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Are you ready to learn multiple forms of hypnosis…from home?


Growing up I remember there was a time when I told myself if I ever had the power to reach a lot of people looking for help, I’d find a feasible way to help them.

Fast forward a number of years and I’m in Las Vegas learning impromptu hypnosis. I’m meeting awesome people from around the world who are teaching me how to hypnotize anyone, anywhere at anytime.

While that experience was awesome, I had to take out of my college loan to even be able to afford attending (I was a teenager after all). Almost a decade later I’m running an entertainment corporation where I’m paid handsomely to entertain people country-wide.

Three years ago next month I finally established my first ever training website HypnoKick. By statistical standards, I “passed” the start up stage & now am preparing for 2020 and beyond.

The catch?

While I already you/other website viewers free weekly hypnosis lessons, now it’s time to provide you some real [and affordable] hypnosis training 🙂


As of August 2019, while I was on my annual College Welcome Week Hypnosis Tour, I decided I wanted to help train more people in hypnosis (not just provide free basic content).

After speaking with one of my mentors, we’ve been working on a brand new addition to HypnoKick where you can:

  1. Learn a new style of hypnosis every month
  2. Watch me walk my talk and learn from my successes/failures
  3. View some never-before-seen demonstrations/shows I’ve done
  4. See and hear exactly what I do/say when I’m going to hypnotize
  5. Listen to my narrations to better understand my head space
  6.  Replicate my results with made-for-you sample scripts
  7. Hypnotize people using a list of inductions I’ve created for you
  8. Receive a psychological pep talk to hypnotize people confidently
  9. AND MORE!

As the months have progressed, I’ve constructed a way to provide you as much value every month as possible.

HypnoKick’s “Training” tab simply used to contain a free ebook (which is still available), Street Hypnosis Training and Stage Hypnosis Training.

While I wanted HypnoKick to release more trainings, I wasn’t entire sure what kind or how much to charge.

Eventually, that was my partial influence to make and release any/all future hypnosis lessons through am affordable membership area where any/all aspiring/growing hypnotists could go for affordable monthly trainings.

For a monthly cost of HypnoKick’s old Street Hypnosis Training ($30), you’ll receive a new hypnosis training every single month. Log in from your desktop, laptop or smart device every month to gain access to a completely new training.

Monthly trainings you’ll receive after joining the membership training area:

  1. Street Hypnosis Training (tweaked and improved)
  2. Stage Hypnosis Training (tweaked and improved)
  3. Virtual Hypnosis Training (new)
  4. Covert Hypnosis Training (new)
  5. AND MORE!

What’s more, each of the above monthly trainings include all of the 9 features labeled above.

By the end of each training, you’ll be able to replicate everything you hear me talk about/ see me do in every training.

While some may already love everything I’ve mentioned, I’m sure others are curious: What are the benefits?

The Answer:

  1. Ability to hypnotize anyone/anywhere/anytime
  2. Psychologically getting over rejections with minimal issue
  3. In-field experience-based lessons that are priceless
  4. Knowing how to generate yourself potential clients 
  5. Getting paid to have fun if you choose to go pro
  6. Making connections everywhere you perform
  7. Designing a life of freedom by being your own boss if you wish
  8. Gaining natural confidence in yourself & your skills
  9. Personally helping others experience the power of their minds
  10. Being able to help people reduce their stress and relax
  11. Helping the hypnosis community overcome its stigma
  12. And much more (in time)

I can only say those 12 things because they’re everything I’ve personally experienced in nearly the last decade of touring, entertaining and enlightening people around the United States.

Don’t forget, I didn’t even mention everything you’d receive with each month’s training. So with every training you stick around for, you’ll gain more of the benefits listed above (depending on your intentions).

Lastly, as I made sure was the case ever since launching HypnoKick and its trianings, every month’s training contains information that enables action-takers to ensure their monthly investment pays for itself.

This begs the question: How far down the hypnosis rabbit hole will you go if your trainings are potentially free? I suppose we’ll see come Sunday, December 1, 2019 😉

This week’s video demonstration provides a sneak peek into the membership training area…


From personal experience, I can tell you HypnoKick’s newly revamped style of training delivery beats most other hypnosis trainings online.

There are a number of similar trainings out there being sold for $50-$150 per program (I know…I’ve invested in some of them).

So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn hypnosis for fun, a hobby or to go professional like myself, HypnoKick’s members area can literally accomplish any/all 3 simultaneously!

Better yet, if you’re a complete newbie simply looking for a free kick-start (or want a super limited discount code to the new training area): This should help 🙂

2 Replies to “Learn Hypnosis Now”

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity for novices like myself to see several areas of hypnosis practice. I’m looking forward to monthly enlightenments.

    1. Absolutely Bill! If you’ve enjoyed these free weekly lessons, then the monthly enlightenment you’ll receive from HypnoKick’s Members Area will blow you away – enjoy 🙂

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