Stage Hypnosis Inductions Part 3 (Indirect)

SECTION 1: 3 Indirect Inductions

Induction #1 (Object Drop/Toss):

This induction is where you used an object drop or toss as the trigger for your volunteer(s) to re-enter hypnosis.

Most people are used to seeing (if not at least the idea of) a Hypnotist inducing people directly. So anytime I have the opportunity to indirectly hypnotize people with objects, I’ll take it.

Object-based inductions generate good reactions from audiences, especially those who have never seen hypnosis in-person. I’ve used numerous objects throughout the years to hypnotize people. Pillows, water bottles, hats… probably their own phones depending on the circumstance.

I’ll choose my indirect object-based inductions based on my environment. For example, as per this month’s video demonstration below, I found a soft fluffy ball of a pillow during a recent private apartment birthday party I was hired for.

The moment I noticed it, I knew I wanted to incorporate it. As the comedic portion of the show progressed, I eventually grabbed it and used it to perform the heavy/light object routine. I figured what better transition away from the unique pillow than to use to to re-induce the young lady.

After informing her that it was the pillow dropping into her frozen hands that would drop her back into hypnosis, I dropped it. Standing beside her to ensure she didn’t fall over before suggesting her feet were like roots in the ground of the apartment’s foundation.

By turning the pillow into a trigger that, once dropped into her hands would re-induce her, I was able to indirectly hypnotize her with a soft, comfortable object she trusted.

Naturally, not all objects are suitable in all situations (and may cause high anxiety over deep relaxation). Let’s say, for example, I were to replace the fluffy pillow with her phone. Since she’s standing with her arms frozen, she would have to place her trust in me (a stranger who’s hypnotizing her) that I wouldn’t accidently drop, fumble and potentially break her phone.

With so many of us dependent on our pocket computers for various daily tasks, it’s unlikely that a stranger you just met and began hypnotizing will be as stress-free watching their expensive technology free fall as a lightweight pillow.

On the other hand, if you were to hold their phone inches above their hands while they’re sat comfortably on a safely padded chair or couch, I’m sure there would be little anxiety in you dropping the phone into their hands or lap from 3-6 inches up.

The environment plays just as much of a crucial role in object-dropping inductions as it does for object-throwing inductions. Again, your volunteers wouldn’t consider you throwing their phone across the room or stage for them to catch and re-enter hypnosis to be an ideal re-induction.

However, if you were to use something harmless like a pillow or small water bottle, no one would likely question your sanity.

Induction #2 (Audience Member):

This has become a classic indirect induction for Stage Hypnotists. Much like objects, you turn someone else’s actions into a trigger for your volunteers’ to re-enter hypnosis.

One of the first audience member-based indirect inductions I learned was the sleep gun. You make a hand gun, pretend to give it to an audience member (who simply makes their own hand gun) and instruct them to “shoot” an imaginary sleep bullet at your volunteer.

As seen in the video demonstration below, this won’t always work on every single volunteer the first time… potentially not even the second time. I’ve had shows where an audience member shoots a sleep bullet at my volunteer 3-4 times before the person’s eyes close.

Remember, your volunteers are just that… volunteers. They’re people just like you and I. As a result, they may not react to certain inductions/re-inductions in the same manner they don’t react to certain hypnotic commands.

You have three options if this occurs…

  1. Try again: You see me instruct one of the girls at the private birthday party to shoot the birthday girl with a sleep bullet more than once. Sometimes this approach works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  2. Help them: In another clip, near the end of the birthday party, you see me help the young lady re-enter hypnosis after her friend is directed to re-induce her from across the room. It seems the young lady is either resisting the urge to give in or isn’t fully in-the-moment, so I help her by compounding the indirect induction with a direct rapid induction and lay her back on the couch.
  3. Try another: As stated earlier, not all induction variations will work on everyone you hypnotize, just as not all volunteers react the exact same to hypnotic commands. Try another. As mentioned above, I went from relying on an indirect induction to switching to a rapid direct induction. This goes hand-in-hand with the last option.
  4. Move on: If you’re indirect inductions aren’t working, don’t sweat it. Simply re-induce your volunteer yourself and move on. There could be a slew of reasons the indirect induction didn’t work on them. Maybe they were…
    1. Coming out of hypnosis and didn’t feel like taking part in the overall performance anymore
    2. Becoming self conscious mid-show and didn’t want to be on display in front of all their peers any longer
    3. Misunderstanding what they were supposed to be reacting to
    4. Still so relaxed from the initial induction or last routine that they weren’t fully registering what was going on
    5. Not connecting with that specific indirect induction at that moment in time

Fact: I’ve personally witnessed all five occur at some point within the past 10 years.

It’s nothing for you to take offense to. In fact, if you’re able to quickly pick up on any of these reasons and help your volunteer either safely move onto the next routine or out of hypnosis, that makes you a quality Hypnotist!

Induction #3 (Hypnotized Volunteer):

Much like the indirect audience member induction, the hypnotized volunteer approach works just as well.

It can actually be more amusing because the individual’s peers get to see their full personality come out of its shell and express itself with your help via hypnosis.

