How To Gain Free Hypnosis Publicity (Part 3)

Section 1: Collaborations

Fact: I got my entertainment channel to nearly 4,000 subscribers heavily due to collaborating with other YouTubers interested in hypnosis (who garnered larger audiences than myself).

With YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine, it only makes sense that collaborating with anyone in your niche that has a greater following than yourself, will help you gain a greater following.

The best way to begin a successful collaboration is through due diligence. You’ll want to find someone in your niche that is actively uploading quality content for their channel.

In the day and age where it seems every other person is becoming a “YouTuber”, it might take time to find a creator that:

  1. Creates content that properly informs/reasonably entertains
  2. Has great picture and sound quality
  3. Uploads on some type of regimented schedule
  4. You feel you can genuinely vibe with on a project

Making sure they have a following close to yours may help you in gaining their attention. If you have very few (ex: 26 subscribers) and they also have a small audience (ex: <1000), you’re more likely to get your desired opportunity.

I personally encountered someone who said I had to have “X” amount of followers before they’d collaborate with me, despite us already being mutually connected. I’d like to believe, based on a more recent discussion with an even more popular creator at an airport, not everyone you pitch a collaboration to will respond in such a seemingly egotistical manner.

When I began testing the YouTube waters around 2010, I was literally just copying the format of other creators in hopes of naturally gaining a similar following myself. In my mind, replicating the successful format of another YouTuber would help me gain similar success, enabling me to naturally appeal to any egotistical/clout-chasing influencer I aspired to collaborate with.

Hint: It didn’t.

What took me years to understand was that I had to simply “do me”. I had to find my own approach that felt natural. When you do something with your own natural flow, it’s clear to your viewers it’s your flow.

The YouTube channel Chills comes to mind. For the longest time people commented on his voice saying they found it weird, creepy or annoying. The channel moderator continued his flow and now garners an audience of over 4.5 million followers (who enjoy his content’s flow).

Once you find your flow, your best bet is if you provide something of value within your collaboration request. This may greatly improve your chances of getting a “YES”. I’ll explain how I approached my YouTube collaborations to boost my entertainment channel every few years.

Section 2: Real-World Examples

Brizy: A YouTube Hypnotist with over 4,000 subscribers at one point. He found me through my YouTube vlogs and commented on his envy that my stage hypnosis mentor was Hypnotist Joe Brogie (someone he admired).

After enjoying several of my YouTube vlogs where I documented my journey as an aspiring Hypnotist-in-training in Las Vegas, NV & San Diego, CA, we got to talking

We connected, and spoke on and off for a few years. Eventually, we spoke about meeting in person and scheduled a date/time to do so. Much like meeting Jay Noblezada, Joe Brogie, Alex Hendrick and the HeadHacking team from the U.K., it was surreal meeting another internet Hypnotist in person.

After one of our first collaborations, my channel went from ~300 subscribers to ~1000 subscribers. I was mind blown. I was both impressed and humbled so many people wanted to join my community.

Minus the various unwanted messages I received from some of Brizy’s fanboys that considered me an attractive young male Hypnotist they wanted to fulfill their hypnofetishes with, it was a positive experience.

By no means do I blame any of those instances on Brizy as he never once suggested anyone do anything other than give some of my videos a view. It certainly provided me with a minor glimpse of “popularity” I hadn’t been used at that point.

Just be aware, the more you wish to collaborate with others, the more attention (of various types) you’ll be channeling your way as well.

OnlyJayus: Also known as “Psychology Girl” on TikTok, was a YouTuber I personally reached out to.

She had posted a video of her getting hypnotized at a festival and it was clear by the recording that she was a somnambulist.

I didn’t see another video on her channel showcasing her getting hypnotized or hypnotizing others. After some digging, I personally requested the opportunity to hypnotize her 1-on-1.

Come to find out a multitude of Hypnotists reached out requesting the same. According to her, signing my request with “Magical Jon” made me seem like a “cool guy” (that combined with not name calling her like another “Professional Hypnotist” had).

After our first collaboration, my channel was gaining subscribers weekly. Unfortunately, her YouTube was soon terminated without explanation. Instead of immediately starting up a new one, she took a break and eventually started up her own TikTok account.

The universe has a funny way of working though. During her hiatus & TikTok startup, she was fired from her position at Best Buy for uploading a TikTok explaining the not-so-great work environment at the establishment.

She personally requested another collaboration with me around this time and also created her new YouTube channnel. While I began creating the new collaboration, her TikTok began blowing up from the Best Buy situation.

After filming & uploading our collaboration to my channel, I quickly got a few hundred views from my own subscribers. Several hours later, she submitted a video on her new channel that referenced her collaboration with me on my channel. Almost immediately after, my YouTube was swarmed with views and comments for the next several days.

Jayus’s TikTok account quickly blew up (currently over 4 million followers), which helped build her YouTube subscriber base to over 100,000. As a result of her growth, our collaboration is currently my entertainment channel’s fastest growing video (48,000 views within 3 months and counting).

Zach Pincince: This young man is a perfect example of reaping the rewards of hustling.

I’m including him because he’s taken serious action from what’s being taught in this week’s lesson, not because we’ve collaborated (though I wouldn’t mind it…Zach?)

Zach moved to California (smart move) and began collaborating with a plethora of social media influencers off TikTok and YouTube. Between those collaborations and the various university shows his agent has booked in since 2019, he’s more than doubled his social media following in less than 6 months (talk about hustle)!

For die-hard Brizy and Jayus fans, the good news is I’ve already briefly discussed future collaboration ideas with each. I’ve also been brainstorming additional concepts I look forward to bringing to fruition.

This week’s video demonstration showcases the boost in visibility, popularity & authority a collaboration can produce…

Section 3: Conclusion

Much like performing hypnosis for the first time, requesting a collaboration can be intimidating. Just remember to provide your partner (and their following) value worth their time and efforts in joining forces with you.

Additionally, in the same way that hypnotizing people gets easier the more you practice, the more you collaborate, the less intimidating it will become, the more you’ll improve with hypnosis and the greater following you’ll acquire.

Regardless of your path with hypnosis, hobbyist or aspiring pro, HypnoKick can help you begin achieving all your goals when you Click Here 🙂

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  1. Good post and nice to see you mention Zach here (which is the one who got me into hypnosis again and even finding your awesome blog eventually, seriously, keep it up!)

    But I don’t know what to say more here on this post other than that him and you and other (younger? – only saw older ones back then and I for my part am 26) hypnotists do inspire me greatly. Hell, Zach even helped me improve my mental and physical health and completely change my attitude on life, now knowing that it’s all in my hands and I’m not a prisoner of my own mind.

    Your blog is also eye-opening every day (also the negative hypnosis – positive hypnosis stuff and how we can affect our bodies with our worries or opinions, for good or bad). Really helps me knowing I can deal with my issues til the doctor’s appointment arrived if I mentally focus on that I’ll be okay and that I got this.

    And with that, thanks for this post and I’m looking forward to other future content!

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