Powerful Benefits of Hypnosis

Section 1: The Truth

If you’re new to hypnosis, let alone a free weekly hypnosis training lesson from HypnoKick like this, let me say Welcome and no…it’s not mind control.

Hypnosis can, however, help influence someone’s decisions in their everyday life.

It can even influence a massive group of people simultaneously. As a Hypnotist who’s incorporated mass hypnosis into their stage hypnosis tours, I can attest to that.

So much so that I’ve successfully (though unknowingly until the end of my show) hypnotized skeptics and non-believers alike.

This is because hypnosis is not a religion that requires belief or faith.

In fact, more case studies surfaced between 2010 & 2020 showcasing the positive effects of using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool (aka Hypnotherapy).

The following chart is something I used to reference regularly to those who questioned the legitimacy of hypnotherapy

While I don’t dabble much in hypnotherapy at this point, my area of expertise was stress and anxiety control for a period of time.

Having grown up with anxiety without being formally taught what it was, I found it easy to connect with and help those struggling with it.

I ended up hyper-focusing on my journey towards comedy stage hypnosis because it filled me with an energy that I felt was taken away from me after many of the hypnotherapy sessions I would conduct.

I soon realized that energy is real and exchangeable. This also helped solidify that I’m a natural introvert and if I’m going to expel my energy, I felt most alive doing it by entertaining a crowd of people.

After all, providing people a temporary escape from their perceived realities to relax, let go of their responsibilities, smile and laugh as their peers chase me through the audience thinking they’re Martial Artists is its own form of therapy.

This makes a perfect segue into reviewing the various benefits of hypnosis.

Section 2: The Benefits

Benefit #1: Relaxation

As any long-time HypnoKick student knows, hypnosis (when watered down to one word) is relaxation. Meaning, by default, if you’ve ever been relaxed, you’ve experienced hypnosis.

Therefore, whether I’m hypnotizing and entire auditorium or just a group of people on stage, I’m relaxing them. As my students & I clarify for those unfamiliar with hypnosis, this isn’t to be confused with hypnotic phnomena (the phenomenon of being so relaxed that your creative mind readily accepts commands given by a Hypnotist as reality). This is where stage hypnosis stems from. Still, by the end of all the silliness, volunteers usually report feeling more relaxed overall than they were in the audience pre-show.

When you understand the basic process of self hypnosis as taught here, it’s easy to understand why we’re all hypnotized everyday. After all, the process of going to sleep is literal self hypnosis. Main difference being that you’re using the process to enter into delta unconsciousness (aka REM sleep). Thus, every time you lay down to relax, or sleep, you’re practicing the natural process of self hypnosis…congratulations!

Ever notice when you’re relaxing you can still hear your surrounding environment? Maybe the clock in your house, the tea kettle, creaks in your house, footsteps, possibly a car driving by or dog barking. This is because while your vision’s cut off , your ears are still listening. With your ears still listening, your subconscious absorbs what’s going on. This is why if you fall with the television on, you may in some way dream about what’s playing on the TV. You’re relaxed and your mind is focused. With focus comes additional benefits.

Benefit #2: Focus

New Years Resolutions…have you kept yours?

If not, no worries, I’ve often heard that within the first month of a new year, many (if not most) fall off the wagon of their own goals.

Were you aspiring to end a bad habit? Did you want to lose weight? Maybe you wanted to gain healthy weight?

Interestingly, an online article titled “Is Hypnosis Real? Here’s What Science Says“, breaks down comparative studies of those who succeeded in achieving their goals with the help of hypnosis versus those who didn’t use hypnosis.

In short, those who combined cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with hypnosis showed significantly better results in achieving their goals than those who used CBT without hypnosis.

Let’s dive into a real-world example. Eddie Hall is a European Strong Man who’s the only one (under the rules of strongman) to accomplish the 500kg (1,102lbs) deadlift.

In a recent video published by Hall, you learn the journey he took to get to and own that moment in history. What I most enjoyed listening to was his explanation of turning to a Hypnotherapist for help in achieving this goal.

