff overall. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and how 99% of my clients book me if they haven’t already seen me perform or been referred to me. Therefore, practice by performing, film every demonstration, upload each clip & organically build your professional portfolio.

Step #2: Dressing appropriately. Much like last week’s lesson, dressing to match the venue you’re performing on will psychologically help those you’re about to hypnotize (let alone your video viewers) see you as an authority. At a beach, for example, I may wear my custom “HYPNOTIST” T-shirt or dark jeans, a white button up and a vest (if not a blazer jacket) for more formal events. Again, one of the many lessons I learned in my earlier seminar trainings was to be one of the best (if not the best) dressed individual in the room. This visually separates you from the rest of the room & creates a sense of mystique and intrigue around your person. Plus, this will help your future potential clients immediately spot you in a crowd of people as the person in control & make it easier for them to follow along with your demonstration.

Step #3: Professionalism. Unless getting hired for a really laid-back party or a R/X-rated Hypnosis show, consider how you speak to your audience/volunteers throughout the show. My friend Hypnotist Chris Jones once sent me a recording of a high school that hired a “professional” hypnotist. Putting it lightly, he wasn’t. He came in blue jeans, large/loose/raggedy shirt, sneakers and often got loud/yelled at the students in the audience. How he got drafted as that school’s entertainment was beyond us. I remember, however, Chris jokingly sending me the clip suggesting I not act like that guy. It was so difficult for me to watch all the way through that I don’t think I finished it & I don’t currently remember his name. One of few things aside from his terrible approach and attitude was that after a little research, I found few other clips of him on the internet hypnotizing (shocker).

Step #4: Group shows. If you’ve never done a professional stage hypnosis show before, an easy way to get booked for a really small/quick show is to go to your local bar (if you’re old enough) & propose they pay you ~$100 to perform 30-60 minute comedy hypnosis show. If you’ve followed the steps labeled above, you’ll have plenty of decent-quality footage to present to them as a visual aid. This should help you get at least a one-off opportunity with them to (1) get your first paid stage hypnosis gig while (2) getting your first footage of performing stage hypnosis and ultimately (3) gaining experience from all this to go forth and book your first $300 client.

Step 5: By taking all the actions steps mentioned above, you now have established yourself as a hypnotist (hopefully professionally trained to avoid legal liabilities 🙂 ). With such evidence of your hypnotic abilities, you will naturally gain a following on social media platforms, like YouTube. When I did magic more predominantly in my teens, gaining recognition/followers was difficult. I wasn’t sure what my flow was or how to present myself. When I found hypnosis, things seemed (to me) easier. I began to find my flow, family, friends and new friends/colleagues were cheering me on. Now, I sometimes get personal requests from people who just saw a video or two of mine off YouTube. This just goes to prove that being consistent with steps 1-4 will lead to this step, which can be summarized with 2 words: Free Publicity.

At this point, I’ve just provided you with a multi-purpose consultation that both directly & indirectly covers basic forms of: Promo Material, Marketing, Building a Fan Base & Establishing Authority. In fact, in combination with Step #4, HypnoKick’s Street Hypnosis Training literally shows how footage I took from a quick bar demonstration (which I was tipped for) landed me an actual paid gig at that bar. You can learn exactly how I did it, word-for-word, step-by-step & uncut HERE.

Of course, for my current Street/Stage/Mentored students, none of the above is much news. This is why:

  1. This week’s video demonstration will be my entertainment company’s promo. This will serve as an example as to the overall quality your promo should be at to begin obtaining real paying clients on a semi-regular (if not regular) basis. Notice the various details from this week’s lesson incorporated into my promo.
  2. I provide personalized consultations to any student serious about increasing their knowledge & scale their business long-term . As a working professional who entertains/teaches regularly, you name your hypnosis goals & I’ll help you quickly/efficiently obtain them (for a fraction of the cost of a Mentorship).

This week’s video demonstration is my personal promo reel that lands me paying clients annually…


While many can view a personalized 1-2 hour consultation as a waste of money, consider it like investing in university. The difference between a personalized business consultation like this and university, is I won’t make you: purchase over-priced books, take unnecessary classes that have nothing to do with your end goal, waste gas traveling or go into $10’s if not $100’s of $1000’s worth of debt.

Still, if you’re new to hypnosis/HypnoKick & not prepared to take that jump, simply brainstorm ideas that branch of my primary suggestions in this week’s lesson. Some ideas may come naturally while others take time, that’s totally fine.

If, however, you’re ready to learn the basics for free or jump into New-Age Stage Hypnosis Training, it’s all there for you. For those ready, serious & dedicated, your Personalized Consultation awaits HERE 🙂

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