Proof You Can Be Hypnotized

“How many hours a night do you sleep?”

This has become my immediate go-to question for skeptics of hypnosis.

***********Let’s Review**************

For this week’s review, you can actually just watch our new video explanation as it covers the basics needed to understand why hypnosis & sleep are similar: Click Here

**********The Trick Test*************

This week’s lesson is neat for the simple reason that most are unaware that the process used to go to sleep, is the same process of getting hypnotized.

There, we’re all demonstrating self-hypnosis on a nightly basis.

It’s also interesting because for those with bad insomnia issues, hypnosis in the form of therapy (aka Hypnotherapy) has also been used to recondition people’s minds to fall asleep naturally again, for longer periods of time.

Thus, by starting off any demonstration or show with the question presented above, it throws people off to know they were “tricked” into admitting they:

  1. Close their eyes each night (enabling them to begin relaxing (hypnosis = relaxation))
  2. Breath & Mentally/Physically relax (considered the “deepener” of the process)

The primary difference is that with hypnosis (at least in the case of street/stage hypnosis) the person stays conscious as opposed to mentally drifting to the point of unconscious Delta sleep state.

Granted, sometimes people actually do fall asleep when hypnotized. Why? Because since hypnosis brings the person’s mind and body into such a deep state of relaxation, sometimes people become so comfortable they wish to completely let go…hence, sleep.


Um…yes…I haven’t cast a spell on them and since sleep is a natural state of being, they’ll simply wake up when I ask them to 🙂


While this is normally the part of the blog where I explain what to do if something goes wrong, I find it hard to believe you’ll have issues asking a simple question 🙂

If you have any questions about this lesson or wish to suggest future training topics, simply leave a comment down below.


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