Hypnosis Trainings vs Mentorships

Section 1 (Hypnosis Trainings)

Since my initial mentorship in 2011, I’ve watched as many Hypnotists release their own training programs.

While online courses seem to be on the rise, I first noticed a hypnosis training DVD when I was a teenager in a magazine called Things You Never Knew Existed.

Humorously, at that time, I figured it was one of two things:

  1. An awesome way to get my middle school crush to like/kiss me
  2. A BS waste of money that was probably fake

I never thought I’d be investing in my own education years later via an MP3, DVD and eventually an in-person mentorship in Vegas

Since then, I’ve learned there are pros and cons to the beginner courses sold as books, MP3s, DVDs and online courses alike such as…


  1. Affordable: Regardless if you’re a book worm, hobbyist or aspiring professional Hypnotist, hypnosis trainings are typically far more affordable than any professional training. Most trainings won’t cost more than a movie night or dinner date (if that). So regardless if you’re on a budget or just trying to get your feet wet, hypnosis training books, DVDs, MP3s and the like are a great way for any beginner to receive a basic understanding of the fundamentals. This means younger and older adults alike have a realistic opportunity to learn this amazing skill regardless of their financial situation. Then it’s just a matter of what training you deem most suitable to help you achieve your hypnosis-related goals.
  2. Easy-To-Digest: Most courses are broken down into “bite sized” segments. This allows you to fully absorb each part of your training with little-to-no confusion, hopefully. One of my first trainings, if I recall correctly, was a long video training by my now first mentor Anthony Jacquin. The training was clean, clear, included easy-to-follow segments and left me feeling I could actually replicate his results if I really applied myself. Something I look for in any training is how easily digestible it is. I personally find this to be an effective way of learning so I’m not questioning every little detail because the training’s broken down into step-by-step instructions that I can almost immediately replicate and succeed with myself. This is depends on your preferred way of learning. Some people learn best by reading form a book. Meanwhile, individuals like myself require visual tutorials to have an idea of how to act, approach, execute, etc. Be sure to find a training that suits your learning preference in addition to helping you down the path of hypnosis you most desire to learn.
  3. No Time Limit: Many prefer to do things on their own time; this allows you to do just that. Learn hypnosis when it’s most convenient for you. When you wake up… during lunch… maybe on break… possibly after work… or potentially at the end of your day. Unlike school or work, most hypnosis trainings don’t require you to submit any progress reports or have the terminology/skills down by a specific date. This gives you the freedom to live your life and read, watch or listen to your training whenever is best for you. Some find this reduces their stress and makes the process more easy going and thus more fun. This is perfect if you either live a busy day-to-day life and/or just want something interesting/beneficial to learn about in your spare time. It’s like being your own boss, simply take your training when you want to.


  1. Limited Value: You get what you pay for. As a result, numerous HypnoKick students have reported investing in others’ trainings that cost $30+ and include similar information to what’s offered inside HypnoKick’s FREE Ebook. While a passionate novice Hypnotist would want to get their hands on any/all training material they could to improve their knowledge/skills, it’s best to do research. Who’s offering what information and for how much? You should also ask yourself, before investing in the training, what do you get? A single book? A pre-recorded video or MP3? The issue with these is that they’re typically written/pre-recorded once and then released to the public with no follow up. What’s worse is that the trainings often only focus on one aspect of hypnosis. Street… Stage… Covert… Hypnotherapy… Etc. Would you prefer to invest $30 into a one time training that only focuses one topic or into a training hub that’s regularly updated with old and new training topics alike? If you’re someone who even remotely cares about your ROI (return on investment), you should consider regularly updated trainings.
  2. Lack Of Detail: Compared to training with a professional who has years of in-field experience, a pre-written book or pre-recorded video/audio will lack many useful details. Say you finish reading your book or watching/listening to your video/audio and you have questions that weren’t answered in it. That training material has already been printed/recorded and can’t answer any of your questions. Curious about a specific approach or technique? Your loss. Want to know if an alteration you’d like to make to a script you’ve been given would be sufficient in the real world? You’ll never know. While hypnosis trainings can be a great first initial step for anyone trying to better understand hypnosis, it lacks personalization. As a result, you’re unlikely to find the answers you’re looking for that would make your journey as a Hypnotist that much more fulfilling. This tends to go hand-in-hand with the following point.
  3. All On Your Own: With no mentor by your side to answer any questions that pop into your mind, you’re left guessing… second guessing… and hesitating to move forward. If you’re primarily relying on your training material alone, there are numerous intricacies that they’ll never be able to fill you in on. As a result, you’re likely to fail and become quickly discouraged since you lack any serious support system or guidance from a trained professional. This is often why many Hypnotists end up going down a different route hobby or even career-wise. Most people find it naturally easier to stick to something and push past difficult obstacles when they have a support system. When it comes to hypnosis, this is best accomplished by having someone in your inner circle that can show you the ropes, help you avoid specific mistakes and expedite your success. Many find it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the level of success they aspire for without personalized guidance. While it can be done without a mentor, it goes to show that those same individuals (1) do better with a team at their side and (2) understand the tremendous life-long value a mentor can provide.

