How To Attract 4-Figure Hypnosis Clients

Section 1: The 4 Principles

Principle #1 (Belief): This is the foundation of everything.

The number one issue I’ve noticed in every aspiring entertainer that I’ve helped turn into a paid professional is lack of self belief.

“I’m no one special”

“I have no value to give”

“Why would anyone pay me $1000+”

These are just a few of the top self sabotaging things I hear newbies say. I say “newbies” because professionals would have a different perspective…

“I’m someone with a unique skill”

“I have lots of value to offer others”

“My services are worth at least $1000+”

The question becomes why does the newbie have so little belief in themselves while the professional seemingly has the world at their feet?

The Answer: Professionals take ACTION!

The only real difference between an newbie and a professional, is that the professional decided to ditch the negative “I have no value” mentality and adopt the positive “I have great value to offer” mentality.

Most entertainers I’ve consulted or fully mentored come to me with this same issue: Lack of self belief.

Interestingly, this lack of self belief is highly driven by one’s lack of action. Think about it…

When you take action, you get a result. If that result is positive, you build upon it; if that result is negative, you tweak it, retry and build upon it.

Either way, those who we look up to because of their self confidence and self assurance managed to achieve those qualities because of action.

It’s like working out regularly, the more action you take (working out consistently), the more successful you’ll be (less post-workout pain through time).

Belief comes from within. Much like love, the more belief you have in yourself, the more confidence you’ll have to ask the universe for what you know you deserve (like 4-figure clients).

If you’re having troubles with self belief, remember to take action. Even really small daily steps/tasks will help you get closer to your goal within 365 days versus taking no action and remaining where you are as you read this.

Whoever you look up to, they took take action to get where you seem them now. Professionals still question themselves but enjoy a good challenge. Regardless if they beat the challenge or fail it, they’ll learn, grow and improve from it.

As I tell those I consult and mentor, the sooner you take your first step, the sooner you’ll achieve your goal(s). Here are the three main steps you’ll need to achieve your goal(s), even if you’re starting from square one:

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Research
  3. Execute

Principle #2 (Branding): In the year 2021, there’s an information overload.

So much so that internet marketers use the phrase to sway aspiring marketers to trust them and their system to make a sale.

After years of research and investment, I can confirm that part of the reason for information overload is that many of those same marketers are ironically regurgitating what they’ve learned and selling it as new information.

Therefore, to land a 4-figure client, you want to make sure you’re offering your prospect something new, fresh and exciting.

Granted, when consulting or mentoring aspiring entertainers, I advise them to pitch their basic services to lower-end clientele first so they can simultaneously:

  1. Gain real-world experience
  2. Quickly land their first client
  3. Receive rapid ROI

There comes a point, however, where they’ll have to improve their branding if they wish to continuously land high-ticket (4-figure) clients.

This is accomplished by understanding:

  1. What others in your field are offering
  2. The demand within your market

If you can figure out both of these things, you’d be surprised the amount of high-ticket clients you could land yourself year-round.

The important thing is to brand yourself as something unique. This can be accomplished by incorporating your own personality into your offer and/or including a theme or shtick that’s currently trendy.

The more unique and valuable your branding is, the more likely you’ll attract, land and entertain the type of clientele you prefer. Working with your ideal client for a 4-figure pay day is always a great day.

Principle #3 (Marketing): Without this, you’ll quickly flop.

While technology has spawned information overload, it also provides a wealth of opportunities.

There are more ways to market yourself as an entertainer now than when I first got interested in magic. Back then your best bet was to land a small 5-10 minute segment on T.V. and/or hope you peaked the interest of a well-respected agent.

Now, in the day and age of people carrying around pocket-sized computers, there’s little excuse to not be seen by your ideal audience/client.

While the word “marketing” may sound daunting, it’s unbelievably easy. In fact, if you have a smartphone, you could likely do it in minutes. Here’s a free summarized marketing lesson within a free hypnosis lesson:

  1. Turn your phone on
  2. Log into YouTube
  3. Record a video
  4. Upload it

Boom… you just marketed yourself (literally).

Think about it, if you’re trying to attract 4-figure clients, they’re going to want proof you’re worth the 4-figure paycheck. Since most humans are visual learners, uploading a video of yourself exhibiting what you can do for your client serves as demonstrational/promotional reel.

The more content you have of yourself showcasing your skill, the more likely a 4-figure client is to believe in the value you have to offer them. As a result, you’re that much more likely to gain their trust, interest and payment.

Naturally, this is only one of various free marketing tricks professional entertainers have used to generate themselves 4-figure clients annually. So, the next time you’re messing around on YouTube, think about what you could record yourself doing to show future prospects you’re worth their time AND money 😉

Principle #4 (Action): This will put you on the road to achieving more of your personal and professional goals.

Once you’ve harnessed the self belief to brand and market yourself, you’re bound to hear from a potential client. When you finally land your first paying client(s), it’ll be time to take action and perform for them.

While this part can seem both obvious and scary, the truth is, they view you as the expert… crazy right?!

Now Remember: They’re paying you because you’re passionate about what you do. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have chosen to learn, tweak, improve and begin mastering your skills. You have knowledge and experience with your skills they lack and that is why they’re paying you.

Remember to have fun with it. They chose to hire you because you’ve taken the hours, days, weeks, months, even years to learn and perfect your skill as an entertainer (they haven’t). As a result, they’ll be entertained by even the most basic/classic routines you know.

