How To Make Money as a Hypnotist with COVID

Section 1: COVID-19

Since late 2019, the world was notified about the coronavirus. While some refused to believe its existence for various ignorant reasons, the media did what it does best, it caused major concern, panic, anxiety, etc.

A past HypnoKick lesson even states how the media creates “mass hypnosteria” which can lead many to experience anxiety. Such anxiety can lead to a stressful breakdown of one’s immune system which ironically leaves them more vulnerable to the very thing the media caused them to get anxious about.

Personally, I was never fully concerned with the idea of contracting COVID-19. Especially when I traveled in 2020 for both work and a “workation”. I went to Florida to visit a friend who moved there before the quarantine started and had a great time (only working one day I was there). I flew to California strictly for work days later and loved it.

Neither trip gave me any issues. I was actually denied testing at the time because I didn’t have any symptoms and my family/friends fine for weeks after. I wasn’t personally concerned because in my mind if I got it, I would’ve gotten it while doing what I loved (performing).

I would even reprise my role as the “Uber Hypnotist” when college started back up. I met many new students, hypnotized some of them and still never contracted anything (despite their campus locking down 8 days later because of excessive partying and COVID-19 case spikes).

Then, months later (last Friday, January 23, 2021 to be exact), I woke up and would experience the following throughout the day:

  1. Fever close to 101.5
  2. Headache
  3. Muscle aches
  4. Chills
  5. Cold sweats
  6. Congestion
  7. Sore Throat
  8. Dizziness
  9. Fatigue

Yes, I literally experienced all 9 within about an 18 hour period. Within the following three days, things would naturally subside. By Wednesday, January 27, I had already visited the doctor, started using the antibiotics and over-the-counter medication and felt healthy enough to get back to work.

Before anyone jumps down my throat for that last line, keep in mind most of my “work” is done at home from the same computer I’m using to write this lesson for you. In fact, that’s the point behind this month’s free hypnosis lesson. If YOU have a computer or smartphone, you have the opportunity to make money as a Hypnotist (even if you’re in bed like me).

The reason I started this lesson bringing up the concept of “mass hypnosteria” was because it’s been proven that stress and anxiety can break down one’s immune system. Despite eventually contracting the virus myself during a time when I thought I was “safer”, I still understood I’d be ok.

At least half of the symptoms were similar to my annual flu. I knew the flu always sucked for a day or two and then died down. Even before my COVID test returned positive, I had an inkling I had it and got really anxious for a few minutes. Then I remembered the mind controls the body and told myself, “You’ll be ok, you already know that”.

Now, days later, there hasn’t been a second wave of symptoms and I feel worlds better than last Friday. I’m still tired and fatigued at times but no where near what I felt on my worst day.

I’m hoping no one reading this misinterprets my personal experience as a dismissing of those who have gotten incredibly ill and even died (it’s not). If anything, I believe this should naturally reinforce the very points below that if anyone leads a similar lifestyle to my own, that their experience with the virus may also be tolerable and short-lived:

  1. Still young
  2. Visiting the gym 3-4 days per week
  3. Training in martial arts 2 days per week
  4. Eating 2400+ healthy calories daily
  5. Conditioning every morning
  6. Drinking healthy fluids
  7. Avoiding alcohol

I’m neither a doctor, a health expert or anyone’s paid personal trainer but I believe if it hadn’t been for my already quality lifestyle, I may not have kicked this virus to the curb as quickly as I have been doing. I use present tense since I still have symptoms but nothing keeping me from creating this lesson for you, the reader 😉

Section 2: How To Earn as a Sick Hypnotist

Technology. I love people who get straight to the point so I figured I’d start this section of the lesson with a one word answer.

While a broad answer, the fact is technology has made my life as a Hypnotist easier. From private virtual hypnotherapy sessions and public virtual comedy hypnosis shows to cherry picking my ideal clients, technology has enabled me to literally generate 10’s of 1000’s since 2011.

Earning top #1: ZOOM

One of my few regrets was not using more common sense to invest in Zoom stock since it became the primary go-to platform for schools, universities, business meetings, martial arts schools and, you guessed it… live entertainment.

I conducted 3 or 4 group shows in 2020 utilizing Zoom on top of several private 1-on-1 sessions. This isn’t to mention the first ever virtual comedy hypnosis show I conducted for a university. Having the paid opportunity to have fun hypnotizing multiple dorm rooms from the comfort of my own home wasn’t something I expected to be doing when I became a Hypnotist.

To this very day, my friend Max Major from America’s Got Talent still sells out his Zoom show “Remote Control” where he performs virtual mind reading and hypnosis. I believe my friend Adam Grabowski, also from America’s Got Talent, has done multiple comedy specials virtually.

