How Hobbies Improve Hypnosis

This week I’ll explain how your hobbies could improve your hypnosis.




Video Games, traveling, gardening, baking, skiing, cars, motorcycles and hiking are just some of the hobbies I know my family and friends have.

Take a moment to think about what your hobbies are…

Personally, I joined martial arts years ago to help build confidence by understanding how to defend myself & others.

Plus, deep down, a part of my thought it would be awesome to become like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jason Statham, Jackie Chan or the like.

Realistically, as I type  this lesson out for you, I’m not even close to their level of attention, cat-like reflexes or execution. This doesn’t bother me however because I know I’ve still grown since starting.

Just like I’ve had to invest years of my time, energy and effort into improving the neurological pathways in my mind that would make my training become second nature, you’ve had to invest time/ energy/ effort into getting better at your hobby.

With time, you notice how much your knowledge and skills have improved in terms of gaming/ traveling/ gardening/ baking/ skiing/ hiking (or whatever your hobby is) since you first started.

This is the same with hypnosis or any job/hobby you take on (as insinuated in last week’s lesson).

Now I’ll explain how this hobby can directly (or indirectly) improve your hypnosis.




As mentioned above, I began taking martial arts years ago. Up-to-date, these are things I’ve gained from it…

  1. CONFIDENCE: I slowly gained a sense of confidence I lacked beforehand. Knowing I could better protect myself (let alone others), was psychologically/emotionally reassuring. Experience-wise, I later realized, just like those freaking out under hypnosis, many heated social situations could be deescalated through basic conversation.
  2. ENCOURAGEMENT: In the same manner my sensei (now known as Diabu) began encouraging me as I made progress from my white belt, I feel compelled to encourage those I encounter. Whether that’s someone expressing a passion they have that other’s aren’t supporting or those volunteering for my comedy stage hypnosis shows, I want to help each person feel uplifted with the confidence to accomplish what their heart desires. For example, last week while touring south of Buffalo, New York, I had students express interest in getting hypnotized to relieve stress/anxiety. I also had some students say they felt weird since it was their first time being hypnotized by a hypnotist. As many of us may know, it’s hard to focus on what we desire when we’re stressed/anxious. This is why, at the end of my show last Thursday, I provided my volunteers with a mini hypnotherapy tool. Moving forward into their semester, this tool would help them control their stress and anxiety. In turn, this would help them focus on what was important to them. Before bringing them back out, I also complimented their ability in getting hypnotized so naturally, reassuring them that it mean they were in tune with their own [powerful[ minds. I encouraged them to break free of any psychological restraints outside influences may try to place on them in attempt to empower them to follow their passion(s) to the best of their mental, physical, emotional & spiritual ability.
  3. MATERIAL: Upon getting re-booked for one of my first High School After Prom Hypnosis shows years ago, I was asked to develop a show with new material. As described in HypnoKick’s Stage Hypnosis Training, I began brainstorming how I could incorporate my martial arts teachings into this new show. After some research, I realized only some (at least per video results at the time) were incorporating martial arts into their shows. After seeing how they were implementing it, I brainstormed how I could branch off the idea to make it into a large-scale comedy skit. It was that first show that birthed what has now become, according to student reviews, one of my show’s more memorable routines. Additionally, in the same way it takes time to get better at your hobby, it took me a few shows to improve this skit. The first time I tried it, students practically ran full speed at me. After some extra brainstorming, I developed a safe full-fledged large-scale comedy routine with my martial arts that’s successfully worked for ever venue to-date.
  4. CONNECTIONS: Until recent years, I believe I was the only entrepreneur in my martial arts class. After years of performing card tricks & hypnotic demonstrations for students, some of them started watching some of my YouTube videos. Only a few months ago this year (2019), one of the black belts declared he was starting his own entrepreneurial journey. He pitched me the idea of having him as my videographer. After a while of back and forth, he agreed to help me with a YouTube episode idea I had where I wanted to visit different cities/states and see if I could literally hypnotize anyone, anywhere at anytime. As a teacher of hypnosis, I figured what better way to prove to my students that my training actually works than to literally execute it. Throughout the month of July, we filmed throughout the Midwest of America (and more). The results (at least for the fair/beach & Chicago clips he personally filmed) speak for themselves via this YouTube episode. Interestingly, one of the other black belts became my graphic designer and is the one who developed the Jon Wayes  brain logo used on that YouTube channel.

After a few years of having done this routine, I’ve already begun altering it a bit depending on the audience I’m performing for or venue I’ll be at. Needless to say, I’ve also begun brainstorming new overall material to include to ensure my audiences always have a unique experience whether it’s their first time seeing me or third.


This week’s video demonstrates how my Martial Arts brought about a now beloved routine…






Hobbies are fun, can help build character and, for many, are a nice escape from their daily grind.

With a little imagination and research, you could easily incorporate some basic concepts of your current hobby into your hypnosis performances.

For example, if you enjoy motorcycles, you could hypnotize your volunteers to believe their chairs are motorcycles. From that point, you could direct the routine to play out how many hypnotists would if the volunteers used their chairs as cars or develop your own unique venue-appropriate comedic twist.

While it’s smart and safe to perform the classic routines of hypnosis when starting out, don’t be afraid to branch out and begin testing your own material. The more you can implement your own hobbies/personality/the like into your performances, the more unique & demanded your show will become!

New to hypnosis or looking for a free how-to training? This should help 🙂

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