How To Overpower A Hypnotist

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains how to overcome a Hypnotist’s “power”





Did you notice how I put the word ‘power’ in quotes above? That’s because hypnotists don’t actually have any.

As I’ve begun informing High School & University students alike on my nation-wide tour, a Hypnotist is nothing more than a mental guide.

“Why then” you may wonder, “do people react to commands given by hypnotists during street and/or stage hypnosis performances?”

As the bold title of this lesson’s section clearly states, it’s compliance. In the same manner most will do what their boss tells them to do in order to get paid to uphold their lifestyle, people will react to a hypnotists commands because they desire the experience.

Notice the word ‘react’. We all have the opportunity to choose how we each individually react to things throughout our daily lives. Thus, those choosing to get up on stage (or confront a street hypnotist) are indirectly telling the hypnotist that they’re willing to react to his commands.

While i use the word ‘commands’, it should be understood volunteers aren’t forced to react. Just because I tell someone to laugh when they look me in the eyes, the have the choice to either let the awkwardness/silliness of the experience overpower them into laughter or (as I’ve encountered numerous times) they can simply stare back into my eyes.

Therefore, while comedy street/stage hypnosis may appear magical like the hypnotist has some legitimate control over the people they’re working with, it’s the volunteer’s willingness to accept the experience that ultimate dictates how well the overall routine will work/be received.

At this point, hopefully you’re beginning to understand that no one person has control over you. In the same way we used to do what our parents commanded because we felt obligated, we now understand that we don’t always have to do what we’re told. We each have our own individual ability to run our lives the way we wish. Whether or not we allow others to control us out of obligation, emotion, bribery or the like, is ultimately how we choose to react.




The word “overpowering” is rather strong given the above information. Given that it’s each volunteer’s decision whether or not they wish to allow the experience, the easiest way to overpower the hypnotist is to listen but not comply with what they say.

Please don’t confuse this with control. I say this because ultimately you always have control. Even while many report feeling a loss of control, I myself (as a past somnambulist) can attest that if you’re not fully comfortable with something, you can easily say “No” or simply stop following commands.

Remember, this is a process of compliance. While getting hypnotized can feel like an amazing experience, it’s a natural one and is ultimately under your personal control. Many, however, worry about the idea of brainwashing and mind control.

While this is possible, via small acts of compliance that grow into larger acts of compliance, it ultimately comes down to your own personal decision: will you follow through with a stated command or not?

This is part of why HypnoKick was created. To help those scared, skeptical and unsure of hypnosis better understand how it truly works. Additionally,  it’s here to help you become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings and decisions.

If, at any point in time, you feel something is sketchy or you are being taken advantage of, stop complying to the activity at hand immediately. I often suggest, especially when it comes to people getting hypnotized, people due their research on the hypnotist beforehand. If this isn’t possible, simply speak with/ask them questions before or after showtime. Get to know them.

Even if you end up letting them hypnotize you, understand they are only guiding you through your own mind. They don’t have ultimate control over you. You may feel they do but only if you’re allowing yourself to completely let go and react to their commands. You can, of course, choose to stop reacting, deflect their commands and simply “do you” at any point in time.

So, in the same way that somnambulists (referenced here) are allowing themselves to benefit from my guiding them through their own minds for fun, they could have just as easily chosen not to react to my guidelines of relaxation, my commands for specific reactions or my general inquiry for their participation.


This week’s video explains compliance, reactions & my personal hypnotic experience…






Neither myself, nor any other hypnotist, has the ability to take over your mind and make you our puppet.

Thus, you have just as much opportunity to deflect a hypnotists commands and attempts for street/stage hypnosis as you do to allow them to guide you through your own mind for comedy or therapy.

As you hopefully better understand now, it’s a choice that only you have ultimate confirmation or denial over. Your mind is literally one of the most powerful tools on this planet & you can choose to let loose and enjoy yourself via guided comedy purposes or enjoy watching others make that decision for themselves.

As always, if you’re ready to learn how to legitimately hypnotize people, word-for-word and step-by-step from the comfort of your home at your own pace, HypnoKick has you covered:  CLICK HERE!

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