How To Earn $20 With Hypnosis

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson teach you how to make easy money hypnotizing people!

***Let’s Review***

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***Dollar Demos***

Charge for your services – it’s that simple.

When people initially meet me, one of the last things they expect me to tell them is that I’m a professional hypnotist.

Needless to say, when I do, someone usually wants proof in the form of me demonstrating something on them.

At this point, I take my own advice (provided in HypnoKick’s Basic Hypnosis Training Manual) and request $1.

This proves that you (as a hypnotist) are serious about your service & that they (as the volunteer) are serious about receiving this specialized service from you.

This transaction is a type of mental conditioning if you will. By them physically paying you for their soon-to-be-experience, their mind is already buzzing, “I’m excited”, “What’s going to happen”, “Will this work”, “Pay attention and do what he says to fully experience this moment”.

Granted, in this week’s video demonstration, I was at the fair to film general footage for my private party booking manager (Ralph Lampkin Jr). Since I was doing basic relaxation demonstrations, I wasn’t charging.

On any other day, however, I would have and always advise my students to charge at least $1 per demo. Considering basic (relaxation) demos take about a minute, you’re already on your way to making more in an hour than the average minimum wage worker.

***Next Step***

As mentioned in HypnoKick’s Street Hypnosis Training, dollar demos are a quick/easy/efficient way to provide someone a unique experience while making some cash.

However, if you find someone like the young man in this week’s video demonstration, you’ll likely be happy if your new volunteer asks, “Can you do anything else/right now?”

Again, even though I was filming me hypnotize people at the fair for basic promo footage, I still mention to the young man that I charge for more intricate demonstrations.

More often than not, once I’ve successfully hypnotized someone to remove their mental/physical stress, they’re hooked enough to pay the additional fee for what’s known as Hypnotic Phenomena.

While there’s no real set amount, I often request a minimum of $5 per demonstration. At this point you may be wondering how I made ~$20 when the young man only paid me $5.

Later that same evening, I met a group of people who had been drinking and (when they found out I was a hypnotist) offered to pay me $14 cash on-the-spot to hypnotize them then-and-there.

It took approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds to make the young man at the fair experience arm levitation and around 3 minutes and 30 seconds for the drunk man later that evening to experience the hypnosis I gave him.

Thus, in approximately 5 minutes, I made more than many make in 2 hours working a regular job (not bad)!

This week’s video demonstration shows how I made easy cash with simple hypnotic demos…


HypnoKick’s trainings literally pay for themselves because most are still confused/intrigued by the idea of hypnosis. The best way for them to understand it? YOU demonstrate it on them (for a small fee).

Opportunities are out there if you’re open to finding and executing them. The question is: are you?

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