Hypnosis Suggestibility Tests

How to figure out if someone is easily hypnotized: Suggestibility Tests

A suggestibility test enables you, the hypnotist, to knock out 2 birds with 1 stone.

Bird 1) It tests if the person is able to easily tap into their creative mind (imagination)

Bird 2) It simultaneously tests how well they can follow instructions (intelligence)

*******************Let’s Review*****************

In case you missed last week’s free lesson where I taught you a simply questions that proves you are able to be hypnotized (spoiler: you are), catch up by Clicking Here.

**************3 Suggestibility Tests**************

By following the exact step-by-step instructions with each of the following suggestibility tests, it will be easier to see: who can focus on the instructions at hand, who can concentrate using their creative mind & thus, ultimately, who can experience Hypnotic Phenomena.

TEST #1) STUCK HAND: This is one of my favorites simply because it can also be considered it’s own routine which can be built upon and it’s not like the classics others use (I enjoy avoiding cliche things 🙂 )

Brittney legitimately stuck to the wall

You have the person place their dominant hand on a wall (or table/general solid, safe surface) and stare at a spot. You engage their creative mind by having them imagine adhesive sticking their hand to the surface.

Since adhesive isn’t meant to allow things to come apart, and if the person’s creative mind is in tune enough, they will be able to convince themselves that their hand is truly physically stuck to that surface.

From here, I enjoy building the routine and telling them to use their other hand to pull their first hand off the surface. Then, when their other hand grabs the first hand’s wrist, I immediately touch it and state it is now stuck to the hand that’s stuck to the wall. This often makes the volunteer smile if not laugh (while everyone else begins smiling or bribing the person to get “unstuck”).

TEST #2) MAGNETIC FINGERS: This is a classic (aka a “cliche”) used by many other hypnotists.

Britt laughing about her experience

You have someone (or a group of people) clasp their hands together, interlocking all their fingers and bend their elbows until their hands are in the “praying” position. At this point, you instruct the person to extend their two forefingers, separate and concentrate on the space between them.

Side note, coming back to one’s ability of being able to “follow instructions (intelligence)”, you’d be surprised how many people either:

1- let their entire hand to come apart

2- Extend their forefingers without separating them or (my favorite)…

3- Do everything right until the “concentrate on the space between them”

I would think these are all simple step-by-step instructions yet the most common response I get is for the person to simply stare at me like I have the magic wand to make things happen for them as opposed to following instructions (and starring at the space between their fingers)!

Back to the test explanation, because this specific test is more physiological (due to straining the tendons of the only two extended fingers while all others are firmly clasped shut), it’s only natural for the person’s fingers to tire and eventually touch each other.

If the person does everything right, yet their fingers won’t touch, the person simply isn’t relaxing which, off-the-bat, will tell you they won’t make it easy to hypnotize them.

TEST #3) MAGNETIC HANDS: This is yet another classic (aka another “cliche”) used within the hypnosis community, often before/after Magnetic Fingers.

Britt’s hands reacting perfectly to the test

You have the person (or group) close their eyes, extend their hands, so their arms are straight and palms are about 6+ inches apart facing each other. If dealing with one person, you can touch their palms with your fingers and proceed to the next part or if dealing with a group, simply continue on to the next part.

Tell them to imagine a powerful magnet within each of their palms that are causing their hands to be pulled together (if using your fingers on one person, feel free to touch their palms and then remove yourself from that space).

Instruct them to use their mind to tune into the power of those magnets and really feel their hands being drawn closer to each other until eventually they touch. Those with a very creative mind often physically react within seconds (just like in this week’s video demonstration).


The cool thing about these suggestibility tests, is while some can be considered their own Hypnotic Phenomena routines, others are a perfect lead into an instant induction.

Take Test #2 & #3, each of these tests leave the volunteer’s hands/arms in a position to be instantaneously induced into hypnosis. You can watch me personally demonstrate it with each test by watching this week’s video demonstration: Click Here.

That said, as I tell my advanced hypnosis students, if you’re creative enough, just about anything can be turned into a hypnotic induction.

Let me know down in the comments below if you enjoyed this week’s free lesson, if you’ve experience success with it personally or what topic you’d like me to cover next week!


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