Hypnosis Instant Inductions

Brittney’s in a hypnotic daze momentarily, please leave a message…

This week I teach you how to perform 3 Instant Inductions for Hypnosis.

DISCLAIMER: This week’s training doesn’t guarantee a woman (or man) to find solace on either of your shoulders. We suggest not using hypnosis if trying to find true love!

*******************Let’s Review*****************

Before inducing someone into Hypnosis with these techniques, first test how easily hypnotized they are via last week’s training by Clicking Here.

**************3 Instant Inductions**************

Please Note: While each of the following examples of Instant Inductions can be used as an initial induction, it’s likely to only work as such if you know for sure the volunteer is a somnambulist. Thus, unless planning to do some pre-talk to condition them before using these techniques, I’d suggest using these as a reinduction. Moving on…

Induction #1) Hand Push: This is a very easy one as it requires very little on your part, simply let them push your hand down.

Brittney Pushing down as hard as she can

Assuming your volunteer(s) are in a safe situated position, you instruct them to use either of their hands to push down on your palm up hand that you’ll present to them just above the level of their lap.

One reason I like this induction is because while it doesn’t look fancy, it forces them to physically push down. Thus, upon the rapid dropping out or pulling back of your hand as you say “SLEEP!”, their own physical inertia from pushing down on your hand causes them to immediately drop their entire upper body.

Instant Induction #2) Handshake: While I number of Hypnotists may be used to the Handshake Interrupt, this is purely a normal handshake (plus a minor tug).

Gently Shaking/Tugging her into my shoulder

Please note, I said “minor” and please respect the process (and most importantly your volunteer) enough to not yank the person’s arm when using this induction.

While it’s presented as a normal handshake, you gently tug their hand at the same time that you say “SLEEP!” and (much like the Hand Push) which ever way you tug their hand, their upper body will collapse in that direction upon relaxing.

Seriously though, don’t yank, there’s not need to try to add extra visual flare for your audience and you certainly don’t want to hurt your volunteer. The audience will enjoy the basic demonstration and your volunteer will enjoy the gentle tug into LaLa Land!

This induction is actually one of the few reasons I always instruct my students to start their shows/demonstration with safety/precaution speech and insist those with join, back, neck, arthritis issues not volunteer. Reason being if the volunteer has any of those issues and you yank their arm and hurt them, you may be paying either a health bill or worse, enter into a lawsuit if it inconveniences them enough!

Instant Induction #3) Bill Down: Just about anytime someone with a hat volunteers to be hypnotized, this is the first thing I think of.

Gently tapping Brittney’s bill down inducing her

Like the first induction, and proper execution of the 2nd, this is incredibly simple and requires little skill. When I see someone wearing a hat, I’ll eventually utilize it as that person’s personal induction.

I often do this a bit later into the show after I’ve done the same induction on everyone as the audience (and volunteer) tend to expect it less at that point. This, in turn, usually generates some laughter from the audience simply due to its simplicity.

I like to just silently walk up to the person, look at them (if their bill is turned around like Brittney’s was I’ll instruct them to turn it back) and then slowly just push it down as I slowly say “sleep”. Notice I didn’t shout/emphasize “SLEEP!” this time…with my humor, it just works better when I’m monotone and do the process slowly as I look and smirk at the audience.


These should be relatively easy for you to pull off, especially if (as stated in this week’s video demonstration) you already know the volunteer’s a somnambulist.

To see a visual demonstration, watch this week’s video demonstration by Clicking Here.

Otherwise I plan to introduce you to a PLETHORA of inductions, both slow & instant in my upcoming Basic Hypnosis Training program, so keep your eyes out!

And lastly, leave a comment below to let me know if you found this informational, if you’ve experienced success/failure with it but most importantly, what you’d like me to teach in the future!


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