How To Subtly Hypnotize People

This week’s free hypnosis training explains a subtle way to subconsciously hypnotize someone.


Speak calmly, possibly even monotone.

This simple trick alone subtly puts people into trance. Think about it, have you ever been in class or in a business meeting and the teacher/boss drones on?

If so, you may have experienced one of two outcomes:

  1. Your body’s awake and sitting up right but your mind seems to zone out. Maybe you catch yourself staring at a specific spot and getting so mentally lost in thought you weren’t aware you were staring.
  2. You find yourself becoming more mentally sleepy with each second. With every word and passing moment, you find yourself struggling to stay awake. You have to force yourself to stay alert.

This is because, on a subconscious level, your mind is registering the tone, volume & speed of your teacher/boss. When you have to listen to someone speaking calmly or monotone, your brain waves begin to match the person’s energy.

Every been in an awkward situation where you had to be near someone with sad or negative energy? If so, you may have felt their energy disrupt your more positive energy. Even after you’ve parted ways you may still feel their energy on you.


As with anything learned from HypnoKick, this will require practice for you to both get the hang of while also noticing what kind of effect you’re having on others.

Take one of my Stage Hypnosis Shows for example (like this one), from the beginning you hear I speak with a calm tone. I’m thoughtful with my words and phrasing while guiding volunteers through their minds.

Then, as I transition from the induction to my filtering process, you’ll hear me:

  1. Raise my tone
  2. Speak faster
  3. Become energetic

I use a soft/slow voice to help multiple people enter trance more easily. Unlike one-on-one demonstrations, when dealing with a group of people, you want to ensure as many are on the same mental page as possible.

As I often compare, it only makes sense that some require a longer induction just as they require more time to fall asleep at night than others. Implementing this understanding into stage hypnosis via prolonged inductions helps us successfully entrance a larger group of people.

Therefore, those who would naturally enter hypnosis with an instant induction, will experience an even deeper state. Simultaneously, those who have difficulty relaxing will finally have the opportunity to experience hypnosis by a hypnotist.

Granted, you may still run into volunteers that have difficulty relaxing for hypnosis who you may have thought were going under. To avoid this misinterpretation in the future, refer to this lesson.

On the other hand, you may have noticed you had a “difficult” volunteer to begin with. Assuming they’re not a Joker/heckler (which you learn how to filter through in HypnoKick’s Stage Hypnosis Training), no worries, keep reading.

This week’s video demonstration perfectly represents the power of this lesson…


Please note, while this technique alone is helpful, it’s not the ultimate tactic to ensuring your hypnosis works (especially during stage hypnosis). There are a slew of psychological subtleties that help increase your hypnosis success both on the street & for high-ticket clients.

If you’d like to learn all these subtleties (and more) for successful Street AND Stage Hypnosis, I invite you to click the following link to see if HypnoKick’s Personalized Mentorship is right for you (where you’ll be paid to hypnotize a live audience):

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Did this week’s video demonstration work on you? Did you feel relaxed? What did you experience? Would love to know in the comments below 🙂

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