Section 2 (Hypnosis Mentorships)

This, as a teenager, blew my mind. The last thing I expected going into my mentorship was to walk away wanting to put my passion for magic & mentalism aside to become a professional Hypnotist.

Yet, after just a few months of hypnotizing family, friends, strangers, colleagues and a few clients, I was invited to another seminar and learned how much I could earn if I chose to go pro with hypnosis.

It was this dream, in combination with help from colleagues and real-world experience, that would enable me to work for myself years down the road so I could wake, eat, exercise, work, hangout and travel whenever I wanted.

However, before we proceed with the pros and cons of a mentorship, I want to make it very clear that I invested literal days, weeks, months and years to make it to where I am today. The past ten years of progress didn’t happen “overnight”. In fact, “overnight success” usually always has a long backstory.

I simply knew from a young age I wanted to be my own boss, entertain others and earn enough that I didn’t have to worry as much about finances as my family did growing up. I sacrificed virtually everything for this because that’s how serious/passionate I was about this dream.

If you’re serious about turning hypnosis into a paying career, consider the following before taking the leap…


  1. Hands-On Training: Gain first-hand experience in understanding what to do/say and when. When Hypnotist Kendall Moon first came to HypnoKick, she was incredibly introverted and socially anxious to the point that it was hard to fully understand what she was saying sometimes in normal conversation. After her first day alone, she went from continuously second-guessing her decisions to literally hypnotizing strangers on the street to relax, de-stress and laugh. The fact is, nothing beats a 1-on-1 mentorship when you’ve never taken any real-world training aside from books/videos/audios. It only took a few hours for Kendall to overcome her anxiety-induced brain farts to successfully hypnotize people she knew and didn’t know. Mind you, she has been interested in, studying and attempting to learn hypnosis at this level for nearly 20 years. Within 6 hours, she was beginning to look and sound like the professional Hypnotist she aspired to become.
  2. In-Person Q&A: Unlike HypnoKick’s (or any other Hypnotist’s) pre-written/recorded training materials, Kendall was able to ask any question, at any time, regarding any aspect of hypnosis. By working with a mentor 1-on-1, you’re able to essentially download their years of real-world in-field experience by picking their brain. We likely all remember that one kid in class that used to ask a lot of questions. The difference between class and a mentorship is that you’re there because you desire to be and anything you ask is out of natural curiosity to help you feel more confident about moving forward. The more confident you feel, the more you’ll project it, the more others will notice it and the easier it will be for you to project your authority and execute demonstrations as the Hypnotist. Since many of us are used to a schooling environment, we may still find ourselves wondering if the question we have is “worthy” of being brought up to our mentor. The truth is, that’s exactly why your mentor is there. The more questions you ask, the more clarity you’ll gain and the more competent of a Hypnotist you’ll feel, look and sound when you step into the real world.
  3. Friendly Push: Unlike regular training material, your mentor will help push you out of your comfort zone. In doing so, they’ll help you gain real-world experience, knowledge and tools you can use to tweak, improve and rock your next demonstrations/shows. Many who take regular trainings fail to execute their new-found knowledge. This is often due to fear of failure or the imposture syndrome. In turn, after learning what they wanted about hypnosis, the person will usually think about executing their training before putting it on the back burner. A mentor, on the other hand, will skillfully guide you from taking your basic training to actively executing it within a short period of time. This helps solidify your knowledge and skills and better ensures that you’ll remember what you need to do/say the next time you want to (or are asked to) hypnotize someone. In fact, this piece of the puzzle is what I’d personally attribute to my success. While I was already trying to perform before my mentorship, it was my mentorship that skyrocketed my knowledge, skills, confidence, approach, execution, script and more. If it weren’t for my mentorship, I may not have had the confidence to begin booking/performing for 4-figure clients. Same seems to be just as true for HypnoKick students. While not all of them wanted to become professional stage Hypnotists, they were still executing their skills by entertaining and helping others more than they did prior to their mentorship. It all came from following the guidance of a mentor who saw their inner potential and gave them a friendly push, edging them closer to their potential every time. As time progressed, the student would gain enough confidence to go out on their own and work towards their preferred milestones.
  4. Incredible ROI: Imagine waking up with a notification on your phone saying that you just made $600+. That’s been my reality for years now. Something my younger self only dreamed of. With the systematic education we’re given, we’re told to go to school, advance in school, get a degree and try to find a steady/well-paying 9-5. Issue being that many of us aren’t cut out for that (something HypnoKick students and myself can highly relate to). While hypnosis isn’t for everyone, those who choose to enter the field can regularly generate prospects worth $100’s if not $1000’s. It only sounds like a pipe dream to those not actively working in the industry. The first few months Hypnotist Kendall Moon worked with HypnoKick, she literally generated $1000+ with of prospects. Her mind was blown. She had never experienced such opportunities before. Naturally, this freaked her out a bit and she refused to contact any of the prospects out of anxiety. Now, months later, she the most confident she’s ever been and can’t wait to see what kind of prospects she’ll receive. The fact is, once you get out of your own head, stop thinking from the systematic point of view we’re taught form a young age to accept and find a mentor that can help you earn a full-time income working part-time hours, your life begins to change (for the better). You’re able to work less, get more done, pick and choose who you wish to work for, set your own prices and regain your freedom as a result. This has enabled past HypnoKick students to relax more, work on/finish passion projects, spend more time with family/friends and pay bills without as much stress. In fact, during certain periods of the year, Hypnotists are able to generate enough that, depending on their monthly living expenses, they can take 1-3 months off and still be financially stable. Aside from traveling and having fun, these are the primary factors that stuck in my head as an aspiring teenage Hypnotist during my first mentorship. Ever since, I’m proud to say I’ve not only begun building my desired lifestyle but have helped several others around the world do the same (which is a crazy but fulfilling feeling).


