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There’s honestly no perfect method to finding a volunteer for hypnosis. Sometimes people aren’t even aware they’d be open to the experience until it presents itself to them. That said, I’ll explain how I’ve read groups of people by taking an example straight from my new Street Hypnosis Home Training.


***Let’s Review***


If curious about what routines you can do once you have your volunteer, you can get a number of ideas from last week’s “Propless Hypnosis” training by Clicking Here


***Reading Groups***



While the following techniques have worked more often than not, please be aware due to the fact that not everyone’s the same, that not every outcome will be your preferred one.

Also, while some people may seem scary to approach or appear uninterested, you may be surprised just how money of them end up wanting to experience your skill (in which case knock ’em out!)

Groups To Avoid) These are groups you’d likely have difficulty convincing to let you perform a demo with them.

Example 1 – Groups planning their next engagement. You know how when you and your family or friends are out somewhere and you’re discuss what you want to do/where to go next? You want to be wearing of approaching such groups as, based on some past experience, they’re often more focused on getting to their next engagement with their group than being approached and asked to be apart of a random demonstration.

Example 2 – Distant people are distant for a reason. If you’ve ever done a demonstration (or when you finally do you’re first few in the future), you’ll notice there’s usually someone in the background. That person’s often either paying attention from a distance, vaguely paying attention or paying no never mind to it. Remember, this isn’t a direct insult, that person may simply not be interested in watching (let alone participating in) hypnosis.

Example 3 – Many religious extremists are often a pain (not all, just many). I’ve learned through my years of hypnosis that many religious people (often extremists) view hypnosis as “evil” or “Devil worship” or “mind control” or what have you. While these people often simply misunderstand what hypnosis actually is, it’s usually difficult to explain it to them in a way that makes them immediately more comfortable to be in close proximity (let alone a personal part) of a demonstration.

Groups To Approach) I more often than not approach groups where people look like they’re chilling with each other with no plan on immediately leaving. 

Example 1 – I was at a local fair and there was a group of young adults in a long line waiting for a ride. I approached them as they looked happy to be there and I know many young adults are often up for free fun. While a number of the people in the group were women who weren’t sure they wanted to participate, there was a tall male who said he’d give it a shot (it was successful…he had a huge smile).

Example 2 – There was an event downtown last Spring/Summer where a special band was playing and people of all ages were dancing. I noticed two girls standing near the sidewalk, side-by-side, looking like they enjoyed the music but since they weren’t dancing, so I approached them. Eventually they agreed to let me hypnotize and to this day I’m still friends with one of them.

Example 3 – As my upcoming Street Hypnosis Home Training explains, when in a park, you want to look for the people that have little going on and would most likely be up for some extra fun.


Watch this week’s video demonstration to learn how I read a park full of people in seconds:






As you perform more on your own, you’ll eventually gain natural experience that will teach you the types of people/groups that are most likely to participate in either a simple demonstration or full-on performance. Just remember, practice makes perfect and experience will become one of your top teachers. If interested in learning professional Street Hypnosis in its entirety (and how to make money with it), Click Here!

Let me know if this was helpful via a comment below and/or what you’d like to learn in the future!



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