Self Hypnosis Gone Wrong

Section 1: Negative Self Hypnosis

Let me preface this week’s free hypnosis lesson with the following…

What you feed your mind will effect your perception & thus your reality.

In the same way self deprecating humor can progressively destroy the positive image of ourselves we hold subconsciously, practicing negative self hypnosis can cause a negative reaction within ourselves (as per my statement above).

You may think because you’re not putting yourself in a deep zombie-like trance that you’re not practicing self hypnosis and have nothing to worry about. Yet, the truth is, even going to sleep is a literal form of self hypnosis as described in this past HypnoKick lesson.

While that reference is a perfect example of self hypnosis for regular relaxation, there’s also waking self hypnosis. This is when you convince yourself of something even while you’re eyes are open and you’re in beta consciousness (which you’re in right now reading this).

There’s a reason so many people joke about searching WebMD for symptoms they’re experiencing and, minutes later, think they may have cancer. The more familiar something sounds and the more it resonates with us, the more likely we are to pay attention to and connect with it.

The problem comes when we establish weak connections to specific results due to:

  1. Not fully understanding our own current situation
  2. Connecting with the first thing/things we resonate with
  3. Failing to do better in-depth research

Without fully understanding our own situation, it’s very difficult for us to self diagnose. With that in mind, it’s common for people to quickly resonate with the first diagnosis they feel describes their situation best. If we accept this first potential diagnosis (which always seems to be the worst) and don’t conduct a more in-depth investigation, we tend to psych ourselves out.

By spotting symptoms we’re experiencing, our attention is grabbed. When more of our symptoms are shown to us, we begin wondering, “Is this what I have?” and form an emotional connection to the potential diagnosis. Depending on what diagnosis we stumble upon, we may believe it’s our official diagnosis. We may even believe we’re developing the additional symptoms listed as our anxiety grows and emotions become harder to control.

This is an example of what I mean when I say “Negative Self Hypnosis”. Here’s a recent example I personally made the mistake of entertaining…

Section 2: My Mistakes

I flew to Florida and California in July to record multiple projects. If you’re thinking I’m crazy for doing so, you’re not alone (family/friends questioned me as well).

However, as per the term “Mass Hypnosteria” which HypnoKick covered in a past lesson, I was confident in my decision to fly without contracting anything.

My flight to Florida: Great!

My time in Florida: Fun!

My flight back: This is where things took a turn.

I had decided to order an alcoholic drink on my flight back. Within about 15 minutes, I began feeling symptoms of sickness. For the first time in my life, I used the restroom on an airplane. I managed to talk myself out of it, use the restroom, splash some water on my face and return to my seat feeling a little better.

After returning to my seat, I felt more confident in myself and my situation. That was until I began experiencing the symptoms of my body preparing to vomit…again. My body began feeling uneasy, palms began to sweat, I’m questioning my stomach, closing my eyes made me feel like I was spinning and nauseous.

This was miserable and I still had at least an hour to go on the plane. Then it donned on me, all I had before boarding was a Java Monster energy coffee. After boarding, I chose to drink on a basically empty stomach. I bought a snack bar but I clearly should’ve eaten something sufficient before boarding, not before gulping a Rum & Coke at noon thirty.

Upon landing and returning to my house, I began feeling light headed and laid on my bed. I was curious why I felt this way after being ground for a while. Then the thought crossed my mind, “Did I unknowingly contract COVID?”. My anxiety began to rise, so I made a decision that leads everyone to freak out: Research my symptoms (except I chose to specifically research symptoms of COVID-19).

My anxiety shot up as I googled what COVID-19 symptoms were. This anxiety spike caused me to psyche myself out and feel short of breath. As the symptoms showed up, my hands began sweating again. I began feeling even more light-headed and my breathing became quick and rapid. One of the symptoms was difficulty breathing… oh my God, have I actually contracted the novel Corona Virus?

Fact 1: The more you focus on something, resonate with it and allow it to evoke an emotional response from you, the more control you’re giving away. In my case, I allowed the idea of contracting the virus and the few symptoms I could resonate with to psych me out. This was my most recent example of negative self hypnosis. I later called my friend who happens to be a doctor and has studied the cases of those who have contracted, if not also died from, the disease. They reassure me I simply made the age-old mistake of “WebMding” myself.

Fact 2: After a week of flying, driving and walking around in temperatures I wasn’t accustomed to (but loved), what I needed was rest, food and hydration. I felt normal shortly after and was even denied for COVID-19 testing because I didn’t exhibit any of the necessary symptoms related to the disease. I was light headed because I hadn’t eaten enough, I was short of breath because I allowed my anxiety to spike over a hypothetical possibility and despite sneezing and having a partially stuffy nose, once I forced myself to rest more and work less, that went away too. In short, take care of your mind/body (as you already should be) & avoid a serious self diagnosis. If you’re really worried, go see a legitimate doctor.

Fact 3: If you fully give into any “Mass Hypnosteria” mentioned earlier in this lesson, you will stress over it. The more you stress over something and the higher you allow your anxiety to rise, the more broken down your immune system could potentially become. This, as a result, actually leaves you at a higher risk to contract certain things that your otherwise healthy body would be able to typically fight against. That is, of course, unless you have a pre-existing condition, which is even more of a reason to not give into any Mass Hypnosteria. This was actually backed by my best friend’s wife (who’s a doctor). So, in the word’s of Dr. Mike on YouTube, “Stay alter, not anxious”. It can literally improve your health 😉

Fact 4: The more good news and genuine positive affirmations you feed your mind, the better you’ll feel and more confident you’ll gradually become. Consider the fact that the media often focuses on tragedies, death and various other forms of negativity. In the same way that being surrounded by negativity can negatively affect your daily life, choosing to surround yourself with more positivity can positively improve your life. Listen to motivational videos/audios in the morning, treat yourself, say good things about yourself to yourself or to others when joking about yourself. The subconscious is always listening and the more positively you speak about yourself, the more your subconscious will begin to believe it and the better your self-esteem, perception, mood and reaction to people/things will become. With an unfortunate amount of negativity and pessimism in the world, what have you to lose by choosing to be positive?

Fact 5: The more positive and helpful you are to yourself, the more your mind and body will benefit. They more they benefit, the more you’ll glow. Ever hear someone say that someone else has a natural “glow” to them? This is what they’re referring to. By choosing to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, you’ll have a noticeable glow that will attract others. This glow and energy is what helps individuals attract similar energies as themselves. The more positive your mindset is, the more loving you are and the greater your positive presence becomes, the easier it becomes to attract those on your same level who will naturally uplift you. The fact remains, you can live the life you desire and you can attract the people who will love and uplift you but you must first work on yourself. Work on creating a positive mental attitude, which will shine in what you think, say and do. This is what will help you attract positive, confident and inspiring individuals like yourself. Where do you think those you look up to had to start? It all starts in your mind 😉

Shout out to last week’s blog winner & the summarized version of this week’s lesson…

Section 3: Conclusion

Avoid jumping to conclusions. Doing so can easily lead to misinformation, unneeded stress and unnecessary panic/anxiety attacks. Instead, do in-depth research and, even when you think you’ve figured things out, ask a professional.

Can you recall a time in your life where you jumped to conclusions and freaked yourself out as a result? Was it an internal or external situation? Very curious to hear your story in the comments below!

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