Proof Hypnosis Isn’t Pure Mind Control

Seriously, stop freaking out!



***THE JOKE***

For years I opened up my High School and University shows by saying, “Hypnosis isn’t mind control, if it was, Id’ have a girlfriend!”

While this succeeded at getting people to laugh, open up and lower their guard around me for years, it’s become rather hit and miss in our recently labeled “Outrage Culture”.

Many from the younger generations miss the entire point that myself (and older generations) notice which is, despite my profession, I’m unable to just make a pretty lady want to be with me.


Because Hypnosis isn’t pure mind control.





As discussed in “Is Hypnosis Evil” blog with Sister Marie Morgan, hypnosis is a tool.

Like any tool, the tool itself is neither good nor bad…it simply “is”.

With that said, like any tool, it’s the intentions of the one using the tool, that dictate if the outcome of using said tool will be good or bad.

Notice this lesson is has the phrase “Isn’t Pure Mind Control” in it.

That’s because, as seen in this week’s YouTube Episode-inspired video demonstration, my collaboration partner didn’t carry out my command.

You can’t simply snap your fingers and “make” anyone do anything that you desire.

There must be:

  1. Rapport
    1. For those unaware, rapport is when two or more people build a connection in which yyou understand each other’s thoughts/feelings on things. As you grow a connection with someone, you naturally build the second requirement.
  2. Trust
    1. This is important to establish with anyone since, without it, the other person loses interest in helping you achieve whatever you may wish to accomplish with their help (in this case, letting you provide them an amazing psychological experience).
  3. Agreement
    1. Once you’ve built rapport (be ith though bonding through conversational topics or enjoying activities together), they need to agree to being hypnotized for your street or stage performance. Without consent, you immediately risk ruining any trust that person could have in you. In turn, your rapport with begins to tarnish.


As stated in the actual full-length YouTube Episode, my collaboration Jayus & I already had 2 years of rapport & trust established through past collaborations.

As a result, she actually reached out to me a while ago and proposed we create something new. I didn’t have to convince her or force her to do anything potentially against her will or inner morals (like how actual mind control would work).

It was my idea, the day of filming, to construct the collab they way I did. Granted, I knew going in that I was taking a risk with one or two routines. I mentioned this before we recorded anything but she trusted me and assured me everything would turn out well.

The result? The one routine I questioned the most didn’t turn out well (as per the video demonstration).

While I was initially disappointed, I soon realized this was the perfect opportunity to prove to those scared of hypnosis, that it isn’t pure mind control.




The reason I’ve used the phrase “Pure Mind Control” throughout this week’s free hypnosis lesson is because, with some performance tweaking, I’m almost sure Jayus would’ve danced.

I mentioned to her at some point that had I conducted the collab like a stage show performance, with a longer induction, this would’ve helped me prep for better success.

Reason being, as with many stage hypnosis shows, hypnotists spend more time on the induction. My average is 7 minutes for the induction alone. Many other hypnotists spend an average of ~10+ minutes on the induction.

When dealing with a group of people (i.e. Stage Hypnosis), getting multiple individuals on the same mental page is easiest when taking more time to guide them all into a similar state of relaxation.

While, for example, it may only take Person A 5 minutes to fall asleep at night, it may take Person B, C, D or so on 15+ minutes to fall asleep.

How long it takes one to fall asleep is a big teller on how long it takes them to relax in general. Not to mention, relaxing on their own, in the privacy of their own home.

Therefore, to get as many different people to experience the same sense of relaxation required to best experience hypnotic phenomena, hypnotists conduct longer inductions.

Jayus later admitted that she even twerked one of the last times she attended a hypnosis show. This further confirmed my theory. However, we were joining forces to entertain the masses on YouTube & in attempts to get to “the good stuff”, I made the executive decision to conduct a quicker induction.

So, while hypnosis in/of itself isn’t pure mind control, depending on how you conduct it (longer inductions for example), there’s greater potential that your volunteers will become more relaxed. The more relaxed they are, the more open to commands they may be & thus, the more you may be able to influence them to do (like twerk…apparently).


This week’s video demonstrates proves hypnosis isn’t pure mind control…






Instant/Rapid/Street-style hypnosis may enable you to provide your volunteer(s) with some hypnotic pheomena but may not open them up enough to all direct commands.

Keep in mind, this is only a single factor within the subtopic of hypnosis that sits within the broader topic of psychology.

There are many factors and variables that play into either successfully hypnotizing someone or their inability to achieve such a state by command. Even after all these years I’m still learning things via in-field experience, so don’t beat yourself up if things go awry.

Work past it, later review it, critique yourself and move forward. Experience will always be the best teacher. Yes, I was taught by & even follow other brilliant minds in the hypnosis field. Yet my professional experiences have taught me some of my biggest lessons!

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