  1. Expensive: Naturally, with a mentorship aimed at helping the mentee literally build their own lucrative hypnosis business from the ground up, there’s a hefty price tag. However, this is where mind set reveals the type of person someone is. If the person views the investment as a worthwhile investment in their future because of what they’ll gain from it down the road, that’s an entrepreneurial mindset that’s likely to kick ass and achieve goals. If, on the flip side, the person views the investment as a major loss and either convinced it’s a scam or they’ll gain little to nothing in return down the road, that’s a more pessimistic perspective that’s unlikely to rock it as well as the entrepreneurially-minded person. A mentorship is a serious investment in one’s future by having personal access to someone who’s already accomplished what you desire to accomplish and can help you do so in a fraction of the time it would take you to obtain your goals on your own. If this sounds like the perfect game plan to you, a mentorship might be your next best move. In fact, if you desire a mentorship, it’s best to, again, do your research. If you invest in yourself through a mentor, what value do they have to offer in comparison to others? What type of support do they provide? How quickly can the help you get results? Kendall learned how to begin generating 4-figure prospects within her first 60 days with HypnoKick. Within her first 6 hours of in-person training she was already providing complete strangers positive experiences. If investing in someone’s years of real-world knowledge, experience-based skills and blueprint for rapid success sounds like a waste of money, chances are hypnosis isn’t your passion and it’s best you stick to training books, DVDs and/or audios.
  2. Lack of Results: At the end of the day, no one can get you results except for yourself. No book. No DVD. No audio. No mentor. No coach. No consultant. No teacher. It’s all up to you. While many hypnosis mentorships or coaching programs will invite anyone and everyone to take them so the hosts can generate themselves as much money as possible, they still don’t guarantee you results. Truth is, no training or mentor can because your desires, goals and milestones are entirely up to you. If you’re unmotivated, you likely won’t succeed. If you’re not ambitious to take action on what you learn, you’re highly unlikely to make it. If you want someone else to do all the heavy lifting for you, you’ll never achieve your desired goals. You have to be able, willing, ambitious and self-motivated to make sure you achieve your hypnosis-related goals because no one else will do it for you. That’s why I respect programs that have an application process the most. It helps weed out the free loaders and moochers, making room for those who will do virtually anything to turn their passion for entertainment into a legitimate career. Again, hypnosis isn’t for everyone but anyone serious enough to invest in a personalized mentorship deserves to receive the highest degree of attention and assistance to help ensure their future success as a Hypnotist. So, are you a naturally ambitious and self-motivated individual who will do what it takes to succeed or are you really not that serious about it and prefer to dabble in it as a hobby? Be honest with yourself… your decision could cost you more than just a financial investment.

Click below to watch the results of Hypnotist Kendall Moon’s Mentorship…

Section 3 (Conclusion)

Bookwork, hobbyist or aspiring/growing professional Hypnotist… which would you say you are? This is your first step in understand what path is best for you to take. If a bookworm and/or hobbyist, I’d say a few training books, DVDs, audios and/or online trainings should suffice. If an aspiring/ growing professional Hypnotist, you may want to consider an all-inclusive personalized hypnosis mentorship.

Unsure? No worries or judgement here as we all started somewhere. For now, read a few more free lessons from HypnoKick and download HypnoKick’s FREE Ebook to get the basics down. From there, it’s all a matter of whether or not you care to learn more and if so, how much more. Best of luck on your endeavors and remember, HypnoKick is always here to help 🙂

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