How To Find Stage Hypnosis Volunteers

This week I explain why I dislike how most hypnotists start stage shows & why I feel my approach has been more effective.



***Let’s Review***



The premise behind this week’s lesson is finding somnambulist, largely through reading their body language. If unsure how to do this, we explain it in detail  *RIGHT HERE*



***New-Age Approach***




Throughout the years, I’ve seen a great multitude of hypnotists simply inviting audience volunteers up to the stage to get their chance at stage hypnosis. After starting this technique at 19, when I was first trained in hypnosis, it only took me a few short years to realize I disliked this tactic.


Reason being is that often there was a least one, if not several, volunteer(s) that would inevitably stand up and walk off stage. This could have happened for numerous reasons:

  1. Feeling Self-Conscious
  2. Unsure of what to expect
  3. Not understanding the process (despite pre-talk)
  4. Not comfortable with my style
  5. Etc

After a few years, I just realized I didn’t much care of this style…so instead, I started hypnotizing the audience as a whole!

If you watch enough YouTube videos, let alone live shows, you might be aware this is slowly becoming the way more and more hypnotists are doing it.

I’m certainly not the first to develop the idea, however, in researching other hypnotists who switch between the classic “invite yourself up” technique and the full-audience induction, I’ve found I’m one of few to stick with the ladder. Furthermore, this has become one of many factors that’s helped me stand out to those looking to hire a hypnotist for a High School, College or Corporate event.

In fact, after recently informing a corporate client how I conduct comedy stage hypnosis shows, they immediately contacted my manager and booked me over other hypnotists!



***Somnambulists Rule***



The title above says it all. The reason comedy stage hypnosis shows work out so well is because you have a number of people who have reached a state of somnambulism. In this state of mind, volunteers take the hypnotist’s commands as their temporary reality.

That’s why it’s so funny to see a stage full of people use their show as a cellphone, forgetting their name, thinking they’re legitimately stuck to their chairs, etc…because they’re somnambulists.

Thus, to ensure I can host a show where the majority (if not all) of volunteers will stay on stage after they’re up there, I induce the entire audience, THEN I introduce a suggestibility test. This way…

  1. The entire audience got to experience hypnosis (aka relaxation)
  2. The soon-to-be volunteers understand the process making the process quicker when they get on stage
  3. I know by the reactions of those in the audience who are the somnambulists vs those fighting the experience.



Watch this week’s video demo to see the type of test I give the audience to find my stage somnambulists…





While there’s honestly no “best” approach to stage hypnosis, I personally dislike going through the introduction, then suggestibility test, then inviting people up and hoping the hypnosis works just to have to have someone leave (or escort them off stage). Therefore, this has become my go-to starter for shows & has both worked nicely in my recent tours and impressed organizers since they’re used to the more traditional approach. Remember, this is only PART of my new-age approach to comedy stage hypnosis. If you want my upcoming Stage Hypnosis Training before it’s release later next month, simply *CLICK HERE* & I’ll be pumped to have you on the VIP wait list (3 students currently on board)!


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