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This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains the benefits of beginning your comedy stage hypnosis with a classic approach for corporate clients.

While I typically prefer to arrive to my client’s venue 60+ minutes early to set up, mingle with the crowd and get a read on some potential volunteers, I didn’t get that opportunity this past Monday in Madison, Wisconsin.

Had I had the opportunity, I would’ve (1) had a better idea of who was willing to volunteer off-the-bat and (2) had the time to encourage those who were hesitant, anxious or skeptical.

Unfortunately, my client required the performance space to announce awards & upcoming corporate offers before the start of my show.

This meant I had tap into my creative mind (and improv theater background) and figure out how to convince corporate professionals to join me on stage.

Because there was no time for pre-show mingling and reading people, I’d have to perform a less subtle version of “Reading Groups of People” as taught in one of HypnoKick’s first lessons three years ago.


One thing every aspiring/growing Hypnotist should note is, unlike High School Proms/Graduations and University events where many students are young and wanting to party, company/corporate events usually consist of middle-aged to older business professionals.

This is important to note because, more often than not (in my experience), these older business professionals approach comedy stage hypnosis with a, “I want to see the entertainment but not take part in it” mentality.

While you’re more than likely to receive numerous enthusiastic volunteers at a High School or University-related function, corporate professionals usually require more enticing.

It’s typically easier to entice women once I say these 2 things:

  1. I mention that whomever decides to join me on stage will feel like they just had about 8 hours of sleep and relieved of any mental, physical, emotional or spiritual stress they may be experiencing.
  2. I also mention 1 hour of hypnosis is like a mental vacation in which they will come out feeling more relaxed and at ease than anyone else in the room.

It doesn’t seem to matter where I’m performing, once I say the above two things, women in the audience can usually be heard giving “Ooh’s” “Aah’s” “I want that” “I could use that” or “Maybe I’ll try”.

So, instead of:

  1. Trying to guess who wouldn’t mind being called out on-the-spot or…
  2. Trying to hypnotize a small room and hoping some will want the experience, I reverted to a classic approach.

As you’ll see and hear in this week’s video demonstration, I resort to a classic verbal approach saying, “…I’ll just play some music and we’ll wait until people fill the chairs.”

By default, this provides the audience an open invitation to fill the chairs. Whether they are willing, skeptical, nervous, anxious or unsure, this provides them the opportunity to test the experience for themselves if they ultimately desire.

As a result, potential volunteers:

  1. Don’t feel pressured by being personally called out.
  2. Are filled with encouragement when watching co-workers volunteer.
  3. Aren’t shamed if joining to let loose in front of everyone.
  4. Will always be remembered as the life of that party.
  5. Receive a natural dose of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual relaxation.
  6. Have reported no longer feeling certain physical pains they previously had.

Notice, however, right before starting the show, a woman in the audience wonders if I’ll hypnotize her to divulge any personal or secret information.

In the midst of writing this lesson and listening to that part of the video demonstration, it reminded me of a woman who once said something along the lines of not being sure why I think women are scared of hypnosis.

Through years of touring and hypnotizing house parties, schools, companies, corporations and more, it’s been my experience time and again that people ultimately fear themselves.

Women, especially, have helped me realize it’s not really the hypnosis they’re scared of, it’s themselves and what they might do/say in front of peers (while fully relaxed with lowered inhibitions) that may get them in trouble and/or judged.

Thankfully, for any audience I perform for, I make it known (just as I do in the video demonstration below), I’m there to ensure both audience members and volunteers alike have a pleasant experience. In my own words, “…I’m not an A-hole Hypnotist.”


Part 1) Try to make your audience laugh when as you start your show

Part 2) Provide an insight into what hypnosis actually is versus the myths your audience may believe.

Part 3) Layout your safety precautions

Step 4) Reassure any potentially interested but worried volunteers they won’t divulge anything personal or do anything regrettable (unless being that type of Hypnotist is your shtick, in which case…good luck), ending with some routines you have planned so they know what to expect.

Step 5) Create a verbal open invitation to the audience, play some back ground music & await for your corporate guests to fill the chairs.

This week’s video demonstration showcases this classic approach…


While having your own unique approach, music, flow, routines and full-fledged comedy stage hypnosis show is awesome, sometimes the situation calls for you to revert to some classic approaches (which is fine).

While HypnoKick has often preached about formulating your own “New-Age” hypnosis show, there’s a reason so many hypnotists stick to many of the classic approaches and demonstrations of hypnosis (what HypnoKick often refers to as “Cliche”)…because the classics work!

Could I still have performed mass hypnosis to help move the show along and ensure those who got on stage stayed on stage? Sure. However, the client had previously expressed fear of no one participating. This approach helped me provide him with immediate visual proof that his decision to hire a Hypnotist was well received.

Also, I was worried if I hypnotized people at their tables that co-workers may laugh or talk each other out of trance (it’s happened before). So yes, part of this approach was to tame my own internal worries 😛

Whether new to HypnoKick and ready to start hypnotizing for free, receive new hypnosis trainings every month or personally train & perform with me, HypnoKick has you fully covered HERE 🙂

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