Somnambulism (Why You Don’t Feel Hypnotized)

Good beach weather + attractive women + hypnosis = Fun Beach Day!

POP QUIZ: Why are these ladies laughing?

Answer: Somnambulism

***Let’s Review***

Last week we discussed how after those who respond to commands under hypnosis are experiencing Hypnotic Phenomena (to read last week’s lesson, click “Previous” below).

I covered the fact that those who easily drop into the state of mental and physical relaxation (aka Hypnosis) and effortlessly follow commands are called “Somnambulists”. Now let’s cover how you can spot a somnambulist.

Quick side note, to anyone who believes only a small percentage of the population can be hypnotized, be sure to note that since hypnosis is just relaxation, we can all experience it. Hypnotic Phenomena however, is a different story we will now explore the signs of.

***Signs of Somnambulism***

Are you ready to learn how to read body language, because that’s the basic essence of knowing if someone is a somnambulist. Generally speaking when you hypnotize someone you’ll get one of two reactions.

  1. The person looks like they are very slowly relaxing and either opens their eyes and says “It’s not working” or “I’m not asleep” or they simply wake up looking unaffected like this lady.

    Looking (and acting) non-responsively
  2. The person looks like they are falling deep asleep right before you and may be out for a few hours

What you’re essentially looking for is someone who represents person #2 above. People who look like they’re body is completely limp and as if they are legitimately sleeping. Considering the word “Hypnosis” derives from the Greek word “Hypnos” meaning “sleep”, it makes sense to note that those who appear like they could be sleeping, are deeply hypnotized.

Here are a few signs that the person you are hypnotizing may be a somnambulist:

  1. Eyes remain closed
  2. Head droops down
  3. Shoulders relax & hunch
  4. Back slumps
  5. Person looks dead (and hopefully isn’t)
  6. Responds to your commands (biggest tell)

***Managing Somnambulists***

As my YouTube colleague & I say, “Somnambulists are a Hypnotist’s ‘wet dream’!” and the reason being: they make being hypnotized look awesome!

If you’re lucky enough to get a somnambulist, the good news is most of the basic hypnotic commands (i.e. Number amnesia, name amnesia, glued foot, spontaneous laughter, etc.) will work on them.

While there’s no one correct way of leading a somnambulist through the experience of Hypnotic Phenomena, I was taught in Vegas (by watching my mentors) that a progressive routine works well and looks neat.

Sample Routine: Make someone forget the number 3 while they count their fingers, then make them forget their own age before causing them to blank on their own name.

You’d be surprised how simple phrases like “You will forget your age” can influence a somnambulist!

***What If They’re Not Hypnotizable?***

As stated in the video demo this week (which you can view by Clicking Here), there’s a line from Dave Elman’s book “Hypnotherapy” in which he states, “There is no such thing as not being hypnotizable.”

This relates to the “Signs of Somnambulism” section above in regards to how people come out of hypnosis. If they represent person #1, then (as the video states) they are often being too analytical about the process as opposed to simply relaxing.

Somnambulists can be naturally relaxed (hypnotized) with a simple handshake

Some may tell you they simply “can’t relax” which is honestly complete bull. After all, we all have to sleep at some point so our bodies can recover and sleeping requires mental and physical relaxation (aka Hypnosis).

What these people are really telling you therefore, is they are having difficulty relaxing within that moment. It could be because they’re stressed/anxious/self-conscious or a number of other factors. Just remind them they CAN be hypnotized and use the above sleep comparison as way to enlighten them.

This week’s video demonstration…


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