How To Hypnotize Questionable Volunteers

SECTION 1: Safety First

To ignore this from the start in HypnoKick’s Free Ebook (let alone all of HypnoKick’s home-based & Mentorship trainings), would be to ignore the psychological and physiological well-being of your volunteer(s).

As mentioned countless times in past HypnoKick lessons, Hollywood has already done a fabulous job making people misunderstand and fear hypnosis. Our job is to help diminish fear and enlighten those unfamiliar with the experience you can provide them.

While safety precautions can seem pointless in certain instances, the fact is that you literally never know when they might help you avoid a catastrophe. In fact, during our recent 2021 Prom / Graduation Tour, there were 3 instances in which individuals may have had negative reactions to hypnosis had we not covered the safety precautions in HypnoKick’s Free Ebook.

These 3 instances included:

  1. Diabetes: We recently hosted a basic comedy stage hypnosis show at a summer camp. During the induction, organizers made it known that one of the volunteers was diabetic and needed to be taken out of hypnosis to help them avoid a potential diabetes attack. This was never something we encountered before but we promptly and safely helped the volunteer out of hypnosis so they could take of themselves. Since we hadn’t experienced this type of situation before, we adjusted our precautions post-show to include those with diabetes. In turn, this will ensure future volunteers will know the best decision to make for themselves leading up to the hypnosis show should they be diabetic.
  2. Pregnant: Never before this 2021 Spring tour, that I’m personally aware of, had I unintentionally called a student out. However, to my surprise, that’s exactly what happened. After covering the precaution for any pregnant women in a high school audience to refrain from hypnosis, I jokingly called out a girl who looked across the venue. For years I’ve joked about the one or few who look at each other in the audience when I cover this precaution and it gets a laugh more often than not. On this evening, however, it wasn’t until after the performance I was notified that one of the female students was actually pregnant and wasn’t aware she’d be “disqualified” for my show to ensure her safety. This blew my mind but as stated before, this is why these precautions are the first thing taught before any performance-related material is covered in a HypnoKick training.
  3. Medicated: While this precaution generally helps people weed themselves out, sometimes there are individuals who are on the fence based on their unique circumstances. This was the case regarding the young man this portion of this month’s free hypnosis lesson is based on. As per this month’s video demonstration featured below, a young man was enthusiastically waiting for the hypnosis show to start. After the safety precautions were covered, he rose his hand to ask about his particular situation. In summary, he hadn’t taken his medication for a while and wanted to know if it was still alright if he took part. After a bit of back and forth, I quickly denied him the opportunity but suggested he approach me after the performance.

If you’re touring, most of the people you will meet/hypnotize will likely be individuals you’ve never met before and thus know nothing about. In those scenarios, it’s always better to play it safe, cover the safety precautions & deny those who don’t pass them.

If, on the other hand, you end up speaking with someone 1-on-1 and find out that their personal situation appears very low-risk and they’re old enough to make their own decisions (or the event organizer gives you the “OK” and willingly accepts all responsibility for their intrigued guest), then the following section may be an appropriate next step.

SECTION 2: Waking Hypnosis

The cool thing about waking hypnosis is that it doesn’t require the traditional “close your eyes now and following my voice/commands” script.

Waking hypnosis can be performed on anyone without the need for trance. It’s all a matter of having them hyper-focus on the moment, listening to your carefully phrased instructions and experiencing something cool by engaging with their imagination.

As a result, if you find someone that doesn’t fully pass your safety precautions, waking hypnosis may be your go-to back up performance method for those still wanting to experience something without having had the opportunity to join your stage production.

This is precisely what I chose to do for the young man mentioned in instance #3 above. After approaching me post-show, he filled me in on his situation and I could tell that a simple waking hypnosis demonstration would allow me to provide him with the experience he desired without putting him in a potentially harmful psychological state of deep trance.

After listening to him, I quickly remembered one of the first waking hypnosis demonstrations I saw my mentors perform and took him over to a nearby wall to perform “Hand Stuck to Wall”.

As you’ll see via the video demonstration below, the young man received exactly what he wanted: a quick, to-the-point hypnotic experience that proved the power of his own mind to himself. His reaction facially, vocally and physically proves just how powerful and effective a simplistic waking hypnosis demo can be for someone anytime, anywhere.

If looking to replicate this demonstration on someone yourself, feel free to utilize the following sample script (just make sure of course, they’re “fit” to be experiencing hypnosis in the first place).

HAND STUCK TO WALL (sample script)

“Place your hand flat against the wall and focus on one specific spot on the back of your hand. Don’t take your eyes off that spot. Continue to focus in on that spot as you imagine for a moment, that your hand is completely stuck to that spot. Every crease… crack… pore… cell… and tendon in the palm of that hand becomes stuck… suctioned to the wall. Almost as if the palm of your hand is fused together and one with the wall. You are part of that wall. There is not unsticking your hand from that wall. In fact, in a moment, the more you try to unstick that hand, the more stuck it becomes. You can try to unstick your hand now and find that the more you try to unstick it, the more stuck… fused… and suctioned to the wall it becomes. However, the moment I tap the back of your hand, you remember you have complete control of your own mind and body and freely move your hand now (tap the back of their hand).”

Click the picture below to watch how I took a bummed volunteer and provided them with an experience that stuck with them…

SECTION 3: Conclusion

Just because safety comes first and certain people may be disqualified for your stage shows, doesn’t mean they don’t qualify for a 1-on-1 personalized demonstration.

The beauty of expanding your knowledge and skills with hypnosis is better understanding how you can help different people in different situations experience similar things in a manner that’s best for them.

The good news is regardless of what level you’re currently at when reading this particular free hypnosis lesson, you can still quickly and efficiently hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s just a matter of knowing what level you aspire to hypnotize at: Beginner, Intermediate or Professional 🙂

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