How To Hypnotize Via Eyes ONLY (No Touch Induction)

What’s more impressive than simply having someone’s body go “dead limp” from the snap of your fingers, a tap or the simple word sleep…hypnotizing them with a simple gaze!

***Let’s Review***

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***How To Perform ”No Touch”***

First off, please understand this is nothing revolutionary, you may have just happened to have seen/heard of this through me, yet even I learned it over 5 years ago while training in Vegas.

Second, please note that (like you may experience when demonstration hypnosis on a group) this may not affect everyone you hypnotize in the same manner. Ex: You look at one person who doesn’t react yet the person next to them “passes out” into hypnosis (just roll with it – it happens)!

The Set Up: Say you’re in the midst of a show or demonstration and you’ve managed to successfully hypnotize one if not multiple people. Once you realize who’s easiest to hypnotize, it’s often best to choose them for the “No Touch” by either looking at them (or tapping their shoulder) and saying something along the lines of “The next time I look you in the eyes, you’ll immediately go back to sleep!”

The Execution: At any point you deem appropriate based on your hypnosis script set, simply stand diagonally in front of them (so the audience can see you staring the volunteer meeting your eyes) and simply gaze/stare at your volunteer. Based on the trigger you implanted during “The Set Up”, your volunteer will only be able to look at you for a few moments before they end up “passing out”.

Nuance #1: One nuance I learned years ago was called the “Eye Flutter” in which you start with a “No Touch” and then gradually let your own eyes begin to close, before fluttering them back open and close again for a moment. This psychologically simulates sleepiness to your volunteer & will often speed up the process.

Nuance #2: While I have difficulty remembering where I first learned this, I know that it adds to the theatricality that is stage (as well as street) hypnosis. Basically, the moment you notice the volunteer’s head beginning to sway to one side, you slowly begin to sway in a mirroring fashion. If you’re quick enough, you’ll notice it just in time that it may appear to the audience watching you’re literally controlling the volunteer’s body as you put them under!

Watch this week’s video demonstration of the No Touch Induction to see the various ways I utilize it…


While one of the easiest inductions based on lack of having to do anything but look at someone, the No Touch still seems to impress audiences today. My guess is that, thanks to Hollywood, people are so conditioned to believe that the Hypnotist must say the magic word “SLEEP” or do some sort of physical gesture, that when the No Touch is demonstrated, it makes them realize there’s more to it than that. THAT, my friends, is one of many reasons I enjoy tailoring my current shows the way I have is, without fail, it always makes people approach me afterwords wondering how I pulled something off that seems “magical” to them. While I’m an entertainer, I also consider it part of my job as a Psychological Illusionist to make people question what they think/believe is possible (in this case, a non-verbal/physical induction)!

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