How To Hypnotize Scared Women

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson teaches how to hypnotize women after bypassing their fear.


As hypnosis edges its way into American culture (among others), many automatically view it as some source of creepy, weird, unnatural, even demonic entertainment.

As discussed in the past via various HypnoKick lessons, hypnosis has been dramatized by the likes of Hollywood and other media.

This has caused people to hop back and forth between accepting hypnosis as a real source of safe and fun entertainment or view it as a mind control tactic.

With this in mind, coupled with my nearly 10 years of experience in-field, women often seem scared to get hypnotized.

Their mind wanders and they believe:

  1. They won’t be able to control themselves
  2. The will say or do something embarrassing
  3. They won’t be able to “wake” up
  4. They will reveal their deepest/darkest secrets

In turn, they literally psych themselves out and freak out when a hypnotist either suggests getting hypnotized or approaches them to hypnotize them.


If you experience this, it’s important to remember: They misunderstand what you’re doing.

Because Hypnosis is barely touched upon in Psychology Class in a great many High Schools and Universities (let alone in most of societal conversations), there’s a wealth of misinformation.

It’s like the saying, “People fear what they don’t understand”. So, as a Hypnotist, it’s your job to properly enlighten them. You can typically achieve this through the following steps…

Step 1) Ask Questions: I find when I ask a woman what hypnosis is directly after she freaks out, she tends to give an explanation that loosely (if not directly) correlates to the idea of mind control. Even on the rare occasion she says she knows it isn’t mind control, there’s often still an underlying fear of what she might experience. 

Step 2) Relate: Once you understand what her reasoning for being scared, you can begin relating hypnosis to experiences she’s already had. I explain that hypnosis is about relaxing, just like when she’s in bed relaxing to fall asleep, trying to take a power nap, etc. I reinforce that it has nothing to do with me trying to “control” her. 

Step 3) Simple Demo: Once you understand her perception and have successfully related the experience to her everyday life, you can proceed with a simple demonstration lasting anywhere between 30-60 seconds. Performing street hypnosis for relaxation provides them a great anti-stress/anxiety experience. This experience often creates enough trust in you for them that they will allow you to demonstrate something else.

However, there are times where these 3 steps may either have to be skipped, switched or executed differently. This week’s video demonstration is a perfect example.

The young woman psyched herself out so much that I barely had the opportunity to ask her any questions. She continuously interrupted her own experience to verbalize her fears.

Once you manage to help her understand the reality of hypnosis & bypass her own fears, you can begin to help you explore and enjoy the power of her own mind.

Here’s how I handled a young lady who constantly psyched herself out…


Remember, when people freak out/make outlandish claims, it’s often due to misinformation. While it’s not their fault, it’s your responsibility to properly re-educate them. The more they understand the truth behind hypnosis, the more likely they’re willing to take part in a demonstration.

Part of me wonders if there were more female hypnotists, if female volunteers would feel any more comfortable. With some of the immoral/unethical practices some older men have been caught doing with females, it’s not helpful the industry anymore than Hollywood’s dramatizations of Mass/Stage Hypnosis.

Additional psychological tip: Try hypnotizing them without a camera in their face. Camera’s have the natural ability to make people self conscious & over-analyze everything they say or do. This can cause a sense of stage frieght if they’re unfamiliar with what’s about to happen.

At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to be knowledgeable, helpful, transparent, accommodating & respectful. Stick to these characteristics (while keeping your own ego in check), and you’ll simultaneously help build your own brand while giving hypnosis a good name 🙂

To see her finally get hypnotized, check out the upcoming episode on August 2nd by clicking here.

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