How To Begin Successfully Hypnotizing People

Section 1: Facing The Truth

You’re procrastinating.

Hesitating…holding off…waiting…

Whether you’ve just recently downloaded HypnoKick’s free eBook in the training tab or have been researching various hypnosis training sources for a while, you’re in your own way.

I know this to be the case for many because I’ve heard a percentage of HypnoKick students admit to me via emails, private messages, DMs or the like, that they’ve taken little (if any) action.

Maybe you’re not with the big heard. Maybe you have taken some action. If that’s the case, great! You’re already ahead of most and you may be excused from this week’s lesson.

However, if you’re one of many not actively practicing or landing hypnosis clients, you’re still sabotaging yourself.

Are you still afraid to approach people/groups?

Worried people won’t take you seriously?

Wondering what to do if an induction or routine fails?

Unsure how to make a specific routine work?

Lacking confidence in your own abilities?

Curious why anyone would book you (if looking for clients)?

Think a professional pep talk is all you require?

Truth is, these are all justifications to excuse yourself from executing your training.

Seriously, even the information in “4 Steps To Hypnotize Anyone” is enough to begin hypnotizing family, friends, peers, colleagues, etc. In fact, when you go to “Testimonials” on this site, there’s a HypnoKick student proving this to be the case.

If you’ve already read the eBook and most of Hypnokick’s lessons and still feel you’re lacking something…you’re right.

No matter how much you study, until you actively begin hypnotizing people, you’ll continue feeling this way. This is because you’ve not done the most important thing you can do with these training sources: Execute your knowledge!

The irony is like a high school student trying to get a job in a field they’re passionate about but have little experience in. They need experience for the job but they need the job for the experience.

So, with the justifications above (listed as questions) in mind, let me help you understand how to achieve the experience you desire.

Section: 2: How To Begin

To gain the experience you desire, let’s stage a show.

Keeping in mind that a “show” doesn’t mean you need a literal stage on which volunteers will sit. You don’t even need a large audience. That’s considered a stage show. I only said ”…let’s stage a show.”

By this, I mean you could do one of the following…

  1. Hangout Demo: One night, my two childhood best friends and I went into a basement to test something. They wanted to see me demonstrate hypnosis. After just having been in Vegas for my hypnosis training, my teenage mind was sporadic with ideas. From basic relaxation and laughter, to induced amnesia and a slew of other routines I’ve since forgotten, I hypnotized my friends for about 3 hours. I hypnotized them for so long that near the end, one of them literally fell asleep standing up after I hypnotized them for the umpteenth. Hypnotizing friends, if they’re supportive and open to your journey as a growing Hypnotist, is a perfect opportunity for you to solidify your skills.
  2. Private Party: Another great way to improve your script and execution as a Hypnotist is to perform for a private party. More specifically, a party hosted by a family member, friend, colleague or significant other. One of my old colleagues held a private party at his house to provide me with the opportunity to entertain. At this point I had personally already done a few paid shows but was still majorly enthusiastic and willing to hypnotize any chance I got. Looking back, there are many things I did differently back then because I performed in a very linear manner. It took me some years of in-field experience and additional study to understand not everyone reacts the same to the same inductions. As past Hypnokick Mentorship student Zach states in his training testimonial, different people require different approaches. Understandably, however, the average beginner isn’t aware of this. I certainly wasn’t. That’s ok. The purpose behind willingly performing at a casual hang out or private party is to gain the real-world experience that will contribute to your understanding of how to adjust to different volunteers in various situations. The confidence you’ll gain in using these skills will grow the more often you practice in these (or similar environments). As a result, you’ll hold yourself better, hypnotize with conviction and find more of your volunteers responding accordingly.
  3. Bar Trip: This is simultaneously safe and spontaneous. This method is safe in the sense that I’m suggesting you go out to your local bar (or cheap cafe if you’re not allowed into bars) and practice hypnotizing the person you’re with. I met with HypnoKick mentee Drew years ago and took him to a bar for some classic cold-approach street-style hypnosis practice. When we got in, it seemed rather dead and we questioned if anyone would take interest. So, to get things rolling, I hypnotized Drew. What got the ball rolling was (1) people kept seeing his head drop when I spoke to him and (2) how often I’d get up to speak with him while giving him commands. People were likely already caught off guard seeing someone who had just entered the bar suddenly slumped over the bar. Then to see the person they’re next to stand up and talk to them as if everything is ok, just for that person to seemingly wake up and react in a weird/funny way, it makes onlookers question what’s going on. It wasn’t long until someone a few feet from us began interacting with (and eventually getting hypnotized by) us. This is a perfect example of staging a show though because within 30-60 minutes, we had people who were initially sprawled out across the bar surrounding us. They watched as I would hypnotize someone before stepping away to let Drew finish the demonstration (or the other way around). We eventually had older and younger generations alike watching us hypnotize their peers (some even asking to be hypnotized themselves). We both went from being uncertain if anyone would want to volunteer to having to manage requests in less than an hour incorporating this specific approach. A perk to trying this option is that if you go somewhere where few (if anyone) know you, you’re more likely to get people to buy into the idea that you’re a Hypnotist. Depending on their opinions, beliefs, knowledge and/or upbringing, you may find it difficult to establish this same authority with your family or friends since they may view you as the person you were before you practiced hypnosis.
  4. Local Park: This is one of the very first things I did when I started my journey. I went to the nearest park, approached people, explained that I was a local Hypnotist and asked if anyone wanted to feel relaxed in about a minute. There are numerous perks to this approach including (1) gaining real-world experience with strangers, (2) progressively learning to naturally read body language of people you approach, (3) solidifying your knowledge through action and (4) reviewing and critiquing your approach and execution after the demonstration is over. Obviously the last part (critiquing yourself) is easiest to do when you’ve recorded yourself/had someone record you.
  5. School: Because I took my Vegas training while still attending University as a teenager, I naturally thought to practice my skills on my theater peers. I suppose one might count me lucky I chose to chase a theater degree since the students I wanted to hypnotize enthusiastically obliged. I hypnotized my peers in the lounge numerous times. At one point someone from the school paper requested to do a full piece on me. I became the university’s resident Hypnotist. No, I didn’t gain campus-wide (or city-wide) popularity. Additionally, it just freaked out my female professors which I found funny. I would eventually revisit my High School and hypnotize a student in my old art teacher’s class room. I only got away with this because I (1) knew and had rapport with the teacher and (2) more importantly, the student was a friend of mine, trusted me and really wanted to see what hypnosis was like. Because the average High School student is easily impressed by skills like hypnosis, if you happened to hypnotize at your school (or old school), others will likely volunteer themselves once their peer is seen to come out of the experience without any harm. If this happens, congratulations on producing yourself willing guinea pigs 😛
  6. Fair: Through the years, I’ve randomly visited local fairs and began hypnotizing fair-goers. Needless to say, when it was in the town in which I lived, I became known as “That Guy” or “The Hypnotist” in my High School when underclassmen would see me visiting my old teachers on occasion. This primarily occurred when either (1) they heard about me hypnotizing a mutual friend in another class, like the art class, or (2) they had seen my hypnotize someone/been personally hypnotized by me at the fair months ago. Either way, as stated in past HypnoKick lessons, people go to the fair to get away and have fun. If you approach people right, you can be gaining experience all day (or all week if you choose to visit the fair daily). This tactic has simultaneously produced me great YouTube content as well as real-world experience. What’s more, if you choose to go pro and get yourself hired at a festival, approaching and hypnotizing people becomes worlds easier. Also, as stated in the “School” tactic, once fair-goers see you hypnotize someone, someone’s very likely to volunteer themselves. I’ve generated small and large crowds alike performing cold approach street hypnosis both at random fairs as well as festivals I was hired to entertain.

