Secret To Effortless Hypnosis

This week you’ll learn how to hypnotize people like it’s second nature.


The psychology of this week’s lesson is basic repetition. Just like learning how to walk, talk, ride a bike, playing an instrument, doing martial arts, performing a magic trick, the more often you practice, the more second nature something becomes.

When I first started hypnosis in Vegas at 19, I was overwhelmed. I was hanging around seasoned professionals who were about to teach me a life-long skill.

One of the biggest helping hands I was provided was cycling group practice. Everyone would stand in one of two lines and after every one in each line practiced hypnotizing the person across from them, the other line would move one step over.

This continued until everyone from each line had the opportunity to hypnotize everyone from the other line. Still, the idea of visiting Freemont Street & hypnotizing strangers on the street psyched me out.

I think my first night post-training in Vegas I hypnotized ~3 people. Like this lesson explained, it helps when you’re in an environment where people literally visit to have fun.

This is why I’m often pushing my students through weekly email updates to go execute their Street or Stage Hypnosis Training. The repetition is what will help any student level up their knowledge and be able to effortlessly hypnotize anyone, anywhere at anytime for fun.


The good news is you don’t need me personally with you (or a group of other aspiring hypnotists) to master your hypnosis skills.

This is what you ultimately need:

  1. Learn the safety precautions, basic steps & script needed to properly hypnotize someone from a reputable training source.
  2. Practice your new found knowledge on family, friends and/or colleagues.

That’s literally it!

When I first started, I hypnotized half nearly half my theater friends. I literally (and unintentionally) made people late to class because I was practicing comedy hypnosis routines on people in our study lounge.

Eventually, I managed to convince my best friends, family and girlfriend to let me hypnotize them. I was hypnotizing anyone I could to both challenge myself while seeing what all I could do with each person I hypnotized.

Years later, my impromptu hypnosis skills were fine-tuned to the point where I’m able to hypnotize someone in approximately 15-30 seconds without fully thinking about what I’m saying/doing 100% of the time.

At this point, you’ve said the same thing while performing the same actions so many times that the entire process has become second nature. You have now managed to create such deep neural pathways within your mind that you hypnotize people based off verbal & muscle memory.

Additionally, the in-field practice provides enough real-world experience that you can tell when someone’s not fully hypnotized (possibly even faking it). This proves useful as, the more you get used to reading body language, the easier it will be for you to gauge how to help someone achieve a more positive experience through the process.

It’s at this point I often suggest Dave Elman’s Hypnotherapy. This book helps explain the physiological changes the body experiences when truly hypnotized. Numerous things mentioned in the book are natural reactions that, as far as I’m aware, we can’t consciously force our bodies to fake.

Unless, of course, the person choose to “play along” to “prove it doesn’t work” and ends up experiencing those physiological changes without fully realizing this means they’re being legitimately hypnotized (boom – science!). I’ve had this occur numerous times both during street hypnosis demonstrations as well as university comedy stage hypnosis shows.

After all the practice, you’ll find it much easier to gauge the individuals that you hypnotize to better understand what hypnotic phenomena you can attempt.

My go-to phenomena: Spontaneous Laughter

This is a psychological test, taught here, I started incorporating into my New-Age Comedy Stage Hypnosis years ago. It helped me figure out who was truly hypnotized. By incorporating it into my street hypnosis, it gave me an insight as to what I could help each individual volunteer experience.

Assuming the volunteer reacts well to basic hypnosis, let alone the phenomena of spontaneous laughter, I’m likely to progress to something more bold like an arm levitation.

This week’s video showcases me before & after years of practice…


They say “Practice makes perfect” but let me rephrase that to, “Practice improves success”.

Even years after my Vegas training (and only a few years professionally touring the High School and University markets), I still slip up. There are times where I stumble over my own words or forget a certain nuance that would have made a demonstration better.

The point is to practice until you can comfortably perform anytime, anywhere with anyone. If you’re scared and/or nervous, it’s a sign you need more practice. Not having someone to practice on immediately is no excuse for not practicing.

I used to practice scripts alone in my room over and over and over. Then, I would practice the scripts while acting out the motion I would perform with a live volunteer during said script. It’s like theater, you practice your lines/actions until they become second nature and performing for a live audience would be effortless.

To see the full clips used in this week’s video demonstration, look for Streachnosis 2019 appearing on this playlist at 12am EST 8/2/19.

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