How To Hypnotize People Easily

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains how to make hypnotizing people easier.

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Conditioning your volunteers’ minds is the easiest way to ensure hypnotizing them will work.

Just like selling someone on a product, when they see the product in action, they decide:

  1. If they have application for it in their personal and/or professional life
  2. If they do, whether or not they want to incorporate into their life right then or later

In the day and age when every other person is trying to sell something (be it physical or digital), the public becomes a bit jaded to accepting things.

Now, take the topic of hypnosis. Despite the growth of the number of hypnotists in the past 7 years alone, a great many people still misunderstand hypnosis.

Because of this & the fact that it’s not normal for the average person to personally know a hypnotist, men and women are still either skeptical and/or scared of it.

So, how do you bypass the fear (often in women) and skeptical/ego (often in men) people experience when you arrive somewhere to hypnotize people?


Long story short: condition your audience/potential volunteers’ to accept the process.

I’ve found the easiest way is to get to others is to utilize someone naturally interested/intrigued by you hypnotizing them.

By hypnotizing a willing person, they are more likely to comply to everything you instruct them to do.

If they’re a somnambulist (), it makes the demonstration flawless while simultaneously providing a visual aid as to what your process is.

Once others see how you hypnotize someone, people will naturally understand your process and either enjoy watching others volunteer themselves one-after-one or eventually ask/give you the “OK to hypnotize them.

Either way, when you are in front of a group of people, there will statistically be those in the group that (once they see the process once) will feel more comfortable letting you hypnotize them.

The more often you hypnotize people, the more your process will solidify in others’ minds and make them more comfortable with the idea of being hypnotized.

I often make sure to compare hypnosis to a spa treatment when talking with women. This makes them like the idea of being hypnotized more and eventually one of them gives in and ends up enjoying the experience.

Because men are often the more skeptical/egotistical ones when it comes to hypnosis, I tell them I’ll remove their daily stress, make them spontaneously laugh or make them feel drunk/high if the give me the opportunity to demonstrate it.

Because hypnosis is basic relaxation, women will often feel the effects immediately. Men, on the other hand (if promised a laugh/drunk/high feeling) may take two or three quick demonstrations to receive their experience.

This is because experiencing most anything beyond the basic mental/physical relaxation of hypnosis, hypnotic phenomena requires a person fully relax and be in tune with their own creative mind.

Incidentally, this leads into the other part of condition which is: repetition.

I almost always provide a basic 60-90 second relaxation demonstration to anyone who’s not been hypnotized by a hypnotist before.

In turn, this first demonstration allows them to experience the basic effects of hypnosis. If they don’t wish to continue beyond that point, fine. Otherwise, their mind/body now understand the process and are likely to fully accept a deeper state of hypnosis, making it easier for them to tap into their creative mind and experience hypnotic phenomena!

This week’s video demonstration shows how I condition people to successfully hypnotize them…


Find the most willing person in the room/area to hypnotize first and everyone else will be able to observe safely and decide whether or not they’re ready for a similar experience.

Additionally, hypnotizing someone who’s analytical/physically stiff may take multiple attempts at hypnotizing before they’re able to fully accept and enjoy the process. In either case, these are both great ways to naturally condition people you meet into becoming easier hypnotic subjects.

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