All-in-all, these 6 approaches will help you naturally build your confidence with every demonstration you perform.

If you feel bogged down because a specific induction or routine didn’t work on someone, relax and move on. Remember that different people react to the same things in their own way.

I used to believe if one routine didn’t immediately work, I did something wrong and my other routines will likely fail. This is a FALSE thought!

You’re not a professional Psychologist, you’re a growing Hypnotist. What do I do when a certain routine doesn’t generate the results I wanted? I move on.

Unless you have an extended period of time to spend speaking with, questioning and practicing on the person you’re trying to provoke a specific response from, it’s much more worth your time to try another command vs forcing the same one or giving up.

If you have the time, great…chat with them, question them, get to know their thoughts/feelings on the situation. These details will help you understand how to make the demonstration that much more effective for the person.

Example: A friend/colleague of mine is a Board Certified Hypnotist and found it impossible (for years) to experience name amnesia. After speaking with him about his passion as a cartoonist and how he would frame not only his emotion-based comic strips but also his hypnosis shows, I realized he was (in comparison to myself) mellow dramatic. While I can’t recall the exact play-by-play of the moment (since it was years ago), here’s a general walk-through. During one of my visits, we were discussing a convention he was planning to visit. He told me the character name he was going to assume when he traveled to said convention. I proceeded to do a shock induction and relax him. I then spoke in a creative and detailed manner his mind most understood (with a partially dramatic tone), to help him temporarily block his own name from being verbalized. Upon waking him, I managed to help him experience name change phenomena. He was shocked. He hugged me enthusiastically. He finally experienced name amnesia/change all because I hypnotized him using words, phrases and tones his mind naturally understood.

However, getting back to the main point of this lesson (how to begin hypnotizing people), this week’s video demonstration showcases a live example of one of the approaches explained above…

Section 3: Conclusion

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to gain the experience necessary to be at the level you wish to be performing at with hypnosis. That’s why this week’s video demonstration contained a thumbnail with the phrase “Hypnotize People!”. It’s a [friendly] plea, from me to you, to finally bite the bullet, put yourself out there and begin hypnotizing people!

At some point, depending on your goals with hypnosis, this means putting yourself out there and hypnotizing strangers. When you understand how to read groups of people, what to say and the most natural way to approach the situation, it’s easier than you think.

Regardless of your goals with hypnosis, our training tab will help you begin achieving such goals when you click HERE 🙂

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