Hypnotized To Speak French

This has become my MOST questioned/controversial routine as a Hypnotist.




The title for this week’s free hypnosis lesson was directly inspired by a YouTube comment on my most recent YouTube collaboration episode “November 2019: Mind Controlling Jayus“.

I crafted a special YouTube episode in which viewers had the opportunity to control what happened to my collab partner, Jayus.

As per this week’s video demonstration, Jayus manages to read French. Keep in mind, Jayus had never previously known, understood (let alone studied) French.

Just like when I first introduced this routine into my New-Age Hypnosis Show tour at High Schools and Universities, viewers were mind blown.

Also just like students who approach me after my stage shows, some viewers of the episode expressed interest in being hypnotized to also naturally understand a foreign language more easily.

Here’s where I become the bearer of bad news…






As per last week’s lesson, because hypnosis isn’t actual mind control and a hypnotist doesn’t have any actual supernatural powers (just psychological tricks), you can’t be hypnotized to automatically know/speak a new language.

For those now questioning how I’m able to tour the United States getting almost anyone to effortlessly read another language via hypnosis, it’s because I’m a decent showman.

As per HypnoKick’s “About Me” tab, I grew up & started my career in Magic, which eventually led to studying mentalism.

In the study of magic, you learn that misdirection plays a major role in making sure your audience doesn’t see the “dirty work” required to make a magic trick look real. In the study of mentalism, you learn how to appear as if you’re getting into/influencing someone’s thoughts via word play.

Now combine these factors (among others) with understanding stage hypnosis. With my theater background thrown in the mix, I’m able to make it appear my volunteer can read a foreign language.

In other words, I’ve learned how to frame certain demonstrations to appear as if they’re accomplished through the power of hypnosis. As a result, my audiences, viewers (and some of my students) have questioned if the volunteer is even reading the right word.

At this point, it’s important to note 2 things:

  1. It’s a genuine response. As per the responses we’ve gotten on the YouTube episode, multiple people have confirmed Jayus’s translation of the French word is 100% accurate.
  2. It’s not my idea. This was developed by another artist. The person who developed this routine actually suggested it could be framed like a hypnosis demonstration.

Thus, just like magicians who invest in new magic tricks for regularly scheduled gigs, I invested in this routine for my New-Age Hypnosis tour, back when I received my first ever annual client.

My thought process was: “Since my Vegas training, I’ve noticed many hypnotists will hypnotize someone to “speak alien” (usually baby-sounding gibberish). What if I seemingly hypnotized someone to read any foreign language I show them?

That tour is now known as my Cliche Hypnosis Tour. It takes the cliche routines most hypnotists I know/have seen perform & puts a brand new twist on it that, according to at-the-time research & client feedback, audiences haven’t witnessed before.

I knew the best way to provide audiences with a truly unique experience would be to host a comedy hypnosis show in a way they hadn’t seen.

As a result, that routine now generates the most hype/questions post-show (especially by students wanting an easier way to study their foreign language material).

After the first High School Prom I performed it at, I knew I underestimated the impact it would have on audiences. Reactions only grew with every High School and University I’ve performed it at.

Needless to say, when Jayus requested me as her go-to Hypnotist for another collaboration, she just wanted another basic/fun demonstration of the human mind. I, on the other hand, not only wanted to make an entire YouTube episode out of her experience but wanted to include this routine to create controversy and wonder.

She told me during our first meeting, she wanted to be surprised. So (just like I do for repeat clients) I spent days brainstorming how to develop something unique that:

  1. She hadn’t been a part of before
  2. I had never created before
  3. Challenged the creativity of other Hypnotists posting to YouTube

Years later, I figured it’s time to provide everyone with an explanatory blog. I already know this will help save my breath with past & future inquirers alike when I say it’s not actually possible to hypnotize someone to know a new language (as far as I’m currently aware).

After all, we learn our native tongue and individual skills through watching/listening to & copying others. By that logic, how could you expect to learn a brand new language your brain has no previous relevant knowledge of?

Your brain’s neurological pathways for such information wouldn’t exist because you never had any previous education on the topic to use as a reference. Therefore, even if you were hypnotized, your brain would be scrambling together whatever limited information (if any) it had. My educated guess is the outcome would disappoint you.

For that reason specifically, I always make it known to anyone questioning me post-show that I’m simply framing the demonstration as a result of hypnosis. Otherwise, people start asking me to do the same for them or if there’s a Hypnotherapist that specializes in such therapy.

There is, however, a way to receive help with your studies in the form of hypnotherapy. Visiting a Hypnotherapist may help you focus on your studies, retain more of the information you want or whatever you specifically decide is best for you in terms of learning a new language.

If you google your city’s name + “Hypnotherapist”, most large cities have a few offices you can contact to learn more about hypnotherapy for studying.



This week’s video demonstration shows the power of hypnosis framing…






While I hate to be a mood kill and tell you my most controversial entertainment routine isn’t what it appears, I hope you find the help you’re looking for if aspiring to learn a new language.

Every year I speak with countless people about how the human mind literally created everything on this planet that isn’t nature (making it one of our most powerful tools). If our minds are that creative/ powerful, why are so many of us reluctant to use that same power to help improve our lives via Self Hypnosis or seeing a Hypnotherapist?

With your brain having a slew of neural pathways to still be used for new information, along with the ability to help you manifest the desired life you’d like to live, take more time to dive deep into yourself and find the peace you want, love you deserve & life you desire. You have the power…study it…use it!

Lastly, this entire lesson is a perfect example of how to produce publicity for yourself as a Hypnotist. Brainstorm a seemingly outlandish idea, then figure out how to pull it off. I’ve literally had clients admit to booking me because they wanted to see if (1) I would do this routine and if (2) it would actually work during a live performance for their guests.

New to hypnosis or looking for a free how-to training? This should help 🙂

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  1. I can tell you are going to write many fantastic books! If your goal is to challenge the creativity of other hypnotists on YouTube, you have accomplished that much with me, even though I don’t do the comedy thing. Please note the link to your ebook though, it does not have a secure SSL encryption, which makes it unsafe to enter info there. It will also not display on some browsers because of that. Look into it.

    1. Thank You Jackson, the blog-based sentiment from a fellow Hypnotist is appreciated. Additionally, the encryption has been taken care of 🙂

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