How To Hypnotize Your Hecklers

This week’s free hypnosis training explains how to easily deter hecklers from messing with your hypnosis show




In short, a heckler is a social bully, often skeptical of hypnosis.

While I’m far past Middle School and High School, I still encounter social bullies. These are individuals who aspire to steal your thunder and make you look bad.

This is usually because:

  1. They enjoy the attention
  2. They think hypnosis is BS
  3. They’ve gotten away with heckling others
  4. They think they can steal anyone’s limelight

While you’re preparing an amazing hypnosis show, they’re preparing to make you look foolish.

To summarize what Tom Cruise’s character Jack Reacher said, “Take out the leader & the rest will run”.

So, how do we go about this?



Before starting your show, request your biggest skeptic to raise their hand. Not so surprisingly, when performing for High School Proms or Graduations, a sports jock or a Mr/Mrs “Know It All” will raise their hand.

If multiple people raise their hand, you may be able to weed people out by requesting:

  1. Keep your hand raised if you believe hypnosis is a bunch of nonsense
  2. Keep your hand raised if you really believe you can’t be hypnotized
  3. Keep your hand raised if you’re willing to prove me wrong right now

These requests will excite your heckler as they sound like a challenge. They were already planning on giving you a hard time, so why not offer them a direct challenge?

If there’s still a small group of hands raised, I may ask, “Which one of you is the biggest skeptic?” Note that I call them a “skeptic” and not a “heckler”. This makes you sound more professional while building up the audience’s anticipation in a more positive matter.

Once the group makes a decision, you can say, “Come join me on stage”.

Remember, they don’t intend to be hypnotized, so you’ll want to perform either a covert or pseudo hypnosis demonstration.

Covert demonstrations deal with the person’s subconscious mind, enabling you to often hypnotize them without their full conscious awareness. Pseudo demonstrations are more tricks that are framed as hypnosis. I’ll teach you some simple pseudo tricks you can use immediately…


Pseudo Trick #1) Arm Push

This trick was taught to me when I initially met my friend Hypnotist Chris Jones. In summary, you appear to take a person’s strength away and make them incapable of holding up their arms. I’ve utilized this during High SChool Proms and College events alike with successful results. It’s become my preferred go-to for years because, when confronted with egotistical High School or College guys, it tends to put them in their place. To get the full detailed explanation of this trick, read this blog.

Pseudo Trick #2) Hand Separation

I learned this many years ago while performing magic more regularly. You have your volunteer make two fists, stack one on top of the other and instruct them to squeeze them tight enough that they won’t separate when you try hitting them. Showing the audience your pinkie fingers, you proceed to hit their hands with your pinkies and separate them. If not, you opt to use your index and middle fingers of each hand to separate each of theirs. It doesn’t matter which of their hands you choose to hit with which of your fingers. Using decent force, you should always manage to separate their hands. Next, you look them deeply in the eyes and state, “No matter how hard to try, you won’t have enough strength to separate my hands.” You proceed to make two fists, stack them and request your volunteer to separate them. They won’t succeed…not with their pinkies…not with two fingers…not with their whole hand. The secret here (for you the hypnotist), is quickly bringing your hands up and sticking out the thumb of your bottom hand (as if giving a ‘thumbs up’) and quickly wrapping your upper hand around your bottom hand’s thumb. Assuming no one’s behind you, both your volunteer and audience will perceive two fists, one on top of the other. Even if your heckler uses their entire hand, they’ll seem incapable of duplicating such a simple demonstration. You can thank your volunteer for participating and invite the audience to applause as they head back into the audience.

Pseudo Trick #3) Frozen Arm Challenge

I interviewed a YouTube Magician by the name of Brian Brushwood years ago. Years later, my friend Hypnotist Chris Jones ended up on his YouTube show Scam Nation.  While Brian let Chris do a 2-part episode specifically on hypnosis, I was intrigued when he had Chris co-host an episode on Pseudo Hypnosis. More specifically, the “Frozen Arm Challenge” which I had only seen a handful of times before. To see the full demonstration/understand how it works, search “The Frozen Arm Challenge Scam Nation” and it should be one of the first results. Enjoy!


This week’s video demonstration covers a classic physiological trick …




Calling out one heckler/joker/skeptic/etc. and putting them in their place will often deter others from messing with you.

Like bullying, you “remove” the leader from the equation and others become deterred. After performing a deterring demonstration on one heckler pre-show, I don’t usually encounter another.

In turn, this has the potential to simultaneously re-establish your authority, gain you respect, gain you fans & make your show more fun with little to no heckling.

Did you like these pseudo tricks? What type of demonstration(s) would you do or have you done? What would you like to learn next? Would love to read your answers in the comments below!

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