Psychology of Hypnosis Rejection

This week you’ll learn my psychological stance on getting rejected as a Hypnotist.




First off, it’s important to understand from an outsider’s perspective that you (a stranger) walking up to and requesting they let you hypnotize them…it’s not your every day “Can you spare some change” line. If someone doesn’t  want to experience their natural God-given ability to relax and heighten their awareness/consciousness, respect it.

Secondly, I know many who have let fear of rejection (personally or professionally) keep them from making moves towards their desires, goals, milestones, etc. (myself included).

In turn, this fear has managed to control and drive many of us away from even attempting to approach people/situations we’d like to be involved with.

Always keep in mind, with over 7 billion people on this planet, if you’re interested in sharing the experience of hypnosis, someone is likely to be just as interested in letting you share it with them. Bite the bullet. Get out there. Persist.

The most important thing to remember moving forward is that someone’s “No” has nothing to do with you. Avoid taking any rejection personally because they’re not saying no to you…they’re saying no to the experience.




Here are some stills from a recent shoot my videographer & I did on the beach for a YouTube episode…


This was the first group we approached for the beach portion of the episode. I approach people by saying something along the lines of, “Hey, I’m a Hypnotist, filming a YouTube episode for/at/on Silver Beach & wanted to know if you/anyone wanted to get Hypnotized [for YouTube]?” They obliged.


I chose this group next since they were younger adults, hanging out and clearly having fun playing with water guns. Needless to say, the man agreed. Interestingly, the ladies went from being camera shy to not caring as they watched & reacted to their friend reacting to the hypnosis. When you put yourself out there and offer people the opportunity to experience the power of their minds, you’ll be surprised how willing people become after seeing someone they trust have a positive experience.


As described above, this young woman was also hesitant. The difference being that after hypnotizing her younger brother, we convinced her to try. I believe the picture speaks for itself in terms of how she felt.


One thing I’d like to emphasize before moving forward with this lesson is that the above stills were the result of persistence.

Had I not persisted, I wouldn’t have captured more than the first two beach clips shown above.


Because I got rejected…


After hypnotizing the water gun guy (and then a hesitant sister in another group), I was denied by this couple. I thought I’d pitch the free opportunity since they had been watching me the entire time…yet, no dice. Rejection #1.


Shortly after, these gentlemen proceeded to reject me. They were on their phones, not really soaking up the moment in nature and I mentioned that. Whether it was due to their dislike of that comment or general disinterest in hypnosis, their monotone rejection made it clear they weren’t up to being hypnotized. Rejection #2.


This was one of the last group’s to reject me. However, the lady shaded by the tent spoke with some hesitant enthusiasm as she denied me. I jokingly called her out, saying she seemed to secretly be a party girl. This made her laugh & as many men know, if you can make a woman laugh, you may have more of an “in” depending on the situation. However, with the group mentality of no one else wanting to volunteer (nor encouraging her to), I respectfully left. Rejection #3 (or #4).


All this to prove that even I, Vegas-trained Hypnotist Jon Wayes, still get rejected now and then. While these clips were never publicly released, few consider I have my own rejections to brush off as I create this (or any other) content for YouTube.

To some extent, my psychological viewpoint on hypnosis rejection is similar to dating. I mean this in the sense that it takes nerves to approach and invite someone to share an experience with you.

If you’ve never done it before, it can be intimidating. However, with the proper mindset, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

In this week’s video demonstration, I have my videographer take a shot of all the people in front of us on the beach. I use that moment to explain how, much like in the dating world, we already shared experiences with people behind us (in our “past”) and have plenty of people to share new experiences with in front of us (in our “future”).

I hypnotize people for two reasons:

  1. To help people realize the inner potential of their own mind
  2. To have fun in doing #1 by helping induce awesome experiences (aka Hypnotic Phenomena)

At the end of the day, the one thing I want aside from ensuring all HypnoKick students are well-educated on the proper ins/outs of hypnosis, is for them to have fun inducing and sharing experiences with the people they meet.

I believe this is one of the reasons HypnoKick’s Street Hypnosis Training has become so well received. It’s a simple & easy-to-digest training where you learn impromptu party-like tricks you can perform anywhere at anytime (just as I did in the beach clips).

Speaking of, if you’d like to watch the full YouTube episode, you can now do so by Clicking Here. This will also serve as a perfect example of the entertainment you can provide when you finally put yourself out there and execute your hypnosis-based knowledge/education.



Additionally, as a major THANK YOU for helping HypnoKick reach over 1,000 subscribers, I’m personally taking suggestions from YOU!

Please leave a hypnosis lesson idea below. If you’ve ever wanted to better understand something hypnosis-related, now’s your chance to make your voice heard. I’m intrigued by what creative idea/topic/question you may have (and how I can cover it in a future lesson).


Now, enjoy watching me find volunteers despite multiple rejections…






Hypnosis is (in my opinion) meant to serve as an enlightening and positively memorable experience.

Go out with the intention of creating awesome experiences with people by sharing your awesome skills (while remembering not to take rejection personally). Especially with cold-approach street hypnosis, there are numerous reasons why someone may wish to avoid getting hypnotized (none of which are likely because of you).

Maybe they (or someone they know/knew) had a bad experience. Maybe they’re not in the right head space at that moment. Perhaps it’s against their religion. It’s not your job to “convert” those who reject you, only provide them a positive experience if they don’t. Persistence pays, you’ll eventually get your “Yes!” (and when you do, film it).

My challenge to you, if you’re a complete newbie, is to find at least one person a week that will let you hypnotize them (and do it). If you’re ambitious, try finding more. Maybe one person a day. At the very least, you’ll gain thicker skin & be able to brush off every rejection like it never existed.

New to hypnosis or looking for a free kick-start? This should help 🙂


3 Replies to “Psychology of Hypnosis Rejection”

  1. i can see why they would not want to participate as hypnosis is an extremely frightening state of mind. i would certainly never want to become manipulated & confused enough to be made to forget my own name, not be able to move my own body, read or understand english or even to not be able to recognize my own face in a mirror. rather than being somehow interesting, entertaining or beneficial, it would be very embarrassing to be made a fool of as being hypnotized leaves one quite vulnerable and unable to function rationally in reality.

    1. On the contrary Mark. As HypnoKick has described since it’s inception, hypnosis (in of itself) is nothing more than relaxation. While your view point on Hypnotic Phenomena (the phenomenon of reacting to commands while hypnotized) is understood, it’s more of an exploration of/proof of the power of your own mind, than any Hypnotist’s ability to “manipulate”. Can it be used for evil? Just like other tools, yes. However, as insinuated in the opening statement of this response, it’s not in the God-given nature of hypnosis to be good or evil (as further discussed here):

      Instead, rejection is, more often than not, an insight into a person’s misconception on the very topic itself. After years of touring, this has proved true & many who initially feared hypnosis when I spoke with them in person, walked away with a more realistic/healthier outlook on it when they finally let me hypnotize them. I manifested HypnoKick years ago to help reach/ enlighten/ educate similar individuals I might’ve never met/educated otherwise, like yourself…hopefully 🙂

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