How To Indirectly Hypnotize People

This week’s free hypnosis training explains how to hypnotize people, without doing it yourself.




As mentioned in HypnoKick’s 2018 lesson “How To Hypnotize People Easily“, it’s all about psychological conditioning.

As per this week’s video demonstration, everyone on stage went through my hypnosis “filter”. As taught in HypnoKick’s Stage Hypnosis Training, I implement my 2-in-1 formula to ensure:

  1. I find the best/most reactive volunteers (aka somnambulists).
  2. Hecklers/jokers will find themselves naturally weeded out.
  3. The volunteers who end up on stage stay on stage.

Once they’re on stage, they will have been conditioned to understand:

  1. What hypnosis truly feels like (versus their previous misconceptions).
  2. That there are countless ways they can be hypnotized (beyond just the verbal induction).
  3. To completely relax and let go the next time I induce them.

I’ll proceed to hypnotize them all again simultaneously. This follow up re-induction allows me to visually make sure they’re still all on the same mental page as I begin the comedy routines.

After performing 3 or 4 comedy routines and successfully re-inducing my volunteers between each of them, I know they’re properly conditioned & prepared for the fun part of this lesson



At some point during your performance, you can take a break from performing by having one of your volunteers take over.

To make this a smooth transition, you can:

  1. Hypnotize all your volunteers after your last routine & pick one of them or…
  2. Reward one of your volunteers from the last routine with the opportunity to become the hypnotist.

After watching my volunteers react to the competition-based routine I set up for them, I noticed one of my female volunteers was reacting a little more theatrically than the others.

This likely meant she was going to “win” the routine. If so, I knew she’d be creative enough to temporarily take my role as the hypnotist, giving me enough time to decide how I wanted to end this particular show

When she inevitably won, I bestowed the ability to hypnotize her peers by hypnotizing her. This was the perfect transition into the next routine (one in which some students had expressed interest in), while providing me time to plan my finale.

A few days later, I realized these additional perks:

  1. Understanding how I hypnotized her throughout the show helped her understand how to hypnotize her peers.
  2. Having been hypnotized, she understood how to make things fun for her peers without embarrassing them. Not surprisingly, it’s been my experience that some random audience members chosen to play hypnotist may try to push the envelope for their own comedic gain.
  3. Because she was creative during the twerking competition, it wasn’t surprising she also creatively spoke with/interacted with & hypnotized all her peers individually. I actually whispered to my cameraman that I was impressed with her approach. In the past, many volunteers who played the hypnotist would simply re-induce their peers without creative dialogue.

The point is, the moment one of your own volunteers begins hypnotizing your other volunteers, that’s a product of your doing. In a short period of time, you’ve managed to psychologically & physiologically condition your volunteers to better understand hypnosis & how to react to it.

As a result, for every person your volunteer hypnotizes, you are indirectly hypnotizing that person yourself. That, my reader (or student), is how you indirectly hypnotize people.

Now, when one of my home-based students or mentees successfully hypnotize people, I’m super proud of them.

While I’m aware it’s a byproduct of my training, I take it as a sign that I’m providing quality trainings more so than I’m indirectly hypnotizing people. This, as per last week’s lesson, helps me keep my ego in check (as where some have been seemingly consumed by theirs).


This week’s video demonstrates how you can indirectly hypnotize people…




With enough conditioning and audience/volunteer management, you can find yourself indirectly hypnotizing people in various ways.

Not into stage hypnosis? You can just as easily pull this off anytime/anywhere as a party trick. Certainly touch base with me if you record yourself doing so & I’ll gift you something awesome!

Let me know down in the comments below if you have any questions about this week’s lesson or if you have a suggestion for a future lesson. Would love to read your thoughts below 🙂

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