Hypnotized Corporate Client Nearly Face Kicks Hypnotist

Section 1: Backstory

Let me start by saying…I 100% deserved this (and humorously accept it).

Years ago I produced a New-Age Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show called “Cliche”.

The objective of the show was to perform the opposite of the cliche routines audiences at High Schools, Universities and Corporations have come to expect from Hypnotists.

As part of my shtick, I began incorporating my Martial Arts hobby into my tour since I found very few Martial Arts Hypnotists actually doing so.

While I began attending KenpoJitsu more frequently, I found myself watching a slew of YouTube fight videos consisting of street fights, friendly sparring, martial arts competitions and even enjoying Cobra Kai (the YouTube continuation series of the original Karate Kid series).

This, in combination with helping friends with self defense, helped realize a few things.

  1. Not everyone knows how to make a proper fight-ready fist.
  2. Many of those same people aren’t aware of how to throw a quality punch.
  3. Most people I’ve hypnotized while touring the United States have proven, in their hypnotized states, they didn’t know many of the basic concepts in martial arts.

Considering the average person I know doesn’t take a self defense class or wake up having to physically fight for their lives on a daily basis, I don’t blame anyone who fits the above three points.

All that said, there have been times on my journey I did really well in different parts of my martial arts training and felt I could take on almost any lay person that may give me unnecessary trouble.

After all, a lay person in terms of martial arts can’t truly hurt me can they?

Here’s where I invite anyone reading this week’s free hypnosis training lesson to a personal ego check.

Section 2: The Incident

As someone who started their career in magic and eventually drifted into the controversial world of hypnosis, I’ve learned that the average person I meet likely knows as much about martial arts as they do about hypnosis (not a lot).

This led to an inner build of confidence in my ability to not only enlighten people (in terms of hypnosis) but also incorporate something that my market research said wasn’t very popular (a hypnosis-based martial arts show down).

Many Hypnotists do perform some variation of “You’re a Superhero” routine but I wanted to do something different (and with multiple phases).

The Result: Hypnotizing a group of high school students at their after prom event to become martial artists…and attack me.

This was one of the first professional mistakes I made. Once I helped them out of trance, the entire group quickly swarmed me. I was shocked, overwhelmed and thinking I just got int way over my head.

Few things to consider at this point:

  1. When hypnotized, you’re more in-tune with your creative mind, you’re hyper-focused and therefore you’re more determined to fulfill whatever command the Hypnotist gives you (in this case…attack me).
  2. While I’ve regularly trained in self defense 1-on-1 and even in multi-attacks on rare occasion, having an entire group swarm me is crazy.
  3. Had I hypothetically had to actually protect myself from hypnotized students who intended to punch/kick me full-force, there likely would’ve been multiple repercussions for performing that routine.
  4. Having a group of people hypnotized to act like an angry mob that’s been provoked by mob mentality can be dangerous (to say the least).

It’s because of these things that, post show, I nearly removed this routine completely from my tour.

However, after some review and brainstorming, I introduced a very simple, yet effective, safety method.

Safety phrase: “You can only move in slow motion”

For me as the Hypnotist, this immediately turned the routine from potentially dangerous to safe and manageable. For the audience, it went from being edgy to hilarious.

While I still gets laughs and gasps from audience members on the Cliche Tour when I verbally introduce the idea that their peers will attack me, they always have a chuckle watching their peers run at me at the speed of snail.

Now we’re up to speed…

I was hired by a corporate client near Grand Rapids, Michigan in the beginning of 2020 to hypnotize the employees attending the holiday appreciation dinner.

The client informed me she would volunteer if no one else did to entice some employees to join the fun. I think she was interested deep down regardless since she volunteered herself even after others sat on stage.

Post induction (yes, I did a classic induction for a similar reason as explained in last week’s lesson), the client was one of 3 ladies left on stage.

After finding my 3 stars for that evening’s show, I proceeded with the performance. As we approached the martial arts routine, two things occurred I hadn’t anticipated.

  1. The one woman was pretty strong and was going to attempt to place me in a head lock (that was an interesting surprise).
  2. The client would end up coming within inches of my face with her foot (that caught me even more off guard).

Thankfully, I’ve trained enough that I was able to quickly escape the headlock. No lie, she was strong and had I hesitated for a second, she might have had me long enough for her and the lady in the multi-color shirt to beat me up.

By the time I took care of Mrs. Headlock and multi-color shirt, I was trying to figure out what my client was doing as she bent over to grab her chair.

Was she giving up?

Was she giving herself a break?

Was she going to hit me with the chair?

None of the above. Instead, like a smart noodle, she used the chair as a way to balance herself as she tried to extending her right leg out for a near face kick.

Certainly didn’t see that coming. In fact, had she not been in slow motion, I still wonder how that face kick would have felt. Thankfully, I didn’t find out.

As you may imagine, if this happened to me, it must’ve happened before right? You’re 100% correct! Here are two specific instances:

  1. Company Hypnosis (December 2019): A young woman was chasing me through the audience in slow motion and actually got the tail-end of her punch to land. Since it wasn’t full speed (and therefore not full force), I experienced no real harm.
  2. Corporate Hypnosis (December 2019): A large hypnotized man grabbed his chair from the stage, folded it and pursued me with it held over his right shoulder. That was one of the more creative reactions to the routine I’ve experienced. Of course, no one was raging at me full speed so I never got hurt. In fact, when I brought him out of hypnosis, he dropped the chair on the floor and looked around confused while the audience enjoyed a laugh.

This week’s video demonstration shows the most recent example which this week’s lesson is based on…

Section 3: Conclusion

Plan your routine, review for safety measures, test it out. While this is a very watered down version of the training I give students in HypnoKick’s Personalized Hypnosis Mentorship, it works (and you should use it).

Needless to say, while the average person you meet might not be a Hypnotist or a Martial Artist, careful assuming no one you randomly encounter on a daily basis (let alone hypnotize) won’t know a little something that can throw a curve ball your way.

At the end of the day, just as I’ve told my students, experience will be the best teacher in the long run. Some scenarios, situations, incidents and overall learning experiences will only ever be taught by experience itself (as proved in this week’s free hypnosis lesson).

Whenever you’re ready to level up as a Hypnotist, I’ll be a click away. All you need to do to advance from where ever you are is click HERE 🙂

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