How To Hypnotize The Military

Section 1: Ego

Any time you react to a person or situation in a manner that serves to sustain (or improve) your self-esteem, you’re acting out of ego. Ever catch yourself doing or saying something to make yourself look good (or better than someone)? If so, say hello to your ego.

I commonly experience this during the High School & University (as well as some Corporate) events I entertain. Someone may say something along the lines of “Hypnosis is for the weak-minded” or “My mind is too strong”. These are ego-based reactions (typically stemming from misinformation/being ill-informed).

We all have an ego, I’ve become hyper-aware of mine in the past 2 years since reading more about the topic. It reminds me when I moved out at 19 to live on my own, my first roommate was a member of the Air Force. While initially intimidated, I quickly recognized his chill vibe that, as an introvert, I found easy to connect with.

Since then, I’ve met many who have trained for the National Guard, Army, Marines, Air Force, etc. My personal experience when hypnotizing those from the Armed Forces is that most were willing to put their “tough guy/girl” ego aside and try hypnosis.

Granted, there have been times when hypnotizing members of the armed forces that, while they felt relaxed, they had difficulty experiencing phenomena. This doesn’t mean they’re “mentally strong”. It can, however, mean:

  1. They’re self conscious about being hypnotized in front of others
  2. They naturally have difficulty entering a deep state of relaxation
  3. They’re secretly afraid of what they’ll do/say while hypnotized
  4. They don’t trust the Hypnotist
  5. They’re naturally analytical
  6. Or number of other factors…

Point being, I’m usually able to find at least one (if not a few) members from any military-based group willing to put their ego aside to try hypnosis (as seen in this month’s episode).

For those who do, especially if they fully trust me to guide them through their own creative minds, they will be left with a life-long memory proving just how powerful their mind is (and that’s why I love hypnosis).

Section 2: Escape

In my experience working with the Armed Forces, those willing to get hypnotized desire the escape.

While many of us complain about our class work, corporate project, dead end job and/or annoying boss, those serving our country are voluntarily accepting an elevated level of stress.

This stress affects their mind and since the mind controls the body, that stress can translate into physical sickness, violence, depression, alcoholism and suicide (among other things).

Needless to say, having the opportunity to give your mind a rest and allow yourself to let go of all stress, anxiety, fear and inhibitions enables those from the armed forces to decompress, have fun, laugh and (as a result) release much-needed endorphins that can improve their mood.

When your moods improve, you tend to perceive things in a better light and react to people/situations more reasonably.

So the question becomes, How do you get members of the armed forces comfortable with being hypnotized?

Potential Answers…

Answer 1 (Hire a Hypnotist): While it’s on my bucket list to travel to a military base and hypnotize the men/women that serve my country, I’ve not personally heard of a lot of openings. I’ve seen footage of Hypnotists doing exactly what I’m describing, so it’s clearly possible. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be an opportunity that’s often offered to the hypnosis community. That said, if anyone from a military base is reading this and ever wants a Hypnotist to entertain their men/women, I’m shamelessly plugging myself here. Even if you choose a different Hypnotist, the fact is bringing a Hypnotist to a military base, camp, etc. would simultaneously provide all your soldiers some relaxing down time and allow those who volunteer to reduce their stress. This could potentially help them reduce their risk from experiencing any of the negative stress-based outcomes mentioned above. What’s more, if you notify your group that you’ve hired a Hypnotist, that alone psychologically prepares them for the Hypnotist’s arrival. This naturally conditions a percentage of them to be ready and willing to receive the experience versus springing it on them (I’ve had several clients do this and it puts people on edge… not a great way to start a comedy show).

Answer 2 (Trusted Referral): Years ago I went to a 4-H Fair and hypnotized a military recruiter. Once you visit that link, you’ll see me hypnotizing the recruiter at 2 minutes and 11 seconds. I only stopped by his tent because a friend of mine from High School (also a recruiter) was sitting there (as seen in the lower right hand corner of the video). Initially I wanted to hypnotize my friend. We had years of rapport, he knew I had no ill intent & I thought it would be great footage for a video. Humorously, he declined while trying to volunteer another recruiter to get hypnotized for my video. The gentleman he volunteered was uneasy about the concept but eventually gave it a try. The primary reason why was because my friend acted as my trusted referral. Up-to-date, word-of-mouth advertising is still the #1 most effective method of advertisement. Makes sense considering how many people will hesitate to invest in something until someone they know and trust suggests they should. After my trusted referral convinced the recruiter everything would be kosher, I finally managed to get a clip of myself hypnotizing military personnel on-the-job.

Answer 3 (Virtually Ask): This answer is the easiest assuming one thing occurs, you meet someone in a chatroom who’s looking to relax, chat and/or try something fun. Personally, I’m referring to this month’s episode where I met 3 members of the Army and one member of the Marines while surfing Omegle (specifically Forewarning, unless you’re 18 or older, it can be a very inappropriate, creepy and annoying online chatroom. When I met these gentlemen, I started with basic conversation, asking them what they were up to. Then I eased into the fact that I was recording my encounters because I was creating a hypnosis-based YouTube episode. I believe the combination of the fact that they were young adult men, bored on the internet and killing time before an upcoming meeting created the perfect scenario. Compared to older generations, my experience with young adults is that they’re still relatively creative and open-minded. Combine those factors with looking for fun ways to kill time and I’m confident in saying I was likely the highlight of their Omegle experience that day. After elaborating my intentions, they whole room was excited and ready to get hypnotized. This also occurred during another time when recording for the episode where I stumbled upon two young navy men willing to take part.

As per the official episode, there was an unfortunate technical issue that keeps viewers from being able to hear what I say to the Army men and Marine. Thus, I’ll start this week’s video demonstration off with the Navy men and simply end with the reaction of the other group to demonstrate how you can approach & hypnotize the armed forces…

Section 3: Conclusion

As this week’s free hypnosis lesson proves, unless you personally know and have rapport with military personnel, hop into the virtual world and simply ask to hypnotize someone.

This prompts a serious question for me know that I’ve hypnotized YouTubers, TikTokers, Military Personnel & News Channel Producers, who would you like me to hypnotize next (and why)? Please let me know in the comments below as I’m interested in fresh ideas! Best idea will receive a free training clip on fractionation (offer valid until 11:59pm EST 7/16/2020).

As always, you can download your free hypnosis Ebook (to learn about hypnosis) or home-based training (to actually hypnotize others) HERE 🙂

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