Pro Hypnotist Reacts To The Hypnotic Eye

Section 1: Entertainment

Before I officially start this week’s free hypnosis lesson, I need everyone reading to understand that (like everything Hollywood produces), this movie was for entertainment.

As stated in this week’s video reaction:

  1. It’s neither normal nor professional to attempt to try hypnotizing your volunteer(s) or client(s) before meeting them. Much like we discussed in the Dark Side of Virtual Hypnosis, the Hypnotist should be willingly communicative. You should be able to see them and ask them any questions or cover any of your concerns before getting hypnotized.
  2. Eye Fixation Inductions are typical, just not with seizure-inducing lights. Since some may be prone to epileptic seizures, assuming you can turn on a flickering light without liability, not-so-ironically, can be a liability. If the individual had any past psychological history of seizures or other conditions triggered by flashing/flickering lights, it would be wise to avoid such inductions unless you’ve already checked in with the person you’ll be hypnotizing.
  3. Entering your volunteer’s/client’s personal space without permission is an unprofessional approach

As you might expect, Hollywood will include mellow dramatic sequences of anything they’re portraying (in this case hypnosis) so the viewer remains intrigued/entertained.

The downside to such theatrical approaches is, as the hypnosis community dealt with for months after the release of Get Out, the general public may misinterpret the actions within as reality.

In other words, those who have never seen a professional Hypnotist or studied hypnosis themselves may be left under the impression that (in the case of The Hypnotic Eye) people can be easily mind controlled with a flashing light and some authoritative dialogue.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not true.

However, there is an element of truth within known as Eye Fixation.

Section 2: Eye Fixation

As I mention in this week’s video reaction, this is a common induction technique.

The premise is basic and simple: Have someone focus (fix) their eyes on a point.

This, combined with the Hypnotist’s verbal guidance, can help someone reach a stage of focus-driven relaxation.

While the induction in the clip shown below incorporations a bright flashing light, the truth is a regular light bulb or even a dim exit sign in the back of a room could work.

If you watch enough stage hypnosis videos online, it’s not uncommon for the Hypnotist to direct their volunteers’ attention to one of the flood lights (stage lights) above them or an exit sign off in the distance.

In fact, a past HypnoKick lesson teaches you how to hypnotize someone by having them stare at a wall (yes…you read that correctly).

Here’s why any eye fixation works:

  1. Regardless if doing this for fun, stage or therapy, the person you’re hypnotizing has a level of rapport with you as the Hypnotist.
  2. This rapport helps them trust your guidance. This means when you instruct them to do something as simple as stare at a light, sign, person or wall, they’ll do it.
  3. With their focus on whatever you instructed them to focus on, they’re listening to you in the background as the authority of the situation. If you tell them to breath a certain way, to relax, to close their eyes, to imagine something, to take a certain action… they will. Remember, you’re the one in social dominance here. You know how to properly guide someone through a hypnotic experience and since they came to you, they obviously trust you and their innate reaction will be to follow your commands. That said, this doesn’t mean you can command them to rob a bank and they will… remember, at its core, hypnosis isn’t pure mind control.

Here are some eye fixation examples for street hypnosis. You could have them stare at:

  1. Their own hand
  2. You
  3. Stop light
  4. Street sign
  5. Swing set
  6. A tree
  7. A building
  8. A door
  9. A parked car
  10. A cloud

Additionally, in terms of stage hypnosis, you could have them stare at:

  1. The stage floor
  2. Orchestra pit
  3. Someone in the audience
  4. The sound tech booth
  5. Bleachers (gym theaters)
  6. Edge of a curtain
  7. The ceiling
  8. The wall
  9. Mic stand
  10. Their own leg

While some of these may seem like obvious or silly ideas, you’d be surprised often I’ve been asked to explain the intricacies of certain inductions (let alone routines).

Now enjoy my first Hollywood-based hypnosis video reaction of 2020 that inspired this week’s lesson…

Section 3: Conclusion

Whatta ya know… Hollywood’s been at this over-dramatization of hypnosis since the 60’s (which is now coincidentally 60 years ago)!

If you’d like to better understand the truth behind hypnosis, let alone learn how to actually hypnotize people, simply go here 🙂

Lastly, leave a comment below letting me know which movie or show containing hypnosis you’d like me to react to next. If I choose your suggestion, you’ll win a full month membership to HypnoKick’s Members Area for only $1 (only valid until 11:59pm 6/18/20)!

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  1. You should do a reaction and review of The Mentalist Season 1 episode 18 Russet Potatoes. Very interested to hear your opinion on a lot of things that happen in this episode!

  2. Jon the movies I have in mind for you to react to is : “The Great Hypnotist” (2014) Mystery/Thriller , “Trance” (2013) filmed directed by Danny Boyle, and last one is “Stir of Echoes” that was adapted and directed by famed screenwriter David Koepp.

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