How To Rapidly Improve Your Street Hypnosis Skills

Section 1: Psyched Out

Psyching one’s self out has to be the most common denominator I’ve seen in those wanting to learn hypnosis. They get excited but then overthink the basics and begin self sabotaging with hypothetical “what if’s”.

Even after teaching someone everything they need to know for a basic hypnosis demonstration, they freeze upon trying to executing their training as well as simply repeating the script they memorized. It’s as if they don’t believe the simplicity of the process is as effective as I or other Hypnotists have made it look.

Fun Fact #1: The simplicity is effective!

I’ll be honest, I get it. There have been stage or virtual shows I’ve hosted where it seems my basic induction script helped someone relax but they don’t seem to immediately react to my commands (like laughing) before I have them open their eyes. This has occurred multiple times and I’ve thought, “Well this isn’t going to go well or look good.”

Fun Fact #2: It’s always turned out alright.

The point I’m trying to make is that we have a tendency to sabotage our own success in life. Once a small negative thought creeps into our conscious, it begins toying with our subconscious, trying to alter the beliefs we have about ourselves.

Interestingly, one nuance HypnoKick teaches in its Members Area via the Training tab is that if you catch yourself making a mistake… persist. At one point in time I used to say the phrase “Persistence Pays” on a regular basis. I persisted until I began making enough money with hypnosis to work for myself. I persisted when I stuttered or stumbled mid-performance until my volunteers carried out my commands.

The ugly truth is, regardless of the success we seem to gain, we still seem to entertain the idea that we may fail or not be as good as we already know we could be/are. Focusing on these types of thoughts are what lead us to psych ourselves out and begin our self sabotage.

So, the moral of this section of this month’s free hypnosis training lesson is to learn, practice, stick to and trust in the basics you learn in the beginning. These are the fundamental pillars that will help you grow and succeed on your journey as a Hypnotist.

It’s like learning a really cool magic trick. It looks and seems impossible, until you learn the secret. After you learn the secret, it seems less impressive because you know you could do it. Same goes for hypnosis, except there’s no secret, as long as you know your script for your:

  1. Safety precautions
  2. Induction
  3. Deepener
  4. Comedy or Therapy Routine(s)
  5. Trance Termination…you’re all set!

Still, I understand how it can be daunting to either go from knowing little to nothing about hypnosis to hypnotizing someone on-the-spot. That’s why this next section will provide you with baby steps to help you achieve your hypnosis goals regardless of what level you’re starting at.

Section 2: Small Steps

Step #1 (Educated Yourself): HypnoKick offers the “4 Steps To Hypnotize Anyone” Ebook that enables even teenagers to simultaneously understand the basic history, steps and scripts to hypnosis.

Having learned professional street hypnosis & stage hypnosis from different people while in Vegas at the age of 19, HypnoKick’s free Ebook was designed to ensure any adult of any age could quickly and efficiently learn the basics of hypnosis.

This is also why HypnoKick has published so many free hypnosis lessons that combine text-based & video-based learning elements. While most kids in my class growing up did well learning out of a text book, I always loved (and preferred) visual/hands-on learning. While I now charge a premium fee to personally train people hands-on, HypnoKick’s website was designed to simultaneously accommodate students who learn best by reading, watching and/or listening. Something I’ve seen very few other free hypnosis training blogs offer.

The more you’re willing to absorb, the more knowledge you’ll have to execute in the field to successfully manage any person, in any situation for any reason. Knowledge is power and with how controversial hypnosis has become in the past decade, there’s great responsibility with this power.

Step #2 (Apply Knowledge):

Fun fact #3: This is where most students fail.

Most students don’t mind reading, watching, listening (potentially even finding a mentor to learn hands-on with) but very few take action with the education they receive.

This could be for a host of reasons:

  1. Fear of approaching
  2. Fear of talking
  3. Fear of rejection
  4. Fear of stumbling
  5. Fear of freezing up
  6. Fear of failure
  7. Etc.

As a result, many students learn what they wanted know but rarely do something with it. Therefore, if you do anything with your education, you’ll have surpassed most.

