Stage Hypnosis Side Effects

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains why it’s ok when people don’t wake from hypnosis.


Because hypnosis is relaxation, the following are natural side effects of stage hypnosis:

  1. Rested: They say 1 hour of hypnosis is equal to 8 hours of sleep. After you perform stage hypnosis for 60+ minutes, it’s not uncommon for your volunteers to feel physically rested. 
  2. Energized: Due to the level of relaxation your volunteers will experience, it only makes sense that they’ll also feel naturally re-energized.
  3. Pain Free: In the same way that the body heals itself during sleep, it’s possible for your volunteers to receive pain relief from their hypnotic experience.
  4. Clear-Headed: Similar to how a quality night’s rest can leave you feeling clear and level-headed, hypnosis can help your volunteers clear their minds.
  5. Warm/Fuzzy/Tingly/Light-Headed: These side effects I’ve found to be most common with those who have never experienced hypnosis with a hypnotist before. In my experience, the person generally needs to take it easy for an hour or so and the feeling(s) will naturally wear off.


There may be some performances in which your volunteers don’t immediately wake up after the show.

I used to think I was a bad hypnotist since this often worried the organizers (at University) or parents & staff (at High School Proms).

After interviewing numerous volunteers that reacted like this post show, I realized something you yourself (as a hypnotist) should know.

They’re not ready to continue adulting yet (who is?).

Individuals who don’t immediately open their eyes after you’ve ended the show have reached such a deep level of relaxation, that they don’t want to leave it. This could be considered the #6 Side Effect on the list mentioned above.

A few weeks ago, after entertaining a Minnesota After Prom, I was asked to help some students who didn’t wake up with their peers during the finale.

One was a girl who never even ended up on stage, she was the most memorable to me. She was crying and when I began bringing her out of trance, she continued crying & wiping her eyes with her shirt sleeve. When I asked her what was wrong, her response was neither what any of us expected nor anything I’d heard before. I’m not joking when I say she responded with, “I just want to party!” Her friends & I had a good laugh after realizing nothing was truly wrong and I helped her exit trance within seconds.

Another was one of the male stars of the show that night. Even after his friends tried bringing him back into the moment, he remained slumped in his chair. After brining the girl back, I walked over, grabbed his shoulder, spoke with him for a second & brought him back with a small jolting of his shoulder. He woke as if he just took a power nap. He took a moment to gather himself mentally.

In both cases, the reasoning behind their appearing passed out was extreme relaxation. As the young man said after I brought him back, he felt so physically relaxed & mentally calm, that he was more interested in staying in that moment than returning to “the real world”.

At the end of the day, I view this as an indirect complement. I’ve managed to take someone (willing, shy, timid or skeptical) and help immerse them into a blissful & beautiful state of being. By refusing to come out, they’re indirectly complimenting your work by wishing to continue enjoying their overall experience.

This week’s video proves even I have to handle these situations at times…


Remember, there is no such thing as a HypnoComa. Those appearing “stuck” in hypnosis are simply embracing/enjoying their experience. Granted, there are some individuals who may have a legitimate psychological and/or physiological reaction to being hypnotized. However, as long-time HypnoKick students know, these possible mishaps can be avoided if you simply study HypnoKick’s Free Informational eBook or Street Hypnosis Training!

For those who have been practicing for a while, keep calm if this week’s lesson ever occurs on your watch. Remember that you volunteers are enjoying themselves and by keeping a calm/collected composure, organizers are less likely to over react when you handle the situation professionally.

Help said person open their eyes and come back into the room while remaining more relaxed than when they arrived for the show. Before you know it, they’ll be back to normal, the organizers will be happy & you’ll have made a good name for yourself as a hypnotist.

Whether yearning to learn basic hypnosis for free, how to hypnotize anyone at anytime for fun or wanting to hypnotize people professionally, simply click the highlighted words & kick-start your journey 🙂

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