New-Age Stage Hypnosis Training

Learn The New-Age Approach To Hypnosis
That Intrigues
 Clients & Makes Them
Demand Your Immediate Return!

Why 3 University Student Groups
Requested My Immediate Return
To Their College Campus.

Penn State, Arcadia University & Mansfield University are the 3 college campuses I was recently hired to entertain. While many students noted my introduction & induction process were different from Hypnotists they all previously saw, the ALL requested my return following the end of each show.

Why all the positive feed back from every college venue? Because of my approach to Comedy Stage Hypnosis from the beginning (as students walk in) to when the show officially ends. I've watched how many other hypnotists construct their shows & most are similar in their set up & I felt obligated to provide students a fresh experience.

I even stayed about 30 minutes after one of the show to take selfies, chat with and further inform students who stuck around to learn about Hypnosis. All groups from all the universities unanimously agreed I was "The Best" Hypnotist they had seen to-date.

The moment that made me stop in my tracks with gratitude was when one crew member followed me as I prepared to leave and stated I was "Infinitely better [than previous Hypnotists they've hired]." That was AWESOME!


From stage safety and legal performer's insurance to a sample word-for-word script introduction, you'll plunge right into Jon's beginner's guide to New-Age Stage Hypnosis.


Avoid making any audience members feel left out by choosing specific volunteers with Jon's induction technique. By demonstrating mass hypnosis on everyone in the room, Jon explains how you simultaneously cater to all attendees while finding your best volunteers.


Jon's 2-in-1 formula has enabled him to bypass the cliche approach to volunteer selection most hypnotists take. First, you'll immediately spot your potential volunteers in literally seconds via their reaction to an illogical command. Moments later, you test your candidates with a simple request that leaves you with the best volunteers you could ask for.


This is where the real fun starts. From effortlessly personalizing every stage show to creating unique routines that will gain you popularity, this module contains information that's gotten Jon booked (and re-booked) at schools nationwide for years.


Don't just end your show, set up your finale as a memorable walk-away for your volunteers. In this module, you'll learn how Jon enables his volunteers to walk away feeling better and more in control of their future stress/emotions. This is, however, only one of numerous ways you could separate yourself as a unique entertainer. As with much of the information in this training, you're only limited by your personal creativity.


I love rewarding serious students who invest in themselves. As a reward, this module includes multiple surprise bonuses that are literally worth the price of this training alone. If you needed reassurance that this training was worth it, consider this module just that!

Over 23 GIGABYTES of Live
Step-By-Step Information

Jon's Induction Process

You will see/ hear/ learn Jon's step-by-step induction process that enables him to always get the BEST volunteers. 

You will personally witness Jon's 2-in-1 secret formula for ensuring those who come up on stage, stay on stage throughout the show.

Gone are the days of picking people/letting people on stage and hoping they get hypnotized and stay.

Jon's Stage Hypnosis Personalization

Watch Jon personalize each show from the very beginning after multiple volunteers are spotted.

While many Hypnotists bring all willing volunteers onto stage & host the entire show there, Jon brings the attention of each show to the audience.

You will learn how Jon manages to personalize each stage show & make it more interactive for all attendees versus letting volunteers have all the fun.

Jon's Routine Creation Process

Watch one of the most notable demonstrations Jon does during each High School & College Stage Hypnosis Show the differenciate him from other Hypnotists.

Yet again, Jon uses this opportunity make the audience members a small part of the show.

You will learn the 3 step process Jon used to develop this unique routine & why it's been so interesting for students of all varieties to witness it.

Jon's Power Forfeit 

We've all seen Hypnotists control the show, yet I'm sure few of us have witnessed our peers control the show.

You'll witness one of Jon's recent shticks that provides his audiences the rare opportunity to control each show.

This alone has gained Jon 100's of fans on a weekly basis & made him one of the most personable Hypnotists on the market!

Jon's Voice Over Walkthrough

The only thing better than a step-by-step demonstration is a vocal walk through.

Here, Jon will explain each part of his show, how and why he constructed it the way he did & how you can accomplish similar.

Also included will be golden nuggets scattered throughout from ideas Jon's acquired via the experience of show business.

Jon's Sample Scripts

Coming at you with even more bang for your buck, Jon will be providing sample scripts for the various parts of your show.

Not sure how to introduce yourself? Curious how to host a Mass Hypnosis induction? Wondering how to run "bring the show to the audience"? No worries, Jon's sample scripts will be at your rescue.

While all these scripts are basic, they work effectively. Once you've become comfortable enough with them, you can begin to branch out into your very own unique scripts for each part of your show.

Insight From Working Professionals
In The Field Of Hypnosis

Chris Jones
Get the behind-the-scenes insight into America's Got Talent's only Hypnotist to-date, Hypnotist Chris Jones. Jon interviews his friend of 6 years to give you the inside scoop behind the international demonstration of getting Howie Mandel (a known germaphobe) to shake Chris's hand under Hypnosis.

Anthony Jacquin
Jon knew when he established HypnoKick, he wanted his very own Hypnosis mentor Anthony Jacquin to be a part of it. Get helpful insight from the primary U.K. Head Hacker himself as he explains how to get into hypnosis, how to improve your skill and more.

Brian Ahern
Often known as "Brizy", Brian is a long time YouTube Hypnotist friend of Jon's. Jon respects Brian for his iron-clad commitment to performing ethical and moral Street & Stage Hypnosis. Brian discusses his origins and suggestions for aspiring Hypnotists.

Rob Temple
Based out of the United Kingdom, Rob is the English-speaking chap with fire-red hair as part of his trademark. Becoming a performer at a young age, Rob discusses how he got his start and provides various suggestions such as why one might wish to avoid most Hypnosis groups on Facebook.

Jon's Secret Tool That's Generated
Him Multiple $1000+ Clients
On An Annual Basis

This tool has enabled Jon to automatically receive, on average, weekly potential clients. These clients could want him in a few weeks or the following year.

This tool has the potential to generate you high-ticket clients. In 2017 alone (currently September), Jon has managed to generate clients that have paid him a minimum of $700+.

From acquiring private house/pool parties all the way to a High School Pep Rally & Senior Graduation, Jon's clients have paid him an average of $1000 each.

Jon started utilizing this tool 3 years ago and continues to do so year in & year out, contributing to his $1000's in return each year.

The Real-World Value Most
Hypnotists Sell This Info
For is Easily Within
The $1000+ Range

Seriously, I've seen other "Top Gurus" in my field selling similar information for $1200 (no joke).

While I already know for a fact (from personal experience) that this information is easily worth that much, I want to provide the world a more affordable option.

I want serious & dedicated aspiring Psychologists & Hypnotists to be able to afford this information without having to even pay 1/4 of what those other guys are charging.

Exclusive 4th of July Special

Hypnokick: Stage Hypnosis Training
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HypnoKick's Stage Hypnosis Training Refund Policy

Due to the immense amount of knowledge, information, step-by-step instructions, scripts, interviews & money-making tip provided, HypnoKick reserves the right to not offer any refunds for this product. It's HypnoKick's hope that only serious aspiring/established psychologists and hypnotists will watch, read, listen to, absorb and properly execute the information within this training to obtain a better understanding of hypnosis. It is soley up to each and every individual student's ambition and self-motivation to take the initiative required to acquire what they see fit as a return on their investment within our training.

Live Limitess,
Creator, HypnoKick: Stage Hypnosis Training

PS. Really hope to see you on the other side, this training material is Grade A BASDASS for the true beginners out there!