How To Hypnotize Anyone While Quarantined

Section 1: Virtual Hypnosis

Virtual hypnosis is the practice of hypnotizing someone through the power of the internet.

While many already question the validity of hypnosis itself (which has already been proven), performing virtual hypnosis allows you to connect with and…

  1. Help someone overcome a struggle/habit or achieve a goal
  2. Provide someone a comedic stress reliever via comedy routines

The fact of the matter is, technology enables us to move our business practices onto the world wide web. While I understand not all businesses can make such a shift, you (as a Hypnotist) can.

A prime example of how you can make this shift is to do what many businesses, schools & martial arts classes having begun doing, use a webcam service.

There are plenty of services out there being used daily like Zoom. Governments, businesses, schools and numerous martial arts classes have already moved their sessions over to this platform.

As a martial artist, I can attest that while it was a bit odd and took some adjusting, we managed a successful 45 minute conditioning class with about a dozen people on the platform last night.

Regardless if you’re using hypnosis to help others or make them laugh/enjoy their isolation, providing virtual hypnosis services is an easy way to keep your hypnosis business alive.

Section 2: Conducting Hypnosis

As far as how to hypnotize people virtually, it’s simple:

  1. Webcam & Mic set up
  2. Choose your desired platform
  3. Create a payment system
  4. Invite people to schedule sessions

This is literally the formula I’ve been using to conduct from-home comedy and therapy hypnosis sessions for literally years.

How much should you charge? Whatever you’re comfortable with. That said, take into consideration the ridiculous amount of shopping people did before the quarantine became effective in different areas of the world.

People were literally clearing out isles in the super market. Buying toilet paper in bulk as if everyone was migrating to underground bunkers until 2021. Many have switched to online shopping and paying Uber or Lyft drivers to deliver their fast food to their doors.

The fact is, social gatherings have been limited but online sales are still a [rising] daily occurrence. So, if you’re worried people won’t want to pay, the psychological fact is, if they value the results your hypnosis can provide them as much as they value their GrubHub or Uber Eats deliveries, they’ll pay without question.

Again, I’ve been doing this for years and, for example, have often charged $50 for a consultation and $200 for their first 60 minute hypnosis session. Regardless if it was for therapy (stress, anxiety, fear, personal improvement, etc.) or comedy (spontaneous laughter, name amnesia, sticking to their chair, etc.), I’ve been paid to conduct both session types at that price for about five years now.

Obviously, the more successful your sessions are, the more prospects you’ll receive, sessions you’ll conduct and money you’ll make. To ensure a smooth session…

  1. Consultation: If someone is interested in scheduling a hypnosis session with you, first have them schedule a consultation. This is the perfect way to help you understand if you are a proper fit Hypnotist-wise for those scheduling sessions with you. If so, you and your client can either agree to proceed with a full session or schedule it for a better date/time.
  2. Safety First: Before starting any hypnosis consultation or session, always ask the safety precautions taught in HypnoKick’s Free Ebook. Without including these at the beginning of every session you host (if you’ve never hypnotized them before), you put yourself in a legally risky position should something go awry. With court dates backed up the wazoo, just do yourself (and your client) a favor and include these safety measures.
  3. Hypnotize: Easy as 1…2…3… you’re ready to hypnotize them. Regardless if they scheduled a session with you for help or fun, you can now conduct a full session tailored to their wants and needs.
  4. Testimonial: If you can get each client to provide you with a thorough and honest review of your services, it will help you establish your authority to the public. In turn, you’ll gain more interested/paying clients and have yourself your own successful work-from-home hypnosis business!

Important Note: The devil is in the details.

What I mean by this is that, while everything mentioned above is something I’ve personally used in my career to help keep my business alive and generate income, there’s still much for you to consider…

  1. What niche will you choose?
  2. Therapy or comedy or both?
  3. What training do you have that qualifies you to provide your clients the results they desire?
  4. How exactly will you conduct a quality session that ensures their psychological and physiological safety?
  5. How will you promote your services to ensure you attract clients?
  6. What will you charge said clients?
  7. Do you know how to use successful sessions to help promote your business and gain additional clients?

The average person I know, at any age, isn’t sure how to answer most of these questions. All of which are important to understand should you choose to either become a work-from-home Hypnotist or wish to take your current real-world practices online.

In light of the current quarantines, HypnoKick’s Members Area has released a brand new Virtual Hypnosis Training. It breaks down everything you need to do to begin running a money-generating work-from-home hypnosis practice.

This week’s video demonstration proves the effectiveness of Virtual Hypnosis…

Section 3: Conclusion

This moment in history has reminded me of everyone that used to tell me that hypnosis “wasn’t a real job” or “wasn’t a lucrative career”. Some of those same individuals recently had their hours cut at their jobs (if not lost their jobs) while I’ve been generating money weekly performing virtual hypnosis sessions.

Here’s the catch: the money I’ve made from home wasn’t from following this week’s free hypnosis lesson. I generated it all by following step-by-step instructions laid out in HypnoKick’s brand new Virtual Hypnosis Training. The training even offers a deeper insight into this week’s lesson to help ensure you have everything required to begin your own work-from-home hypnosis business!

As always, regardless of your path with hypnosis, hobbyist or aspiring professional, HypnoKick will help you achieve your goals.

2 Replies to “How To Hypnotize Anyone While Quarantined”

  1. I think it really shows how adaptable and flexible a hypnosis career can be especially in times like this! An in-person show or hypnotherapy session is great for sure but how many professions can still provide an amazing experience for clients from the comfort of their own home? Awesome post!

    1. Precisely Emily! Thanks to technological advances, Hypnotists (among other types of therapists/ entertainers) can easily take their practices online to abide by the CDC’s guidelines without forfeiting their entire business 🙂

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