How To Improvise Your Stage Hypnosis

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains how to improvise your hypnosis show.






The short and sweet version of this week’s lesson is for you to understand that audiences are your firned.

People in the audience want to see their peers act silly, why else did they show up.

Thus, at some point in every show I do, one of two things typically occur:

  1. I’ll ask myself (while still talking into the mic) what I should do next and either something interesting will pop into my head or someone from the audience will blurt out a random idea or…
  2. I’ll be performing and talking and in the middle of me giving my next hypnotic command (as you’ll see in this week’s video demonstration below), someone will yell out a suggestion for me to use based on an experience they just had.

For those who are reading this blog first before watching the video, I had my stage volunteers steal audience members’ shoes.

Considering there were multiple volunteers and each of them were only allowed to steal one shoe per person, my educated guess is that the audience member that yelled out the suggestion had one of their shoes stolen or sat by someone who did.



Even after having performed on the High School & College markets for the past five years, I still get stuck with ideas or (depending on how long I’m hired for), wonder if I’ll be able to stretch out my normal show.

Pro #1: Taking audience suggestions (like I made the executive decision to do in this week’s video demonstration) can make your job a lot easier. You don’t have to think about what you’ll do, you simply run with their idea(s) (just like your volunteers normally do with yours).

Pro #2: Sometimes, if one audience makes a suggestion, another may chime in at the same time (or later on in the show). Either way, this is an easy way for you to stretch your show out if, say, your client hired you for 90 minutes but you only had about 60-70 minutes of material prepared. The more suggestions you take, the longer you can make your show and the easier you have allowed your job to become (and the students will love you for implementing their ideas).

Pro #3: I perform at so many different colleges & high schools per year, I obviously can’t tell each student body’s mindset (let alone humor type) until I arrive and start performing. Seeing as the students already know each other and what they each find funny, taking audience suggestions will help enable you to better understand their sense of humor, incorporate it & likely receive memorable reactions of laughter, knee slaps, maybe some snorts, most likely a video recording from someone’s phone & who knows what else. Long story short, trust the student body you’re performing for (while still remaining appropriate).


This week’s video demonstration shows how I incorporate audience suggestions on-the-fly…



Stay in tune with your audiences and (assuming it’s appropriate) take their suggestions as you progress with your show.

This will make your job easier, show them you actually care about their ideas/interaction & help ensure that the show’s legitimately funny for their specific student group. One thing I’ve learned, the funnier you are/more you incorporate students, they more they love you and the more likely the organizer of their event is to re-hire you!

Plus, what’s better than getting footage of a spontaneous routine for your future clients/family/friends/colleagues/etc. to enjoy?

Lastly, for anyone old enough to remember watching the series many years ago, I realized this is like the hypnotic lesson version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Neat!)

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