The fact that we can literally turn on our computers and/or phones and virtually connect with someone is something we used to only watch in Sci-Fi movies. Now it’s readily available technology in most households and we as Hypnotists can charge people to virtually connect with us.

Earning Tip #2: Social Media

This was how I got the word out about my public virtual performances last year. This isn’t new, it simply became the new norm with everyone in quarantine.

With social media platforms charging you no fee to post status, picture and/or video updates, it’s literally a cost-free marketing option. Up to now, this is how I’ve…

  1. Demonstrated my skills
  2. Promoted upcoming shows
  3. Shown improvement in my skills
  4. Offered booking specials
  5. Attracted new prospects
  6. Landed some contracts

All for free!

If you’re not using these platforms to showcase your skills, offer your services or promote opportunities for people to work with you, there’s literally nothing more HypnoKick can help you with in terms of making money.

Most people want information, few will invest either time and/or money to learn said information and even fewer will take action. If you’re curious how Hypnotists like myself are gaining people’s attention, growing our fan base and generating income, the proof’s in the pudding.

Think about it. How did you find HypnoKick?

Were you looking to learn hypnosis? If so did you stick around because you realized I did this professionally, make money and therefore may be worth listening to?

Did you watch my entertainment material on a platform first, enjoy my approach/style and want to learn how to hypnotize people yourself?

Regardless of how you found HypnoKick, the fact is you’re reading this very sentence because, in some way, my social media caught your attention. There’s no big secret the “Gurus” aren’t telling you, they’re just taking action on what’s readily available to most.

The quicker you hop on board and begin posting your journey, skills, improvement and the like, the quicker you’ll arrive to where ever you’re headed. Yes, it will take time but regardless of where you start at, you’ll always be investing at least one of the follwing:

  1. Time
  2. Money

You’re either going to spend time researching, testing, tweaking and improving until, eventually, you begin getting what you desire…


You’re going to invest in a program, consultant and/or mentor that knows how to cut your learning curve, give you a precise game plan, provide you tools to succeed and help skyrocket your success faster than you ever could on your own.

Speaking of investing…

Earning Tip #3: Search Engines

As per a 2018 HypnoKick lesson, there are search engines designed to help Hypnotists generate themselves high-paying prospects. I know this because the same one that landed me my first two clients at 19 years old just landed me my first 4-figure corporate client of 2021 this week.

In the same way that google helps generate results for anything you’re curious about, there are search engines that were literally made for entertainers. I’ve used these to generate myself 3-figure and 4-figure clients for literally the past decade.

If, by chance, the therapeutic side of hypnosis interests you more than the entertainment side, Google is still you’re friend. For example, if you google your city (or state) plus the word “Hypnotherapist”, you’ll likely find a handful of local Hypnotherapists waiting for your business.

This is a real-life example of the opportunity you have as a Hypnotist to make money (in this case, providing hypnotherapy). Don’t believe me? Assuming you actually performed the Google search mentioned above, you’ve already proved my point (if not, do so now so this makes sense).

By googling your local area + “Hypnotherapist”, all the results that pop up are literally Hypnotists like yourself looking for paying customers. Those customers are looking for a solution and where do they go to find said solution? Google!

Once their results pop up, they choose which once they like the best and reach out to them. BOOM! That Hypnotist just landed a client (could’ve been you) 🙂

Let’s remember now that this lesson is about making money as a “Sick Hypnotist”. The work around has already been mentioned in “Earning Tip #1: Zoom”. The answer is virtual hypnosis. You could have people virtually connect with you to provide them the help they’re looking for.

While I didn’t initially plan to go in this much detail, I’m hoping you better understand the power of search engines. Once you have clarity as a Hypnotist in terms of your goals, then it’s just a matter of finding the appropriate searching engine(s) to help you achieve said goals.

Section 3: Conclusion

If you have a smartphone and/or computer with wifi, you have all you need to make money from home as a virtual Hypnotist!

Something not everyone realizes is that I’ve been conducting virtual hypnosis for years before the pandemic. This served in my favor when the virus hit, the entertainment industry took a nose dive and most entertainers froze. I immediately jumped into doing what I had already become accustomed to & even had a Vegas Hypnotist consult me on how to continue their own business virtually.

As always, whether you’re a newcomer to HypnoKick and looking for a Free kick-start (our Free Ebook), a growing hobbyist (Members Area) or an aspiring professional (Personalized Hypnosis Mentorship), HypnoKick has everything you need to reach your goals 🙂

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