They’re paying for your expertise. I know, you may not even consider yourself an expert but they do because they don’t fully understand how to do what you do (otherwise they wouldn’t pay you to do it). Make sense?

Taking action and simply replicating what they’ve already seen you market yourself doing will make them happy. As simplistic as it sounds, it’s true. People are paying you to make them happy by providing them the same experience that you have already shown yourself doing on camera.

As long as you can replicate even the most basic skills in-person that you demonstrate online, you’d be surprised how many clients are willing to write you a 4-figure check.

You may not believe me but understand this, any big show you’ve seen me perform, I only performed because I was sought out and paid by someone to do so.

The main difference between the average person (who typically doesn’t take action beyond reading free lessons like this) and the professional (who lands themselves 4-figure clients year-round), is that the professional took action on these 4 principles.

The sooner you take action, the sooner you’ll achieve your goal(s). The closer you get, the better you’ll get. The better you get, the more notoriety you’ll gain which can lead to more publicity… clients… and money. This will you help reach your personal and professional milestone(s).

Section 2: Real-World Example

I was sitting in the Hard Rock Hotel meeting lobby in San Diego, California with Jay Noblezada (creator of T.V. Magician David Baline’s “self tying shoelace” trick), Joe Brogie (creator of Mind Eraser waking hypnosis training) and the U.K. Head Hacking team which included Anthony Jacquin (my first mentor) and his crew.

While I don’t remember exactly who it was, I remember being told near the end of that weekend’s seminar that we should be able to charge clients an average of $1200/show.

My first thought was “Damn!”.

My next thought was, “How they hell do I do that? Who would pay me that kind of money?”

I was simultaneously ecstatic and filled with self doubt. I didn’t fully believe anyone would pay a teenager 4-figures to hypnotize an event. Mind you, at this point, I was already getting paid 3-figures to do private events.

In retrospect, I wasn’t aware I had a mental block due to lack of experience. The interesting part was I simply lacked experience in booking myself for 4-figures, it had little to do with actually performing.

Years went by and I eventually had a 4-figure show booked for me on my behalf. The self doubt gradually crept in and poisoned my mind and body with every day that the show drew closer.

When I say I was so anxious before the show that (after eating hot wings, drinking mountain dew and proceeding to rock the show) I literally turned over in my hotel bed the next morning and threw up, I’m not kidding.

The self doubt turned into anxiety which manifested itself into physical sickness. I army crawled across the hotel floor and got into my jacuzzi to relax myself before driving home.

Let me recap this scenario, a client had seen what little experience I had, the very few clips I had recorded of myself executing my skill and how young I looked and still chose to:

  1. Write me a 4-figure check
  2. Rent me a queen suite hotel room with a jacuzzi for after the show

They say we’re our own worst critics. At the end of the day, your biggest limiting factor is psychological: It’s whether or not you believe in yourself.

If I didn’t believe in myself, I wouldn’t have accepted the gig, driven hours across multiple states, stayed in a hotel room rented out on my behalf and then entertained high school seniors for their After Prom event.

Despite being anxious, I already had some experience and a few basic routines I was confident in performing. I rocked the show and received my first 5-star review from my first 4-figure client.

Since that moment, I realized I could charge more than 3-figures and my services were worth more (despite not being at the level of my idols). When I finally gained this real-world experience-based self belief, I leveled up.

I began learning how to market myself in various ways. Paid marketing was rough as an newbie entertainer with very little capital but I learned that financial marketing produced greater results in less time. Meanwhile, free marketing took more time and energy but would generate more organic results as time went on.

After getting my first rebooking, I began brainstorming and researching unique ideas that no one else was doing. I slowly started to rebrand myself and would eventually use this branding as a way to pitch my unique hypnosis show for 4-figures.

The more action I took in marketing my new brand, the more high-ticket clients I was attracting and landing. As of Thursday, February 18, 2021, my entertainment corporation has already booked over $4,500 worth of shows for 2021 (with additional requests coming in weekly).

I believe starting as an open-minded teenager willing to literally drop out of university, risk homelessness and make multiple sacrifices is the reason I’m able to live my childhood dream. That dream was to wake up when I wanted, do what I wanted when I wanted and get paid very well to have fun with the new people I get to meet every year.

Keep in mind, this lesson is a highly summarized version of how I consult/ mentor aspiring entertainers based on my real life experience but I’m not personally advising anyone to drop out of school or risk homelessness. I’ve always felt called to entertainment and from a young age was willing to do whatever it took to achieve my childhood dream.

Stay true to yourself because everyone has their own unique journey on the way to their dream life!

Section 3: Conclusion

It all starts with belief in yourself. Once you’ve got that down, then it’s just a matter of find the quickest and most efficient ways to achieve your goals.

While this is one of HypnoKick’s longer and more intricately detailed lessons, remember that the devil’s in the details. Students have been able to perform basic feats of hypnosis thanks the HypnoKick’s free Ebook and lessons but to truly understand how to safely and effectively hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime, you should always seek professional guidance.

Alternatively, you’re serious about sky-rocketing your success and landing yourself high-ticket clients year-round, consider a personalized mentorship that was designed to tailor itself to your specific wants and help you achieve your desired goals. Keep in mind, this is an actual business opportunity for serious students only. If that’s you, listen to this.

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