How Do I Hypnotize Myself (Self Hypnosis)

Self Hypnosis starts in your mind.

The super simple secret: You already do every night…Dun Dun DUN!

************Let’s Review**************

If you haven’t been following me since the start of the blog, let me get you up-to-speed: Hypnosis is mental/physical relaxation (that’s it). For a more in-depth explanation, simply Click Here.

**********How To Hypnotize Yourself************

It’s interesting how complicated people make this process in their own minds. As the review link above explains, you are actually experiencing hypnosis on a nightly basis.

So, if you’re laying down, imagine you’re going to sleep. The intention here is to not actually fall asleep but understand the basic concept behind Self Hypnosis.

Now, while you want to be in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, you’re goal is to remain conscious but to become immensely relaxed while doing so.

I make sure to first focus on my breathing just as I have all my paying Hypnotherapy clients do. Focused breathing has been proven to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and blood pressure among various other benefits.

So first focus on taking slow deep breaths in through your nose, holding them for a moment and slowly exhaling through the mouth. When I personally begin truly relaxing, my breathing usually transfers solely to my nose, whatever works for you.

As described in this week’s video explanation, I personally use my imagination to “see” my body as it’s laid out at the time of my performing Self Hypnosis. I use my imagination to “scan” myself.

I start with my head and if I notice any tension (in my forehead let’s say) I mentally focus on that area and work on letting it go. One technique for this if you’re unsure if you’re tensed is to simply tense the area really hard for a few seconds then completely relax.

Tense & Relax Self Hypnosis Technique

After having relaxed this part of my body, I continue to use my imagination to scan down the rest of my body, being aware of any physical tension that may be present.

After doing this for a few minutes (maybe shorter/longer for some), I’m usually decently relaxed at this point. My physical body feels relaxed and my mind slowly starts drifting.

If you notice your mind starting to wander you have a few options:

  1. Let it wander aimlessly and continue relaxing (though you may fall asleep)
  2. Nonchalantly guide it into a peace place (“happy place” as some call it)
  3. Take time to evaluate yourself and see what you’d like to improve & how

There you have it, assuming you’re able to reach a deep relaxation/heightened awareness, you can officially say you’ve achieve Self Hypnosis!

********What If It Doesn’t Work?**********

Some have a tougher time inducing themselves into relaxation (aka Hypnosis). If you find this to be true for yourself, I’d advise listening to some Hypnotherapy/Self Hypnosis recordings to get a just of the feeling.

Relaxed via Self Hypnosis

While I’ve personally encountered numerous people who say YouTube videos do nothing for them, keep in mind that many videos and recordings were made for general audiences, not personally tailored to your specific needs. This is why, unfortunately, so many are convinced they can’t be hypnotized. To watch this week’s video explanation of my process.

That said, I’ve had good success with my own basic recordings. Especially my “Hypnostress” video that students, business professionals and others have expressed their gratitude for it. If interested in giving it a try, Click Here.

I encourage you to do some personal research to find a Hypnotist you like that best helps you achieve Self Hypnosis! Feel free to also leave a comment down below letting me know what you’d like me to teach in the future 🙂


As always, Click Here to download HypnoKick’s Free Hypnosis Ebook or begin your monthly hypnosis trainings 🙂

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