How To Teleport Objects With Hypnosis

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains how to utilize hypnosis to simulate teleportation.



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First and foremost, I must be the bearer of bad news and make it known that HypnoKick does not (at least at this moment) actually know how to execute legitimate teleportation. If this bums you out, consider visiting Area 51 and seeing if they have any technology to help your endeavors (if they catch/imprison you however, you never got that suggestion from here…)

As mentioned in last week’s lesson, part of the reason the young man in this week’s video demonstration goes under so quickly is due to psychological conditioning (please refer to “How To Hypnotize People Easily” for further information).

Once I realized he was conditioned to experience a basic hypnotic induction, I hypnotized him to believe his feet were stuck to the stage floor we were standing on.

Upon having him open his eyes, I realized I found myself a somnambulist. Not only did he appear unable to move his feet, when he went to lift his legs up with his hands, his hands immediately stuck to his legs as well.

A few simple commands later, he manages to get himself unstuck and I know it’s time for something him and his friends hadn’t seen or experienced yet.





This primarily deals with a freezing trigger.

For those unaware, a freezing trigger can either be a word or action that signals your volunteer to immediately freeze in the position they’re in.

I took the simple route with a basic snap of my fingers and the command “Freeze!”

I instructed the young man to freeze every time I commanded it out loud (in addition to snapping my fingers (to reinforce the command)).

The first time I did this, I notice his body’s frozen but he’s moving his eyes. I catch on and immediately command him to freeze his eyes – it works (shocker).

With his eyes frozen in place (unable to see my actions) and his mind in “pause” mode in hypnosis, I place his paper bill in a young girls pocket. When I unfreeze him, he’s astonished to see his bill has apparently teleported from my hand to someone’s pocket.

The next time I command freeze, I switch the bill in his hand with his phone. When unfrozen, he’s once more amazed to find the original object in front of his eyes has instantaneously teleported away.

This works simply because by commanding someone to “freeze”, you’re temporarily placing their mind on “pause” (creating a bit of an amnesia effect). Thus, when unfrozen, it’s like they blinked for a split second and the object they saw seemingly vanished.

Of course, you should give your volunteer’s memory back after the performance so their conscious mind is able to remember (and thus re-visualize) what happened during that “split second blink”. No one likes walking away feeling taken advantage of with a lack of memory/knowledge of what they just experienced.


This week’s video demonstration shows how I simulate teleportation with hypnosis…



The easiest way to ensure this routine goes well, like many hypnotic demonstrations, is to look out for and utilize the somnambulist in the room.

As an additional idea, I’ve used the freeze trigger to walk off/behind stage to convince volunteers I had the ability either teleport myself or make myself invisible (their reactions are often priceless).

This is, of course, only a fraction of what you can accomplish with hypnotic phenomena. To learn about street hypnosis in-depth & how you can start performing it today, use the link below.

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