Hypnosis Vs Meditation

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains if Hypnosis is basically Meditation.




First and foremost, it should be noted that while each contain similar steps to achieve their purpose, Meditation is primarily focused around peace of mind & body.

This, of course, could be argued for Hypnosis as well, however, unlike Meditation, Hypnosis can serve multiple purposes:

  1. Entertainment (Comedy Street Hypnosis or Comedy Stage Hypnosis)
  2. Therapy (Hypnotherapy

Due to its varying uses, Hypnosis isn’t exactly the same. Especially in the past 7+ years alone, comedy stage hypnosis (let alone hypnotherapy) has grown in demand dramatically.

Take the last two weeks of August for example being the time of largest demand for universities requesting comedy hypnotists to kick-off their students’ semester in a fun/engaging/memorable way. Additionally, the last two weeks of April are slammed with demands for comedy hypnotists to entertain high school students as part of their post prom experience.

This aspect alone separates Hypnosis from Meditation. Never-the-less, based on the questions I’ve been personally asked by young and older adults, think there are some intricacies that should be considered.




Is the overall process of Hypnosis & Meditation similar: YES.

While the purpose behind each may differ, the beginning steps are similar. Focusing on one’s breath, allowing their mind to gradually wind down as their physical body relaxes. While these steps would be known as “Induction” and “Deepeer” in Hypnosis, the general goal of this part of the process is the same.

Is the general purpose of Hypnosis & Meditation similar: YES.

Even in regards to stage or street performances, hypnosis requires to volunteer to quiet/focus their mind & for their body to relax so that they’ll be more open to commands overall (just like meditation does this to make one feel serene with their surrounding environment/the universe). 

Can either Hypnosis or Meditation be used to help someone: YES.

Again, the overall purpose of meditation seems to be to help one become aware of their mental and physical state, alter it to a more low vibrational/relaxed state & find peace within themselves. Hypnosis in the form of therapy (aka Hypnotherapy) is specifically aimed at helping people in a similar but different manner. Specifically, to help those seeking out the hypnotherapist to overcome their current life challenges.  Be it smoking, weight loss, anger, depression, stress, anxiety, habits, mindset or the like, Hypnotherapy has become a more popular go-to solution for celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Thus, whether whether bringing comedy or therapy in the equation, hypnosis has helped 100’s of 1000’s world-wide.

Do Hypnosis and Meditation have the same outcome: NO.

Due to meditation’s singular nature, this is where the two don’t quite match up. Meditation is used to help one balance themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hypnosis, on the other hand, can be used as a therapeutic tactic, however, it can also be used strictly for fun/comedic purposes (ex: Comedy Stage Hypnosis). While they both have potential to, and often are reported to, help individuals feel more relaxed overall, it really comes down to the intentions of the specific hypnotist (if they steer more towards the comedic path or therapeutic one) and same goes for the person getting hypnotized based on their priorities. 



This week’s video is me explaining the general synopsis between the two…






While similar in their step-by-step execution, Hypnosis and Meditation are not the exact same thing. They can be utilized for similar purposes but ultimately serve different purposes.

Don’t mistake me however, they each harness their own power and ability to help you and those around you, it will ultimately come down to how you/others prefer to reach your desired goals by yourselves or alongside a practitioner.

What is the first (of 4) primary step of Comedy Stage Hypnosis that drastically separates Hypnosis from Meditation? Write your answer down in the comments below. If you’re correct, I’ll shout you out in next week’s video & email you a special treat (only valid until 12/13/18) 🙂

If you have any remaining questions regarding this week’s lesson, simply leave a comment below and I’ll answer to the best of my ability. If, however, you’re prepared to learn how to hypnotize anyone, anywhere at anytime with Street Hypnosis or how to construct a full professional Stage Hypnosis act:  CLICK HERE!

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