How To Find High Paying Hypnosis Clients

The secret behind this week’s free hypnosis training lesson: investment.

***Let’s Review***

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***Types of Investment***

There are 3 types of investment in the entertainment industry…

  1. Memberships: These are often online search engines where people search for a specific type of entertainment (i.e. Hypnotist, Mentalist, Magician, Ventriloquist, Juggler, Dancer, Singer, etc). 

PROS: What you say goes. From the specific service you offer, to how long and how much you charge, the client must accommodate your requirements. This is a great place to start if you’re a beginning performer to make your mark (big or small) and get a feel for the entertainment industry. You can make as little or as much as you wish ($100 or $1000). After time, with enough positive feedback, you can begin raising your rates. While you may start booking less clients, the clients you do book will be more worth your patience and the pay you’ll receive.

CONS: Based on my experience, many who use these search engines aren’t fully aware of: What they’re looking for, if they want one service or two related services for one, how much a quality entertainer costs. You’ll be responsible for following-up with each and ever client yourself. Some clients won’t hire those who low-ball them (ex: you quote them $100-$300) while others request for quality entertainment but refuse to pay the correlating price tag ($600-$1000+). If you offer more than one service, many clients are likely to pass on you (ex: Client wanting a magician may pass on my quote for magic when they see I also do hypnosis, fearing I might incorporate it and make their guests uncomfortable). If you don’t stay up-to-date with trends, you’re likely to loose many potential clients. Additionally, while many of these search engines promise the same results, some work far better than others, offering better quality clients more often.

2. Managers: These are people willing to sell your services to clients looking for professionally seasoned entertainers.

PROS: These people will do much of the heavy lifting for you. They will ensure you get the clients you deserve or consult you to see if you’re interested in certain gigs/payments. Since part of their job is to ensure your clients see your value, they will do their best to land you clients willing to pay anywhere from $700-$2000+. Unlike memberships, you will only have to pay them a fee when the actually book you a show.

CONS: Talent managers can be difficult to come by and, given the saturation of the entertainment market, can be picky as to what artists they will represent. While having a manager means you’ll be able to weed out low-balling clients, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get clients on demand. Remember, the market is more saturated every year with aspiring singers, magicians, hypnotists, dancers, etc (reality tv shows like America’s Got Talent is a perfect indicator of this. If you don’t know where to look (such as a venue that hosts regular entertainment), it may seem near impossible to find a manager who can represent you.

3. America’s Got Talent: While the first two examples dealt primarily with money, AGT is an example of an investment dealing with time first, then money. 

PROS: Everyone knows that the moment you’re shown on the big screen, even in the first round as demonstration by my friend Hypnotist Chris Jones, you have the world’s attention. Spend a little time on stage (realistically up to 30 minutes when pre-filmed) and the home audience gets to view your [edited] 5-10 minutes of fame. This, in turn, gets acts like Chris Jones international fame, corporate bookings and much more attention than he initially anticipated. While not on the “big screen” my “Behind The Scenes” vlog (shared under the “About Me” tab) is one of my most popular videos to-date on my Jon Wayes YouTube channel and caught the attention of both other AGT acts & the internet. Needless, my manager and I received numerous requests for me to Hypnotize private parties.

CONS: This takes time and a LOT of it. First, you have to show up for auditions. After auditioning in Chicago in 2016 to film my BTS vlog, I still had to wait in their waiting room for about 4-6 hours before they asked my group to audition. In other words, block out your audition for the ENTIRE day. Assuming you make it through the process (which close to 99% of contestants you meet wont), you’ll then have to travel and film your first official round at a secret location for a few days (this is the episode that premiers in May). Then, as that episode’s recording finally premiers to TV viewers, you’ll have to go in for your 2nd round of filming around that same time (which premiers in July (assuming you pass round 1)). Let’s say you win, what most are unaware of is that 1 – you don’t win $1,000,000, instead you get a smaller lump sum or monthly “allowance” (much like the lottery) & 2 – a percentage of any shows you book from your TV publicity will be subject to AGT’s gain (after all, their publicity made you the star). I would assume, that this holds true for other reality shows as well (ex: The Voice, X Factor, etc).

This week’s video serves as testimonial proof these investments make money…


As you may imagine, there’s more to the 3 investment types above but I wanted to share the basic fundamentals in order to enlighten those in the field that are completely new to this information. I know when I first started, most of this was self-learned through experience, research, trial and error.

Ultimately, this information is most useful to the serious hypnotist looking to get their feet wet and gain professional experience within the market. This reminds me that some might find my lack of specificity (in terms of naming exact search engines  for example) less than generous.

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