Not only that but now that they’ve personally seen, heard and experienced your approach to hypnosis, they have a better idea of what they potentially can and can’t say or do.

Still, after having done enough school and corporate shows, I’ve learned High Schoolers may try pushing the boundaries of their live entertainment more so than working professionals at a corporate party-based hypnosis show.

For example, I once had an audience member during a school pep rally suggest I command one of the students to induce self harm with the metal chair they were sitting on. I immediately called this idea out as inappropriate and unacceptable.

As for corporate events, I’ve never had a grown adult do something under hypnosis that they knew was completely out-of-line. Further proof that just because hypnosis helps someone out of their shell so their true personality can shine, it doesn’t mean that person has lost control over their own ability to keep themselves in line verbally or physically.

As you’ll see in the video demonstration, I give the High School graduate specific re-induction instructions. This is to help ensure things go smoothly, appropriately and, despite the simplicity of the hypnotized volunteer’s actions, his peers in the audience reacted wildly.

SECTION 2: My Induction Perspective

Keep in mind where you’ll be performing and for whom you’ll be performing.

These factors are vital to making sure your show runs smoothly, your volunteers remain safe, the audience has fun and your client is pleased. If you’re lucky, you may even get re-booked.

While the classic direct inductions by myself can still be impressive to those who have never seen hypnosis in-person before (or general skeptics), I like trying new inductions for the same reason I like revamping my shows: Variety.

Throughout the years, I’ve had several clients openly admit I was one of the most unique and entertaining Hypnotists they’ve ever hired. I’ve heard stories of past Hypnotists that would:

  1. Always do the same basic routines in-person that every other cliche Hypnotists was known to perform
  2. Never switch, change, alter, tweak or incorporate fresh material to spice up their performance

When I say “Variety”, I mean more than just changing one old fashion routine into a “New-Age” routine, I mean testing out new induction ideas and jokes as well.

Some of my best jokes were made up on-the-spot or accidental and some induction ideas were improvised based on what was in my environment.

Even if a joke flops, an induction fails or a routine doesn’t go as planned, I look at it as a learning opportunity. Something I can look back on, analyze, tweak and improve upon.

Then, should something similar ever occur in the future, you’ll have experience-based knowledge on the situation and will be prepared to take alternate action should things not go as planned again.

Either way, challenging and critiquing yourself along your hypnosis journey will only benefit you. What’s more, the more unique your approach, inductions and routines are, the more likely you’ll get re-booked by clients.

As mentioned earlier, part of the reason many of my clients have rebooked me is due to my “New-Age” approach with comedy, inductions, routines and routine transitioning. Additionally, if you can offer similar variety every time the same client books you, there’s a high likelihood you’ll have a repeat client for years.

The more often you can keep your material fresh and intriguing, the more often you’ll shock and “convert” new people. I say “convert” because hypnosis is simply a misunderstood topic of science and psychology, not a religion requiring belief. I’ve “converted” many skeptics by either hypnotizing them directly or someone they knew personally with a unique routine of my own.

I often tell clients that while I charge a high fee, I can guarantee I’ll be one of the most unique and entertaining Hypnotists their guests will have ever seen. Then, if they follow through with booking me over whoever the other guy is, I simply performing my New-Age Hypnosis Show.

Up-to-date, I’ve “converted” a plethora of high school, university and corporate audience members. This occurred as either a direct result of hypnotizing them personally or someone they knew very well.

This reminds me of hypnotizing a student at a university in central United States. He was a security guard for his campus and visited my show just to see his peers act silly but claimed he didn’t buy into hypnosis and wouldn’t get hypnotized.

He was, in fact, one of the first people to get hypnotized and became one of the main stars of that evening’s show. After bringing him out of trance post-show, he was blown away, stress-free and happy he chose to attend.

Remember, while more people are becoming educated on the topic of hypnosis every year, there are still many skeptics and timid individuals who don’t fully understand the topic (let alone the experience).

This is why pre-talk and, in my opinion, pre-show demonstrations are imperative (at least to stage shows). If you’re in an ever day situation, I’d stick to the dollar demos taught in HypnoKick’s Street Hypnosis Training.

Offering a quick, safe and stress-relieving experience can truly open one’s eyes to the calming and effective nature of hypnosis. In turn, their previous misconceptions will be immediately dismissed and they’ll become that much more open-minded.

SECTION 3: Conclusion

Learn the basics, safely test new ideas, tweak whatever doesn’t immediately pan out, try again and continue challenging yourself.

These are the same steps I’ve used since learning hypnosis exactly tens years ago this month. Up-to-date, I’ve created a small list of dedicated clients who have, at times, re-booked me 12 months in advance.

Truth is, even if you don’t have any clients… finding, entertaining and keeping them isn’t as difficult as you might think. I’ve been doing it for years and have taught others how to accomplish similar.

So, whether you’re completely new (Free Ebook), a hobbyist (Members Area), desire professional help (Consultation) or want to build your own list of dedicated clients (Mentorship), HypnoKick has everything you need to get started here 🙂

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