How To Control Your Hypnosis High

This week’s free hypnosis training is here to help you control your performer’s high.


While I can’t speak for all entertainers, I know it’s why many (especially household names) fell into depression and/or abused substances.

When you perform an amazing show and the crowd goes wild, it gives you a natural high. You feel high on life, amazing, appreciated, loved & cherished. This is known as a performer’s high.

Just as documentaries will inform you about the typical druggy that searches for their next fix, this high is often short lived.

I say “often” because what’s happening is your ego is being inflated. When the show is over, you eventually head back to your room for the night or get back on the road again.

This post-show moment, when the entertainer is back in their lodging quarters for the evening or on the road again, is when the high dips.

Because many entertainers travel and perform alone, the love/ attention/ praise they receive from their live audiences makes them feel alive, even god-like sometimes. Thus, when they’re all alone again, the high disappears and they may feel lonely.

Without anyone to feed their ego post show, they may suffer depression or abuse sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. This is a dangerous place to be (and why many big names have committed suicide).


In 2018 i had numerous discussions with various people and groups about self love. It came up after realizing that people often latch onto relationships with family, friends and lovers because of the love they receive from these individuals.

Without these uplifting individuals present, people would begin feeling empty, sad or depressed. I came to the realization many became emotionally dependent on these individuals to feel happy, fulfilled, accepted, etc.

This same principle applies to entertainers. Many start out as socially awkward outcasts looking for a way to establish meaningful connections. They began entertaining to gain recognition, appreciation, attention, love and sense of acceptance.

The primary issue here is that’s co-dependency, which is unhealthy. To require people’s attention in order to have your ego restored, a feeling of love present and your energy filled up, is an unsafe place to reside mentally, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise.

I know this because I experienced some of my biggest performance highs in 2018. I eventually realized some of the reasons why:

  1. Venue
    1. Whenever I’ve been paid to entertain on a yacht, in a historic theater, in a giant new auditorium or the like, some part of me often though, “Wow…this is bad ass! This venue will create a magical feel for my incoming audience that I’m a bad ass. Maybe I should post to social media”. As you may imagine, the reaction from people on social media only further inflated my ego. This is something I’ve come to learn that while I may perform in an awesome venue, it’s not what makes me awesome. I AM what makes me awesome. How I approach my clients/audiences/volunteers, how I treat my volunteers, how I treat my clients before/during/post show & so forth.
  2. Audience Size
    1. I remember when I first started performing professional comedy stage hypnosis for high school shows. As the years progressed and the audiences have grown, I’ve become more comfortable with larger audiences. Reason being, a small percentage of any audience will volunteer to get hypnotized. Therefore, the larger the audience, the more potential volunteers I gained. Thus, the larger the audience, the greater outcome & fun I’m likely to have. This leads into the following reason.
  3. Audience Reaction
    1. There was a historic 3-tier theater in IL as well as a large campus auditorium in PA I entertained at in 2018. Both venues were nearly completely full with hundreds of students. As a result of larger audiences sizes in these larger venues, the audience reactions to their hypnotized peers is just as large. The biggest audience reaction-based high I received was from hypnotizing students in the large campus auditorium in PA. Their energy and enthusiasm throughout the performance was only the beginning. As the show progressed, the students sense of humor regarding my referencing their person jokes between each other helped me bond effortlessly bond with them. Post show, many students requested selfies and had a load of questions which always spark my interest. Some enjoyed the hypnosis so much, that in combination with students who hadn’t been hypnotized yet, I was asked to host a mini post-show hypnosis show. After that request was fulfilled, the organizers helped me break everything down as I prepared to leave. The student body’s overall contagious enthusiasm had me on cloud 9 performance-wise.
  4. Lack of Personal Connection
    1. This is where things often begin to take an emotional dip for entertainers. While the pre-show hype may be real, the actual performance may be phenomenal and your post show interactions may be memorable, leaving can be tough. Once you leave your performance venue, unless you’re already with someone on tour or have someone back home, you may experience a level of emptiness. While you were adored in the presence of your audience, you and your audience go your separate ways post-show. Some may continue to follow you (via social media for example), though many are likely to move on with their lives, simply remembering the general impression you left them with. Due to this lack of personalized connection with most of your audience members, it’s not uncommon for entertainers to feel empty after their audience goes on about their lives.

At the end of the day, this comes down to self love. If you’re not fulfilled with what you’re doing and/or lack enough overall love for yourself, it’s reasonable to say you may experience a sense of emptiness, sadness, depression, lack of belonging, lack of acceptance, etc.

As a hypnotist, remember:

  1. You’re a mental guide
  2. You’re not an all-powerful God/Goddess
  3. Any opportunity to hypnotize is a blessing
  4. You have an awesome skill, not a super power
  5. With practice, you’ll continuously outperform yourself
  6. Not to let your ego take control

Conversely, avoid beating yourself up if a show doesn’t meet what you’d consider to be your own 5-Star standards. I can relate to this specific part of this lesson from a Georgia show I just performed earlier this week.

I only managed to really hypnotize two students who made it through my stage hypnosis process. Difficulty being they were both clearly on a mental fence between being fully hypnotized and not fully feeling it.

Personally, I accept full responsibility and understand a few different things I could have done for a better outcome. However, the organizers expressed their gratitude, one stated I was one of the best hypnotists they’ve witnessed and another mentioned wanting to bring me back.

So, just as I hope this lesson helps you avoid a major ego crash, I also hope it helps you remember that not every show will have your preferred outcome. Keep in mind, it’s not everyday people see hypnosis demonstrated, so even if the show isn’t fully up to your own standards, the average person will still enjoy your presentation!

This week’s video briefly describes my hypnosis high side effects because of ego…


Keep your ego in check. If you are actively performing party tricks via Street Hypnosis or professional hypnosis via Stage Hypnosis, you have knowledge (and a skill set) you should be proud of.

Be sure to love yourself & have confidence in your skills. Be real with your progress, skills, knowledge or lack there of. As long as you keep yourself in realistic check as you grow, the love/appreciation of others may enhance your energy/mood but you’ll become less dependent on them for your overall happiness.

Have you experienced a hypnosis/general performance high? If so, have you ever experienced the ego crash from lack of attention/ reaction to what you do afterwards? What would you like covered in a future hypnokick blog? Would love to read your responses/ideas in the comments below 🙂

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