The basic premise was helping him create a hypothetical scenario in which he had to lift the weight, understanding the energy that built within him and instilling a trigger to elicit that required emotion/energy to pull off said lift when it was time. You can watch his full video here.

Everyone has their own goals. Professional and personal. However, not everyone is has the laser-focused ambition Hall demonstrated in that video.

While they’re far and few between, I do know a few individuals who have set out to achieve their desired goals and have done so through sheer will.

For those who may struggle with will power, ambition or self-motivation however, hypnosis may be a decent avenue to explore. Whether it’s for that extra nudge or to solidify a desired mindset, a little help never hurt anyone.

Benefit #3: Pain Management

This is, not-so-surprisingly, one of the more requested forms of hypnotherapy world-wide. Whether it’s emotional distress or physiological pain control, many are experiencing some type of pain they’d like to control (if not alleviate).

I always enjoy informing people misinformed about (or simply uneducated in) hypnosis that it’s been used in the medical field for decades.

One of my favorite books to refer people to is Dave Elman’s Hypnotherapy. Between the explanation of physiological changes that occur to one’s body when getting hypnotized (that can’t be faked) to describing how it’s been incorporated into doctoral practices, it’s an eye-opening piece of literature.

Just as we did for “Benefit #2”, let’s use a real-world explample: Childbirth. As glazed over in a past HypnoKick lesson, actress Jessica Alba reportedly utilized hypnosis to help her give a natural childbirth (versus hospital anesthesia).

As a man, I can’t imagine the pain that must come with pushing a watermelon-sized human out of my body. I can, however, imagine myself requesting a Charlie Sheen-inspired amount of morphine.

If I recall correctly, I also heard a story of a Hypnotist getting work done on his foot. He instructed those cutting open and working on his foot not to do so until they gave them a signal he previously discussed with them. After some self hypnosis, they gave the signal and reported to never feeling any pain as their foot was worked on.

Benefit #4: Improved Lifestyle

For anyone wondering, one of the most widely requested forms of hypnotherapy world-wide is smoking cessation.

I’ve seen it online and heard it more times than I can count post-show, “Can you hypnotize me (or my partner) to stop smoking?” Short answer: Yes.

That said, if anyone comes to me personally with such a request, I’ll usually refer them to one of the Hypnotherapists I know. If you yourself are looking for help, simply google “Hypnotist” or “*insert your city name here* + Hypnotherapist” for some good local references.

One thing I think that’s important to mention at this point as I’ve done in past hypnosis lessons is that you may not vibe with the first Hypnotherapist you meet. If you do, awesome! However, it’s a little like dating & may take a few dates (visiting different Hypnotherapists) to find one that works for you.

All that said, hypnosis has helped improve countless lives whether they wanted to quit smoking, lose fat, gain muscle, improve their self value, minimize depression, avoid being controlled by ADD/ADHD/OCD, overcome phobias, increase confidence, improve their sex life, etc.

This week’s video demonstration helps prove the benefits of hypnosis…

Section 3: Conclusion

With all the benefits listed above and various cases in which hypnosis helped different people accomplish their individual goals, why are so many of us still hesitant to believe in the amount of help our minds can offer us? Interested in your thoughts/theories (and future lesson ideas) in the comments below.

If this lesson peaked your interest as to the real-world applications of hypnosis, I encourage you to continue your personal research as these are certainly not the only 4 benefits you can reap from hypnosis. With enough digging, studying (maybe even interviewing), you may surprise yourself at the amount of benefits you yourself could reap from incorporating hypnosis into your life.

That said, it’s very common for those who stumble upon HypnoKick to want to learn how to use hypnosis to help themselves or others. The good news is HypnoKick’s Members Area (Training tab) provides basic hypnotherapy training as one of its monthly lessons!

Regardless of your goals with hypnosis, hobbyist or aspiring professional, HypnoKick will help you accomplish them when you Click Here 🙂

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