How To Easily Hypnotize People For 1 Hour

Section 1 (K.I.S.S)

Most who stumble across HypnoKick want to learn the basics of hypnosis. How to hypnotize, what to say and how to do both confidently.

During a recent coaching call with one of my new mentors, it was explained to me that “confidence” naturally derives from “competence”. While simple sounding, I never fully understood how to summarize it like that mysefl until the moment I heard that.

Understandably, from the perspective of a complete beginner, the next question becomes, “How do I gain competence?”

Then I was reminded of an acronym I learned when diving into marketing training years ago to help my businesses: K.I.S.S





By no means am I calling you, the reader, “stupid”. I am, however, using this month’s free hypnosis lesson as a friendly reminder that “simple” is still “effective”.

It’s officially been over 10 years since my hypnosis mentorship in Vegas and to this day I can assure you that people are still impressed by (and verbally if not physically react to) a basic induction.

Keep in mind that your perception creates your personal reality. While anyone who’s truly studied, let alone practiced, hypnosis for a while knows, it’s neither evil, devil worship, demonic possession nor pure mind control.

Yet, to the average person who hasn’t thoroughly studied the proven science behind or psychology of hypnosis, you inducing someone’s friend, family member, colleague or lover may very well appear to them as mind control or something supernatural.

This is great news for the novice Hypnotist because it means you can stick to many tried-and-true, field-tested and old-fashioned routines and still provoke amazing reactions from normal every day people.

When we witness or experience something that we aren’t familiar with, it seems beautiful, mystical, awe-inspiring or unbelievable. Since most people are merely going through the motions of their daily schedule, watching someone they know get hypnotized (or getting hypnotized themselves), appears extrodinary.

So, if you’re ever intimidated by the idea of hypnotizing someone, let alone a group of people, for an extended period of time due to not feeling like you’ll do an impressive job, remember that the basics still impress most folks.

This month’s video demonstration serves as the perfect example of how name amnesia, while a cliche routine in the comedy stage hypnosis community, still provokes awe, shock and amazement that is showcased through audience laughter.

Additionally, while one volunteer is given a new name to perceive as her own, she ends up adopting a completely different and unexpected name all-together.

While this was neither planned nor predicted, it effortlessly feeds into the K.I.S.S acronym. Given the audience’s reaction to her reaction, it doesn’t hurt to milk a routine like this. If it generates roaring laughter, use it as a sign to dig a little deeper into the moment… because it’s working!

This is a perfect example of “Keep It Simple” because:

  1. It requires little effort to intermittently return to this volunteer and ask them to repeat their name
  2. The volunteer’s passion behind their response throughout the remainder of the performance only adds to the hilarity of everyone’s experience
  3. It’s a classic routine that helped take up time during this 1 hour performance
  4. It will serve as a hilarious memory for the volunteer and their peers down the line

So, the answer behind how to easily hypnotize people for 1 hour is:

  1. Incorporate a few basic commands you’re familiar and comfortable with
  2. Pay attention to which volunteers react most dramatically to which commands
  3. Focus on the most reactive volunteers for each command and milk their reaction

This process can easily take up anywhere between 5-10 minutes depending on how you choose to set it up, execute it & reference it throughout your performance.

Section 2 (Safety)

In the day and age where people are taking selfies of their vaccination verification the same way Americans did with their voting stickers last November, COVID safety is something to keep in mind.

With vaccinations rolling out, people, schools and organizations are eager to return to in-person engagements and entertainment. In March 2021 alone, there was a 2 week flood of High School committees scrambling for Hypnotists in the United States to entertain their 2021 Proms & Graduations.

While schools and Hypnotists were happy to begin returning to some degree of normalcy, it became quickly apparent that if a Hypnotist was unwilling to either get a shot, wear a mask and/or stagger chairs for their show, the school would look elsewhere for entertainment.

I’m sure we’ve all heard, if not seen, a lot of controversy over wearing masks. Everyone should keep the following in mind though: Is refusing to wear a simple mask worth losing one (or multiple) 4-figure client(s)?

Regardless if you think it’s part of a conspiracy theory or a solid protection against the newest virus, ask yourself if your refusal to wear a mask, get a shot or space out the chairs for your next show is worth risking your next rent, mortgage, utility, insurance payment or grocery bill.

A colleague of mine once said, “There’s no shortage of people that want to make $1000 per hour.” Now, years later, social media is swamped with a continued debate on the true purpose behind masks and some consider it “unnecessary” to take precautions to serve certain clients.

Naturally, your life choices are your prerogative but COVID precautions go hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction. If you aren’t willing to help your clients feel like you’re doing everything necessary to ensure their satisfaction (entertainment-wise) AND safety (precaution-wise), then you can expect to lose clients this year.

Unfortunately, this is the state of the world we currently live in. Fortunately, by doing the bare minimum (masks, staggered chairs and/or social distancing) we all have a higher likelihood of attracting the high-ticket clients we aspire to work with.

Interestingly, as per this month’s video demonstration, this section is being covered because a surprising thing occurred at the beginning of my 2021 Prom/Graduation tour… no one was wearing masks or social distancing.

As someone who already had COVID and wasn’t concerned with contracting it again anytime soon, this didn’t bother me. However, it matches up perfectly with the point mentioned above: Customer Satisfaction.

Initially this client requested I wear a mask, stagger the chairs and help uphold social distancing regulations during the performance. I agreed, increasing their confidence when hiring me. Yet, upon arrival and a quick inspection/chat with the organizer, I was surprised to see how incredibly lax they had become with those requirements.

Yes, all these regulations may seem annoying but if you’re willing to cooperate with them, you have a higher chance of landing a client that, upon your arrival, may surprise you and not require such a strict stance on the situation.

For the record, a client of mine the week beforehand in Minnesota requested I keep my mask on despite over 95% of the room not wearing one. I had little issue with this and hope any aspiring/growing Hypnotists can also look past the temporary nuisance of a mask to provide a quality experience to their client(s) for a generous pay day 🙂

Click the picture to watch this month’s video demonstration…

Section 3 (Conclusion)

A person who feels safe and secure with your COVID safety measures is likely to become a paying client. The more trust you can help them establish in your ability to ensure a fun and safe time, the better.

Once you’ve established an official agreement and show up on the day of, remember K.I.S.S (especially if you’re a novice). You don’t need to be the best, you simply need to provide a quality experience that keeps your volunteers mentally, emotionally and physiologically safe.

Whether you’re just starting out or currently honing your craft as a Hypnotist, if you’re ready to improve your virtual, street or stage skills, HypnoKick can help you level up here.

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