Psychological Pep Talk for Hypnotists #2

This week’s free hypnosis training is a psychological pep talk for aspiring/growing hypnotists.


I know, executing patience with those who seem convinced hypnosis is some type of witch craft mind control is irritating.

Yet, the main reason many think like that is because they seriously misunderstand what it is. As I tell students I personally consult/mentor, at least 50% of your job as a hypnotist will be to explain hypnosis and your job description.

Between recent Hollywood movies with famous fictitious-location-based-terms such as the “sunken place”, to organizations utilizing it as a psychological weapon, you must be understanding if you wish to enlighten people.

Through the years, I’ve learned patience and understanding after realizing many are ill-informed on the truth regarding hypnosis. Whether by another ill-informed person, a movie, a negative experience or misinterpreting what they themselves have seen.

Considering those I hypnotize are always happier/calmer after, I long to better educate those who misunderstand/fear hypnosis.

People you’ll need to execute some patience & understanding with may verbally say/ask…

“That/Hypnosis is creepy!”

“That/Hypnosis freaks me out!”

“I’m scared!”

“Oh my god, don’t look me in the eyes!”

“I don’t want to be mind controlled!”

“Does that really work?”

“It’s just magic/a trick right?”

“It’s not real is it?”

“I don’t believe in it/hypnosis.”

“Can you get stuck in it/hypnosis?”

“I don’t want someone controlling me!”

“Will I be like a zombie?”

“I can’t be hypnotized.”

“I don’t believe you can hypnotize me.”

Welcome to all the recent responses I’ve received when telling people my profession. Yes, these are among a long list of both understandable as well as head-shake-worthy replies I get from both men and women.

The longer you choose to practice hypnosis, especially professionally, the more likely you’ll end up hearing a good number (if not all) of these at some point. Remember, if someone makes these types of remarks/asks these types of questions, they’re indirectly admitting to misunderstanding what you do.


Whenever I hear anything similar to the above remarks/questions, I immediately understand:

  1. Not to get defensive (I used to immediately get defensive when younger before learning patience/understanding).
  2. They require a little assistance understanding exactly what you do (so let’s educate them).

Fee free to use the following responses I myself have given people in recent weeks/months/years that say/ask these things. They will be labeled “T” for the “them” & I’ll be labeled “H” for “Hypnotist”.

T: That/Hypnosis is creepy!

M: Why do feel that way/what about relaxation is creepy?

T: That/Hypnosis freaks me out!

M: Why/Why does relaxation freak you out?

T: I’m scared!

M: What are you scared of/Why are you scared of relaxation?

T: Oh my god, don’t look me in the eyes!

M: What are you afraid will happen/If it worked like that, why aren’t you already hypnotized?

T: I don’t want to be mind controlled!

M: Why do you think it’s mind control/You know I can’t control you, right?

T: Does that really work?

M: Absolutely, society just calls it relaxation/Depends, does sleeping work?

T: It’s just magic/a trick right?

M: Magic is deception against the mind, Hypnosis helps the mind/Is relaxation a magic trick?

T: It’s not real is it?

M: Yes, it’s just psychology & science/Depends, is relaxation or sleep real?

T: I don’t believe in it/hypnosis.

M: Why do you think it requires belief?/Awesome, because it’s not a religion, so there’s nothing to believe in!

T: Can you get stuck in it/hypnosis?

M: No, there’s no such thing as a hypnocoma (reference)/ Since it’s just relaxation, you may naturally fall asleep & wake as you normally would.

T: I don’t want someone controlling me!

M: It doesn’t work like that, if it did, I’d have a girlfriend (this often gets laughs)/I can’t control you (reference)

T: Will I be like a zombie?

M: No, what makes you think that/Do you normally become a zombie when you relax?

T: I can’t be hypnotized

M: Really? How many hours of sleep did you get last night? (reference)

T; I don’t believe you can hypnotize me.

M: Ok, that’s cool (if I know they’re challenging me)/You don’t think I can relax you?

While some of you may view my replies as a bit smart ass, there’s a reason behind each. As you’ll often see, I either reply with something that touches base with their feelings (and asks them to explain said feelings) or direct them into asking why i compare their remark or question with relaxation.

Each situation and each person in any given situation is different. That’s why I provided two answers per statement/question. One response causes them to expose their feelings/thoughts, which you can then re-direct.

The other causes them to question why you’re relating their fear/question/statement to relaxation. This is called conversational steering and was covered a few lessons ago. In short, it causes them to question your response which gives you the opening to steer them into a simple explanation of what hypnosis is.

More often than not (as my advance students know), people confuse “Hypnosis” for “Hypnotic Phenomena”. This causes many to assume that being hypnotized automatically means they’ll do something silly/embarassing/regrettable. It’s your job to calmly explain these intricacies & ensure they’re both well-informed and comfortable with seeing (if not partaking in) a demonstration.

This week’s video demonstration is an example of a good show I misinterpreted the outcome of…


Yes, you’re job as “Hypno Teacher” will become more than repetitive. On the upside, with hypnosis becoming more widely accepted in many cultures, you have the opportunity to properly educate people. Whether it’s using this blog or your own professional experience, more and more people are looking to understand the psychology/ intricacies & the truth of hypnosis.

If someone didn’t believe in hypnosis or expressed their fear of it, how would you respond? What kind of explanation would you give to calm them down and/or enlighten them? Would you try a demonstration (and if so, what kind)? Leave your comment(s) down below for a video shout out next week & a free hypnosis gift 🙂

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