How To Master Hypnosis From Home

Section 1: You Can Do It

NOTICE: This week’s free hypnosis lesson is intended for adults 18 years of age or older (or those with parental permission only) to learn how to hypnotize others. It’s neither intended for children nor is HypnoKick responsible if anyone of any age misreads, misinterprets and/or misuses the information provided within. Every reader agrees to assume fully responsibility for using any/all the information within this lesson at their own risk and unquestionably agrees free lessons like these do not serve as a substitute for the professional teaching, coaching and/or mentoring that’s already provided via HypnoKick’s “Training” tab.

Now, if you’re reading this, it means you have a device that connects to the internet. This means, with the help of this week’s free hypnosis lesson, you can literally begin hypnotizing people this weekend from home. Neat, right?

I recently hypnotized a friend via FaceTime. Whether quarantined or a natural home body, you only need two things to begin practicing and mastering the skill of hypnosis from home:

  1. An internet connection to virtually connect with someone
  2. A script that will help you effectively hypnotize someone for basic relaxation, comedy or therapy

Don’t have an iPhone? No worries, all smartphones have digital access to some form of virtual video platform.

Don’t have a smartphone? The good news is your desktop or laptop computer will suffice.

Don’t have a computer? I sincerely hope the Amish community doesn’t find out you’re reading this…they probably consider this the devil’s work and may disown you (yikes).

Jokes aside, I want people to realize how easy it is to practice hypnosis. You don’t need a Masters Degree in Psychology, you just need to understand everything taught in HypnoKick’s free hypnosis ebook (linked in the Training tab) and a good script (minimally).

To be fair, I’m genuinely unsure if the Amish would tolerate one of their own reading a site like this.

Once you’ve decided what video platform you’ll use, find a family member, friend, colleague or the like. Anyone open-minded enough to be your guinea pig so you can practice a new skill.

Once you’ve decided on your video platform and have your volunteer, it’s time to introduce you to the ideology of 10,000.

Section 2: 10,000x

Bruce Lee is an internationally famous Martial Artist who once said…

‎”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

While I’m not expecting anyone reading this lesson to casually log 10,000 hypnosis demonstrations, the fact remains that practice improves skill.

Upon landing in Vegas as an aspiring teenage Hypnotist nearly 10 years ago, I was ambitious and willing to hypnotize everyone that showed even mild interest. Fortunately, despite being one of the youngest students in the training group, people willingly let me hypnotize them.

After our first day of training, where after 9 hours of sitting in a conference room and learning hypnosis step-by-step, we spent about 5 hours strolling around Freemont St. hypnotizing strangers.

After learning and semi-obsessively practicing the handshake interruption induction, I quickly created my own variation. Additionally, years after learning hypnosis, I brainstormed the purpose behind and a new approach to suggestibility tests. I now use what I call my “2-in-1 Formula” which helps audiences relax while enabling me to quickly spot somnambulists and simultaneously weed out the jokers/pranksters.

I mention all this to prove Bruce Lee’s point. Those who actively practice their skill for countless hours will naturally master it faster compared to those who intermittently dabble in it. The primary difference between myself and those who leave praising comments on my YouTube, is I regularly practice hypnosis. I’m not special. You could replicate my results.

To prove it, I’m offering you the opportunity to begin mastering hypnosis this weekend. Whether you’ve never hypnotized anyone before or you have limited practice, this opportunity is perfect for you if you’re interested in learning how to hypnotize people. This will also help you regardless if you’re a hobbyist or aspiring professional. The objective is the same: Practice.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in or out of quarantine, the following steps will help you (if you execute them). Just keep in mind that everyone reacts in their own way to being hypnotized. So if one person (or a few people) don’t react the way you’re hoping, simply look for another willing volunteer (don’t give up).

