Less is More

Ever seen a Charmin toilet paper commercial? Well, this week is the hypno-lesson of that phrase.


***Let’s Review***


Best previous training to incorporate into this week’s lesson is the one teaching how to spot a somnambulist which you can learn by CLICKING HERE.


***Weeding People Out***


For those who were unaware, the process of only keeping people on stage that are the most reactive to your commands while escorting others off stage is what hypnotists call “Weeding Out”.

While I’m not the biggest fan of this tactic, I had to quickly adjust to it as people were simply walking onto stage before I even gave the “OK” to do so.

While this generally isn’t a problem, I dislike it for 2 reasons:

Starting with 5 & starting to Weed Out

Reason #1) I like knowing if they’re reactive to my commands before they get on stage, this way once they’re on stage I know it’s much more likely they’ll stay up there.

Reason #2) Tying in with the first reason, if I don’t test how reactive they are to my commands beforehand, then I end up having to weed people out. This can take extra time in turn as then other volunteers may want you to try to test them on stage to see if they can’t earn the empty spot. 


Regardless of how you end up on the final people you will be using for the rest of the show, the point of this post is to explain why less volunteers equals more fun. Here are a few points to consider when you have very few volunteers:

Point #1) Like a class of students, it’s easier to manage fewer people than a plethora of people in a crowded area.

Point #2) It’s easier to jump back and forth between fewer volunteers to check up on them throughout the show. For example, giving the mic to Bob so he can express his confusion about forgetting his own name and then moving only a few inches towards Victoria who’s freaked out by her butt being hypnotically glued to her chair.

Point #3) You can create a funny situation for the volunteers. I often ask if either the man or woman on stage is single and if one says yes, I’ll have them raise their hand and hypnotize the person next to them to fall into their lap so they can lay their hand on the person like a significant other (even funnier if they both have a significant other in the audience).

Point #4) Each time I’ve had only 2-4 volunteers, I’ve noticed they were all into the routines in their own way. This allowed for either a hilarious “mob mentality” (if say they were all convinced I was a stinky hobo) or if I told them they were martial artists who had to fight me (just like in the video below).

Watch this week’s video demonstration to see how many I escort off stage and how my 2 remaining were great:





Always remember that quality out does quantity each show. As long as your a likable hypnotist with appropriate comedy routines for the venue you’re hosting at – you’ll be golden. I was even told by the board that hired me for the company show in the video above that it was a great performance and that everyone enjoyed it. They’re even contemplating hiring me back for future events!

Let me know if this was helpful via a comment below and/or what you’d like to learn in the future!



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