How To Gain Free Hypnosis Publicity (Part 2)

This week’s free hypnosis training covers another publicity tactic to gain authority & clients for free.


First and foremost, you want to ensure your setting is appropriate.

Wanting to share your ability to hypnotize people at church, during a board meeting or at a funeral would all be prime examples of horrendous timing. My guess is you caught off guard I’d even mention a funeral. It is now, young grasshopper you see my point!

Block parties, street fairs, town festivals, private parties, certain bars/restaurants & such social gathering venues would be more appropriate for demonstrations.

I’ve personally hypnotized at house parties, bonfires, pool parties, restaurants, bars, casino, yacht, banquet halls, gymnasiums, auditoriums, historic theaters, a car dealership (it was weird but it worked), etc.

Additionally, preparing to demonstrate in a venue where there are young adults or lively people in general will serve you greatly and here’s why.

***SET UP***

Ensuring that you’re performing in a public are helps take care of two things:

  1. Removing the volunteer’s fear (if they had any). While hypnosis is becoming more culturally accepted in many societies, many still misunderstand what it actually is/how it really works. By performing in public, your volunteer is likely to feel more safe as there will be eye witnesses in case you go all fictional “mind-control-freak” on them.
  2. Gaining you some publicity from those around you. When someone gets hypnotized in a public area, many will look at the person zonked out and wonder what’s going on. Their gaze will catch the attention of others at their table and before you know it (unless they simply tell the people at their table to look), you’ll have numerous eyes on you.

Once you’ve successfully begun hypnotizing your volunteer, it won’t take long for people around you to notice what’s going on.

This will gradually cause more eyes to fixate on you and your volunteer out of curiosity. When I initially hypnotized the two young men in this week’s video demonstration, their table of friends were the only focused eyes we had on ourselves.

As I began to perform different demonstrations as they paid me to do, more people at different tables began looking over in wonderment. For those wondering how I even got into this situation, let alone got paid, I used a concept from this blog.

Be it by word-of-mouth, or naturally following other peoples’ gazes, I literally had half the eyes on that side of the restaurant on me and my volunteers in minutes. This leads us into the main point of this week’s lesson.

It’s become natural for most to have cellphones on their person and, in a day and age of “video-proof-to-prove-your-case”, just as natural for people to record their surroundings.

I had one of the men’s friends hold/film with my phone and moments later, you can even see another woman at a different table starting to film. Since I was focused on my volunteers, I didn’t count how many had their phones out but I believe there were at least 2 or 3 filming the demonstration from their seat/table.

When I was done, two things happened:

  1. People asked what I just did/what the two young men just experienced
  2. Other tables still looked over at me and even called me to visit them

Because it’s not typical for the average person to go out to a social gathering and meet or see a hypnotist, it only makes sense that they’ll either be intrigued or skeptical of you. Either way, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your talent, provide them an amazing experience & interact with those who film you.

Give people your information, whether it be your social media to follow you (which may likely lead them to showing family/ friends/ colleagues) or your contact information to hire you. Either way, do your best to connect with anyone who filmed you and give them the appropriate information if they plan on sharing the footage.

Just a few helpful examples:

  1. If they want to post it to YouTube, have them put your name in the title
  2. If they want to post it to Instagram, have them tag you in the picture/video
  3. If they want to share it via text, make sure they title you as a hypnotist with your name

While personal demos are always most effective for a lasting impact, simple conversations about my work have been enough to make people want to follow my YouTube (to see my perform), Instagram (to stat most up-to-date) or even my website/contact information to book me for private parties.

This week’s video demonstrates how a public demo can lead to free publicity…


As an entertainer, the world is your stage (again, assuming the venue/timing are appropriate). Push yourself to practice in public more. It will help you gain further experience & greater publicity at the same time (if not money as well).

What are venues you’ve performed/wish to perform at? What’s been your most notable experience to-date/what do you aspire to demonstrate in the future? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below to win a free hypnosis gift 🙂

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