Easy applications:

  1. Help reduce the stress of a family member, friend, colleague or lover.
  2. Help reduce someone’s work-related anxiety or general life anxiety.
  3. Helping someone minimize their depression via relaxation
  4. Helping to boost someone’s confidence via affirmation-focused relaxation

These are only a few of the various possibilities that first popped into my head that I myself have helped others with. The point is, the natural process of hypnosis is (by its nature) relaxing. That relaxation can result in a slew of psychological, physiological and emotional benefits.

What’s more, a very basic form of this relaxation can be easily achieved for some using nothing more than the sample script from HypnoKick’s free Ebook. What many fail to realize is that (as explained in our behind the scenes YouTube vlog), hypnotizing someone is literally just guiding them through a natural process we all experience daily. The primary challenge people face is what to say and when. With HypnoKick’s free Ebook, the guess work is removed as everything’s laid out for you. This is even more true with HypnoKick’s Members Area, which contains multiple full-length scripts.

Starting out small with a family member, friend, colleague or lover who trusts you, is open to the experience and supports what you’re learning is imperative. Practice multiple times on these individuals first. Get comfortable with the process and the script. Once you’ve gained some practice with one person, ask another. Everyone will react differently. Ask each person how they feel afterwards compared to beforehand. Ask them what they think you can improve and take that knowledge to the next person you practice on. These practice sessions will help you learn how to adjust your approach to/progress with different people accordingly.

I’ve encountered many who say those close to them view hypnosis as fake, not a real job, etc. These are the individuals you should avoid approaching for practice as they’ll only hinder your growth and desire to continue learning. Stick to practicing on those who are open-minded and want you to succeed with your hobby/passion to learn. If they’re unsure about hypnosis, feel free to show them a few HypnoKick lessons (another reason HypnoKick was established – to better educate the public). Those who stick to speaking with and practicing on people who support their desire to learn/practice hypnosis naturally excel faster due to the encouragement and support.

Step #3 (Consistency): Assuming you actually take action and apply what you’ve been taught, the next step is to keep practicing. I was literally hypnotizing friends, classmates, family members and strangers after my Vegas training. I had just learned an amazing new psychological skill and I wanted to share it with anyone and everyone that would let me.

At 19, I was probably hypnotizing people on a weekly basis (if not daily or bi-daily). This is one of the reasons I began growing on YouTube, I became obsessed with hypnosis and what I could do with it (alongside the career and life it could offer me). Despite my family initially viewing this as more of a hobby than a job, it wasn’t long after my Vegas training that I received my first two $300 gigs. One was at a house and another at a small festival.

I was practicing on friends and strangers and using my imagination to come up with all kinds of comedy routines. I would trial and error which routines seemed to provoke the best response from volunteers, how quickly the response would occur and if the comedy factor was worth it.

As a result of practicing on young and old adults alike, I managed to hypnotize one teenager at the house party and a group of kids at the festival. The festival organizer would become my first annual client for the next few years until I tweaked my approach, improved the quality of my show and began raising my price.

While I’d eventually lose said client, I began landing opportunities with higher-paying clients. Through the years I’ve realized that the more unique I make my production and the more I charge, the better clients I land. Clients willing to pay $1000+ have treated me far better than those who only paid $300-$400.

Practice, practice, practice. You won’t be perfect (I’m certainly no where close) but it’ll put you further ahead than most who do little, if anything, with the knowledge they acquire. You’ll become more naturally confident, have a better flow, speak with more authority, create better experiences & easily improve/change the lives of those you interact with. It all starts by your willingness to improve through consistent practice.

This week’s video demonstration shows how, on Day 1 of her training, Jayus managed to successfully hypnotize a random girl on Venice Beach by executing her training on-the-spot (without knowing I’d ask her to): Watch Here.

Section 3: Conclusion

Remember the acronym K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). This is something I learned early on in my entrepreneurial career that taught me many people tend to overcomplicate things when they should just stick to the basics.

There are a slew of free learning tools out there, though many seem to lack safety precautions and tips on how to monetize your skills. Additionally, there are plenty of programs out there that charge for the same information HypnoKick has freely given to the public for over three years.

Needless to say, whether you’re searching for a free kick-start, the most affordable internet training hub or a personalized menorship, HypnoKick has you covered: Simply Click Here 🙂

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