Here’s a sample script to practice with…

  1. Safety: Make sure your volunteer is sitting/laying down comfortably in an area where they can relax and clearly hear you. If you don’t know the person super well, make sure to go over the safety precautions covered in HypnoKick’s free Ebook (linked in the Training tab) before hypnotizing them.
  2. Induction: “Close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath in through your nose. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Take another slow deep breath in. Slowly Exhale. One more deep breath in, feeling your chest expand as your lungs fill with air and slowly exhale. Continue breathing in a slow, steady manner as you listen to the sound of my voice and the words I speak. Understand that this moment in time is meant for you and you alone. There’s no one you need to help and nothing you need to do. You give yourself permission now to let go of the worry and stress of your daily life for this moment. This moment in time belongs to you and you alone. The more you accept this moment as yours, the further you can feel yourself sinking into your space and mentally drifting. Understanding everything you experience is your body’s natural way of reacting to things. You are in a safe place and nothing can harm you because you have full control over your mind and your body. Simply allow yourself to continue relaxing deeper down as you follow my voice. Accepting that the more calm and comfortable you become, the deeper you’ll go and the deeper you go, the more at ease your mind, breathing and heartbeat will become. This is all natural and you can give yourself permission to give into the experience because you deserve this break. You deserve this moment.”
  3. Deepener: “In a moment, I’ll begin counting down from 10. With every number I count, you can allow yourself to sink that much deeper into this calming state. 10 (5 second pause), 9 (6 second pause), 8 (7 second pause), 7 (8 second pause), 6 (9 second pause), 5 (10 second pause), 4 (11 second pause), 3 (12 second pause), 2 and on the count of the next number, allowing yourself to let go of any remaining stress, anxiety, fear or inhibitions (13 second pause), 1. Giving yourself permission to take the next few moments to yourself to completely enjoy the serenity of the moment.”
  4. Comedy Script: “As you continue relaxing, I want you to mentally go back in time to when you used your imagination to entertain yourself. Remember how, as a child, you used your creative mind to make your life more interesting. Maybe you had an imaginary friend you talked with. Maybe you played with toys for hours because your imagination made the toys come to life. Remember how easy…natural…and effortless it was for you to tap into your creative mind. How your imagination allowed you to make things seem more interesting than the real world. How you could get lost entertaining yourself this way for hours. I want you to tap into your creative mind right now, as if you were still a child. Imagine what it would be like for your hands and arms to be so completely relaxed, that they can’t move. As if both your arms are fully paralyzed with relaxation, down to your finger tips. So relaxed that it seems like too much effort to even try moving or lifting them. In fact, the more you think about lifting them, the more relaxed you feel them becoming. Attempting to move them would take away from your relaxation. Right now, you want to continue enjoying your relaxation and you deserve to. So continue relaxing, continue letting go, continue sinking into your space as you allow your arms to become paralyzed with relaxation. That’s right, you can think of moving your arms right now but you feel so much more at ease just giving into the moment and letting them rest in place. They almost feel stuck but it’s a relaxation sensation that allows you to enjoy your state of calm even more. On the count of three, I want you to slowly open your eyes only and stare at one of your arms. When you stare at one of your arms, they feel two to three times heavier with relaxation than they do now. One…two…three, slowly open your eyes and stare at one of your arms. The longer you stare at that arm, the more stuck in place it feels. If you try very slowly to unstick the arm you’re looking at right now, it won’t move. The harder you try to unstick it the more stuck it becomes and the more stuck it becomes, the sillier this situation becomes. You feel the need to smile and chuckle at how silly this is. The longer your arm remains paralyzed with relaxation and stuck, the funnier it becomes and the more you smile and chuckle. It feels good to give in to your creative mind. Take a deep breath in now…slowly exhale as you close your eyes now and allow yourself to drift right back down into that state of mental, physical and emotional relaxation you were just in. With every passing moment, breath you breathe and word I say, you can allow yourself to drift that much deeper. The deeper you drift, the more calm and at peace you’ll naturally feel.”
  5. Trance Termination: “As you continue enjoying this moment of peace, you will come out of trance in a moment with a clear memory of what happened, how you felt and how amazing the power of your mind is. You’ll remain calm, collected, stress-free and impressed by your own imagination. 1…2, remembering where you are…3, stretching if necessary…4, taking a deep breath in now and on the count of the next number opening your eyes and feeling rejuvenated, re-energized and better than before…5, wide awake, feeling refreshed and stress-free!”

This week’s video demonstration showcases a variation of the above script and what you can potentially expect when hypnotizing people in person or virtually…

Section 3: Conclusion

If you want to master hypnosis, then the only limit is yourself. If you’re reading this, it means you have the technological ability to connect with and practice hypnosis on family, friends, lovers, colleagues or others. Branch out, practice and you’ll progressively hone hypnosis as a new skill.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to personally consult a HypnoKick student from Czech Republic earlier this week. While they’re already an active member in HypnoKick’s Members Area, they wanted to better understand how to incorporate hypnosis into their essential oil massage practice in the form of therapy. After 30 minutes, I had provided them a solid blueprint of success.

Yesterday I received an email from said student saying after our consultation, their next client paid them well and took them out to lunch. They were clearly impressed with these results as they thanked me numerous times. This is a perfect example of how learning hypnosis can be applied to a slew of hobbies or professions not previously related to hypnosis.

Just because you learn hypnosis doesn’t mean you have to become a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist. As implied earlier in this lesson, the only limit is the one you place on yourself.

So, if you liked this week’s lesson, you’ll having nothing short of a blast in HypnoKick’s Members Area. However, I understand different people have different priorities, which is why HypnoKick offers multiple learning opportunities HERE 🙂

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