How To Approach People for Hypnosis

It’s true, the creepy David Blaine street approach can work just as well as more professional approaches I’ve used to successfully hypnotize people – let’s dive into detail!


***Let’s Review***


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***Ways To Approach***


Here are several ways I’ve personally approached people/groups since starting my career as a hypnotist:

APPROACH #1) Documentary: Simply walking up to someone/group of people with a cameraman behind you and stating your a hypnotist looking to film a quick demo for your business has often been one of my most used/preferred techniques. Obviously, this works best if you yourself actually have a business your legitimately shooting the footage for so you can say, “Hey there, I’m a hypnotist looking to film a 60 second relaxation demo for my business, if anyone here would be interested in quickly relieving their stress.”


APPROACH #2) YouTuber: Let’s say you lack a business, if you have a YouTube channel, you’re all set to go. Just like my students (and some of my fans), you could easily walk up to someone/group of people and say, “Hey, I’m a YouTube hypnotist looking to film a quick demonstration for my channel if anyone’s interested in relieving stress or having fun?”


APPROACH #3) David Blaine: As you’ll see below in this week’s video demonstration, I literally re-enact what I call the “David Blaine Approach”. For any non-magicians or non-David Blaine lovers (first off, blasphemy!), David Blaine is a street magician whose career boomed after shooting multiple street magic specials for T.V. He is a tall, tan, monotone magician from New York who often strolls around wearing black T-shirts and eerily approaches people/groups asking for permission to show them a trick. Watch this week’s video demonstration to see how I looked/sounded when I approached the young men on the beach Memorial Day Weekend…






In the same way there’s no one correct way to hypnotize any one person, there’s no one correct way to approach people. Sometimes you’ll simply have to read people’s reactions and get a feel for the crowd. While I’m a great Hypnosis mentor (yup, just tooted my own horn), I always tell my students that personal experience will always be one of your greatest teachers. So, get out and DO IT! Quick side note, the first person to watch the above video and leave a comment below telling me what neat thing appeared in the sky will get a free copy of my new Street Hypnosis Training 🙂


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